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ITunes1Sweden, Portugal, Norway

We got all the 43 songs

Georgia and Bulgaria completed the list

"Grandparents from Portugal, excited to eat a pastel de nata"

Laura Rizzotto grandchild of portuguese will represent Latvia in Lisbon

Read now the interview


Norway sends a former winner
A "Monster" to Lisbon

The humans say "Goodbye" and Lisbon says Welcome
"Eurovision without LED is a great idea for me"

Netta released 


"Hvala, ne!"

Italian song for Estonia

"Dance you off"

Poland says "Light me up"
My lucky day

#EOT Team

Giving you the best of Eurovision 

Nuno Valério

Former vice-president of OGAE Portugal, he founded #EOT after verify that artists produces excellent material after their participatio in Eurovision. He was author of severall songs in the portuguese national final and was correspondant in the romanian newspaper Publicatia Familiar.

Pedro de Almeida

editor/social media
Following the biggest music event since his childhood, in 1994 learnt the power of this event by seeing Riverdance starting their international success after being the interval act. In 2011 attended ESC for the first time and since that he is bringing special reports and interviews to our readers.

Tomás Cano

Faithful fan of Eurovision, he has been sharing his Live experience of ESC during 5 years with #EOT and with Radio Guareña. He is the responsible of the show of "Eurovision On Top" at this Radio Station. 

Renato Duarte

His first memories of ESC took him to 1979. he always had a special feeling for competitions between nations but ESC has a different meaning because of music. Before the existance of internet, Eurovision was something magic but it stills like that after his first Eurovision in 2003. 

Magnus Aador

editor/social media
Journalist by profession, has been correspondent on politics and international relations in various media especially in scandinavia. He is an expert in performative arts research.