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Eurovision without LED is a great idea for me

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 18, 2018 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Albania was the first country selecting the singer and song. It was through the national and traditional festival. This year Eugent won the contest with the song "Mall". In Lisbon he will fight for a grand final ticket, singing in his own language.

Eurovision on top had the chance to speak to Eugent about Salvador's victory, his thoughts about Portugal and his expectations about the Eurovision Song Contest. Read now what he had to tell.

1. Eugent, when you think of Portugal, what is the first thing you think about?

History and hospitality.

2. Have you ever been to Lisbon and what did you like the most? Or what are you the most excited about Lisbon, if it is your first time?

I've been twice in Lisbon! I like the city and its hills, the sea and the beautiful history rapresented beautifully in different areas of Lisbon. The food, ah the food, since i am pescatarian i love it so much.

3. What was your reaction about the victory of Salvador last year?

Finally, among different producers and media there are still people that really enjoy and like beautiful music that derives entirely from the soul not just only commercial music made for commercial causes. Well deserved 1000%

4. What is the message of your song “Mall”?

It's the only way that came natural to me to express the longing when being away from my family and the people i love and yearning to meet them and stay near them.

5. What is your link to Eurovision so far?

To be sincere i haven't been following eurovision each year but this year i like the colors that the contest is bringing. It's diverse and very friendly at the same time.

6. What do you expect from Eurovision for your musical career?

I only want my music to be heard outside the national boundaries of Albania. Maybe there are people outside Albania that will find themselves in my art.

7. What does the theme “All aboard” means to you?

I imagine the whole thing as a big ship with different people on it, sailing towards the same direction, love, in the sea called life.

8. Eurovision this year will be without big LED walls, what do you think about that fact?

A great idea for me. The people will be entirely focused on the vocal performance and the emotional feelings the artists will bring on stage.

9. The inspiration for the theme of this year was the ocean. Which meaning does it has for you?

Limitless, free and robustness. A strong bond showing power.

10. What is your biggest musical dream or objective you would like to realize?

I live my dream everyday while doing music. I feel very fortunate.

We thank Eugent for the time and answers and wish him and Albania all the best for may in Lisbon.

Pedro de Almeida

Montenegro goes back to ethnic roots

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 18, 2018 at 5:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Last year Montenegro surprised with one of the most colourful participants of the competition and for sure the most colourful of the history of the country.

Slavko got a lot of attention of the press and fans, but missed the ticket to the final in Kiev.

This year Montenegro returns to the etnic sounds from the Balcan which the audience is used to.

It was also a kind of ethnic song, which in 2014 brought the first grand final participation to Montenegro.

The song has all ingredients to get a lot of points from the balcan neighbours. And maybe also some points from all over europe.

Eurovision on top will follow Vanja Radovanovic with the song Inje and update you with all news about it.

Did Spain chose the right song?

Posted by eurovision on top on February 18, 2018 at 5:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Spain decided to chose the song among all the participants in their kind of reality show Operacion Triunfo, like did in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

Instantly the song reach the number 1 in the ITunes chart, but attention, as we always say ITunes is just a real time sample of what is trending. The real chart are the official ones where people invest some money for having thesongs (apart from streaming). 

The surprise came when the song that place 3rd is now the official number 1 in Spain, the only from the National Final to  get it and a very big case of success! Lo Malo is the number 1! The last time a national artist peaked one in the spanish chart was two years ago by Enrque Iglesias.

Influenced by the victory of Salvador last year, all the countries are somehow chosing ballads in oposition to more up tempo songs. Tu Canción is now 3rd in the charts and Almaya, as they called them, could place high in Eurovision but Lo Malo would be for sure what we expect from Spain: a song to remember, actual, funny, performed by two beautiful womans, rythm and of course the memories of Dance, Sun, Beach... This is what we expect from Spain, right?

Eurovision is a competition and surprises always happen! We will never know if Lo Malo would have done better than the chosen ballad, but right now the popularity is obvious!

Eurovisions - International Conference in Lisbon

Posted by eurovision on top on February 17, 2018 at 8:55 PM Comments comments (0)

The first session of the international conference "Eurovisions - Perspectives from the social sciences, humanities and the Arts" took place yesterday in Lisbon, promoted by the Institute of Ethnomusicology, the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences of the New University of Lisbon and the OGAE Portugal.

Building bridges and promoting interest in Eurovision themes for academic studies, researchers, musicians and fans met at the faculty during a day that defines the validation of the theme to the whole community. We must remember that the subjects of the Eurovision Song Contest have never been of great interest in this year’s host country.

It was therefore extremely important that about 100 people passed through the sessions. Old passions have been revisited and new passions have been reborn by the various generations present, from the beginnings of the Song Festival to the victory of Salvador, reflecting on the future of the festival itself.

Irving Wolther (University of Hanover) made his communication about "Conflicting Interests in Europe's biggest TV Show" highlighting all the variables involved and studied by the contest. The final reflection was on future challenges in the face of demographic variations.

Marcos Cardão alluded to one of the most popular girls band in the Eurovision Song Contest, Doce, whose because of their importance in the portuguese industry, were nominated throughout the day, especially due to their relationship with TV, Pop and their construction as a commercial product.

The participation of Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest was mainly the center of the discussion, as it could not be. Sofia Vieira Lopes, the great promoter of this conference, highlighted the national identity throughout the songs that went through the National Final: from the customs passing through the instruments, highlighting positive points and others less good.

RTP was also present and it was possible to perceive the excitement that is lived to organize the next festival. Gonçalo Madaíl, led us to understand the process of changes in the National Final since last year when Portugal returned, after a year of reflection, to the process that is being experienced this year. The balance was made in a clear and excellent communication by a great speaker who shared his reflection and personal experience, sometimes revealing some skepticism that in a way will probably change in the coming times. In any case, he revealed that RTP is taking advantage of the opportunity that it had with the organization of this event. An important reflection was undoubtedly the mediatization that Sobral produced, especially due to his absence and waiting times that he caused due to his health condition.

The two discussion boards involved some artists, musicians, composers, orchestrators and researchers on the theme of Eurovision. Tozé Brito revealed that while in jury last year some members conditioned their vote in order to project Salvador to the victory in the National Final, something that did not surprise the audience at all, but only confirmed what seems to be common to happen in contests of this kind.

Memories shared by several speakers, especially Eládio Climaco, the one who can be considered the first Portuguese presenter of Eurovision (1980) and who is undoubtedly the Portuguese who participated in more Eurovisions over 5 decades - the real Mr. Eurovision in Portugal .

This really was a very fruitful day, not only for the sharing of experiences and ideas but for bringing themes that are debated by all fans to a community that has always been closed regarding Eurovision.

It is hoped that Eurovision will not only bring contributions to Tourism and Performative Arts in Portugal, but above all, that it will be seen as an object of study with all its variables and in all its fullness.

The Organization promises a second edition already in May, during the Eurovision Week.

From the background to the front - SuRIE for UK

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 17, 2018 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

She is the second background singer of former years, who is doing the step to the front. And she is also singing for another country, than the country she was backing singer for. The other one is Cesar who sang for Bulgaria in the back and now is represeting Austria.

SuRie sang for Belgium in Vienna and Kiev. Now she is represting the UK. The difference, she was no internal selection like Cesar, she had to fight for the ticket.

In a BBC national final which seemed to had all ingredients to be a fab show, like a former eurovision winner as co host (Mans), turned into a weak edition of national selection. Weak performances and songs. SuRie was the outstanding performance on this evening and won the ticket to Lisbon.

2017 on the red carpet in Kiev Eurovision on top had the chance to speak to SuRie. At that time we told her "maybe one day you will sing and represent a country"... we didn't know it would turn reality so fast. But we are happy for her and wish all the best.