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Clouseau: 30th Anniversary

Posted by eurovision on top on September 16, 2017 at 5:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Who would say that Clouseau, the group that participated in Eurovision in 1991 would be one of the most important in Belgium today? The band started with 5 member but now at that moment Koen and Kris do it with their two.The group name Clouseau is derived from the movie personage Jacques "Inspector" Clouseau. It was the nickname of band member Bob Savenberg, as it often imitated the typical accent.)

But their success is prior to Eurovision. The true 'Clouseaumania' started on May 14, 1989, when the band suddenly stood for hundreds of screaming girls. In the beginning of the 'mania', fainted girls were often taken away from the stage. The band then asked organizers to build the front stage so that the Red Cross could do it's job. In 1990, 97 fans had to be taken away by the emergency services.

30 years after, they celebrate their birthday. And they do it with the edition of a disc that has been cast in the number 1 of the list of sales of Belgium.

Especially for a limited edition 4CD + DVD set, Koen and Kris have their own favorites compiled on the additional CD (including demos and live versions). Lastly, this limited edition box also contains footage (such as never before published) about the best of 30 years Clouseau.

Among all his successes is of course their Eurovision song. GEEF HET OP peaked 10 in Belgium and 11 in the Netherlands despite their 16th place in Eurovision.

Blanche: record in the charts of Belgium

Posted by eurovision on top on September 16, 2017 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)

This year's song from Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest broke the record of a Belgian song from Eurovision in the charts.

City Lights spent 25 weeks on the list and reached number one last March.

The previous record belonged to Tom Dice with a week less. Even J'aime la vie, the only Belgian winner, was only on the list for 16 weeks.

The Chart of Belgium is one of the most active in Europe with many ups, downs and new entries every week. It is divided into two lists, that of Flanders and Wallonia

source: ultratop 

Kikki Danielsson's song is a Summer Hit in Sweden

Posted by eurovision on top on July 9, 2017 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Kikki Danielsson went to Eurovision twice. In 1982 with Chips achieving the 8th place and in 1985 ranking 3rd with Bra Vibrationer.

After several hits, Kikki released JAG TRODDE ÄNGLARNA FANNS in 1999, in a duet with Ole Ivars. It became a success in Norway.

In May 2017, "I thought angels were"  got a new life in the new musical more modern, then Norwegian Kamferdrops on 12th May year released the song in Norway and Sweden.

The lyrics describe a love meeting , most likely between a Swedish and a Norwegian. One person suspects first that angels exist only in heaven , but when he meets his love, like this it feels like meeting an angel.

The new version by Kamferdrops is now at number 2 in Sweden and number 35 in Norway!

Listen both versions of the songs here:

Kikki -

Kamferdrops -

2 ESC albums in the Charts

Posted by eurovision on top on May 19, 2017 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

The Eurovision Song Contest compilation CD tends to chart a lot of countries. This edition is not number 1 yet in any country but we can find it 9 charts:

  • Germany - 2
  • Sweden - 2
  • Austria - 3
  • Switzerland - 3
  • UK - 7
  • Ireland - 7
  • Australia - 37
  • Finland - 37
  • France - 138


This year we can find a case of success in the Albums charts as well. Excuse me, the first album of Salvador Sobral, is now 4 in Portugal; 23 in Belgium and 35 in The Netherlands. Informations of the spanish charts are not released yet, but it is expected that the album that doesn't include the winning song, can chart the official spanish list.

ESC songs in the Official Charts

Posted by eurovision on top on May 19, 2017 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

It's friday and the Official Charts of every country are now out!

If Itunes and Spotify are important signs of the popularity of the songs, it is an immediate marker that in a long term may have not a very significant value. The important hits are given by the official charts every week. So, let's start:

The portuguese song and winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is the song that charts more countries. It is very important since it is probably one of the biggest hits in portuguese language. Do you remember Ai se eu te pego? That's portuguese too even if it is with brazilian accent.

Salvador song entered the UK chart at a shy number 97, the german chart at number 43, the dutch chart at 35, the belgium at 30, the swedish chart at 33, the french at 4 and it climbs in the portuguese chart to number 8.

Belgium comes next, and it's 38 in Germany, 39 in The Netherlands, 1 in Belgium (Flanders; 2 in Wallonie), 35 in France and 18 in Sweden.

Moldova is number 52 in Germany and 70 in The Netherlands. Bulgaria is 91 in The Netherlands and 51 in Sweden.

The romanian entry is a surprise in 4 charts: 64 in Sweden, 70 in France, 90 in The Netherlands and 93 in Germany.

Francesco Gabbani is now 87 in Sweden and 25 in Switzerland and starts going down in Italy where spent severall weeks at number 1 (8th at the moment).

Isaiah is number 50 in Sweden, the norwegian song is 56 in the neighboor Sweden.

In their own country we can find Alma at number 5 in France; OG3NE at number 14 in The Netherlands; Lucie Jones at 73 in the UK and Robin at 24 in Sweden.