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Hungary, Latvia, Moldova, Slovenia and Ukraine selected

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 24, 2018 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

This super saturday night 5 countries selected the song and artist for the contest in Lisbon. Eurovision on top gives you the update about the new songs for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018


The loudest song so far for this year and maybe of the last decades comes from Hungary. "Viszlát nyár" (Goodbye summer) is maybe also a goodbye to good results at the Eurovision?! AWS is the band which will shout at the eurovision song contest for Hungary.


A "funny girl" with portuguese roots from Brazil is singing for Latvia in Lisbon. In the national final she won the selection and will perform for Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest


In the national final DoReDo was chosen as representative and will follow the Sunstroke Project of 2017, who made the best result ever for Moldova being 3rd at the end. If it will be "My happy day" or not at the end of the contest in may will be seen. But it doesn't look like they will do better than last year.


In the national final of Sloveniait was Lea Sirk winning the ticket to Lisbon. She will sing "Hvala, ne!" in Lisbon. The song has an interesting rhytm and it will be exciting to see, if Slovenia will be able to return to the grand final.


Also Ukraine chose this night the song Mélovin will represent the host of 2017. "Under the ladder" is the title and we will see, if this song will help Ukraine once again to climb on the scoreboard like in other years.

Thank you Salvador - Zibbz excited about Portugal

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 24, 2018 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

ZIbbz is the duo represting Switzerland. Brother and Sister will perform the song STONES in Lisbon.

Eurovision on top had the chance to speak to Zibbz about Salvador's victory, the host country Portugal and what they think about the theme and slogan of this year. Read now.

1. When you think about Portugal, what is the first thing having in mind?

The great weather, free spirit, sports and the beautiful country! We love it!

2. Have you ever been to Lisbon and what did you like the most? Or what are you the most excited about Lisbon, if it is your first time?

Yes, we visited Lisbon for one day as kids with our grandparents a looong time ago! So we are looking forward to being there, tasting all the amazing food and soaking up the culture and maybe even catching some sunshine on the beach! ;)

3. What was your reaction about the victory of Salvador last year?

We love the fact that, simple, honest and PURE music talent won the contest! It’s time for real, well handcrafted songs to win.

Thank you Salvador!

4. How did the idea come up to participate at the swiss national final?

Of course we always used to watch the ESC with our family when we were kids. But never felt we had the right song to compete. With «Stones» we think we have a song in hand that has the potential to make a little difference in this world.

5. What was your link to eurovision so far?

We like that it brings people of all races together.

6. What do you expect from Eurovision for your musical career?

To play as many shows as possible! Releasing new music videos, and keep creating!

7. What does the theme “All aboard” means to you?

On every ship you have to have a working team/crew. Which we are happy to say we have!

It also tells us that everyone is invited and equal. We can totally relate to that.

8. Eurovision this year will be without big LED walls, what do you think about that fact?

We love that! We are totally „old school". The focus will be on the performers, and the music. That’s the way it should be in our opinion.

9. The inspiration for the theme of this year was the ocean. Which meaning does it has for you?

We LOVE the ocean. It’s a symbol for freedom, travel and adventure.

We used to go sailing with our family, in our heart we are sailors. The sea has a certain free feeling to it, and it makes us feel at home.

10. What is the story behind your song?

We wrote «Stones» in a songwrite-camp with the Canadian songwriter Laurell Barker.

The message is something which moves us all deeply and is sadly still a problem in today’s world. It's about inclusion, equality, diversity and tolerance. It's a call to stand up against bullying and hate.

We thank Zibbz for the interview and wish a lot of fun in Lisbon and all the best for the Eurovision.

Pedro de Almeida

"You let me walk alone" is the german song for Lisbon

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 22, 2018 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Just a few minutes ago the German preselection "Unser Song für Lissabon" was over, where Michael Schulte was chosen to represent Germany at the next Eurovision Song Contest with the song "You Let Me Walk Alone".

The final was presented by Linda Zervakis and Elton and was composed of 6 candidates, Ivy Quainoo with the song "House on fire", Michael Schulte with "You Let Me Walk Alone", Natia Todua with "My Own Way", Ryk with "You and I", voXXclub with "I mog Di so" and Xavier Darcy with the song "Jonah".

Germany participated in all Eurovision festivals with the exception of 1996 and has won the competition twice. The first occasion was in 1982 with Nicole and the theme "Ein bißchen Frieden" becoming a success in Europe and the second time they achieved the triumph was in 2010 with the young Lena and the song "Satellite."

In the last edition held in Kiev, Germany was represented by Levina which obtained the penultimate position in the grand final.

Germany will participate as a member of the Big 5, in the grand final on May 12

Oneiro mou #1 in Itunes Greece

Posted by eurovision on top on February 22, 2018 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

The Greek national broadcaster Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT) announced that they will use a national final in order to find the Greek representative in Lisbon, after two consecutive years of internal selection.This decision was later reversed when all but one of the competing finalists' record labels were unable to provide a guarantee of the €20,000 fee requested by ERT, and thus Gianna Terzi was internally selected with the song "Óneiró mou". The song is having a good reception in Greece and it's number 1 in the ITunes chart of Greece. 

Balkan beat sounds to Lisbon

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 21, 2018 at 1:50 AM Comments comments (0)

It was expected after the victory of Salvador Sobral last year, that this year a lot of countries would return more to their national roots. It is a kind of unwritten law of Eurovision, that countries kind of copy the kind of song of the former winner.

Actually specially the Balkan was till 2-3 years always the countries still sending traditional sounds to Eurovision. In the last years it switched and for example in 2017 a lot of Balkan countries started to send English pop songs, e.g. FYR Macedonia.

Maybe due to the bad results or maybe the victory of Portugal last year re-inspired the Balkan countries to return to the kind of songs they sent for decades.

Also Serbia selected already in a national the song and artist for Lisbon.

It’s Balkanika & Sanja Ilic with the song “Nova deca” who will represent Serbia in Lisbon.

The song remembers the kind of songs they send in the early 2000 to Eurovision. The performance of the female singers remembers a bit Alexander Rybaks performance of 2010.

Some beats are a kind of face lifting for the song, but the bottom line still is that the second Balkan country is sending a traditional Balkan song to Eurovision. This always is difficult in the grand final, because the potential points will have to be split by the audience to two similar kind of songs.

Eurovision on top will follow the Serbian entree and like always update you. Keep tuned.