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The Toppers: in concert since 2015

Posted by Eurovision On Top on September 25, 2017 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (1)

In 2009 The Toppers shined at Eurovision but their story is older than that and their success is a continuous during 13 years old!

The group was formed in 2005 by three Dutch solo singers Gordon, René Froger and Gerard Joling (who particpated in Eurovision with Shangri-la). In late 2008, Joling was replaced by Jeroen van der Boom. However, on 2 December it was announced that Gerard Joling returned to The Toppers.

The actual members are René, Gerard and Jeroen and their recorded Live Concert is back on the charts. Since 2005, when they released the first Live album they are on the charts every year with a new Live recording.

Toppers in concert 2007, 2011 and 2015 reached the number 1 in the charts of the Netherlands but allmost all of their anual CDs were certified as Gold.

This year, the themed concert "Wild West, Home Best" was published as a DVD and CD and it's already in the charts of Belgium and the Netherlands. Jan Smit joined the team!

Let them Shine, Shine, Shineeeeeeeeeeeee!

ABBA GOLD: since 1992 in the Charts

Posted by Eurovision On Top on September 21, 2017 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (1)

1191 weeks in the Official Chart of United Kingdom, equivalent to more than 22 years, since 1992. 

The compilation album of ABBA is the best seller album ever of the swedish band with sales of 30 million, and it is one of the best selling albums worldwide!

Severall editions were made in different countries but in the UK the compilation is back to the TOP40! With so much popular songs the compilation includes all the greatest hits of ABBA and it is not a surprise that the winners of 1974 are back again in the charts! Right now the album GOLD is in the charts of 5 european countries but it's common to see it enter and leaving the charts a lot of times!

Since 1992, it was ranked in high positions in the charts all over the world as you can see below (peak positions) :

  • Australian Albums Chart -1
  • Austrian Albums Chart - 1
  • Belgium Albums Chart (Flanders) - 15
  • Belgium Albums Chart (Wallonia) - 16
  • Canadian Albums Chart -  4
  • Croatian Albums Chart - 7
  • Czech Albums Chart - 38
  • Danish Albums Chart - 10
  • Dutch Album Chart -  2
  • European Top 100 Albums -  1
  • Finnish Albums Chart -1
  • French Albums Chart -  1
  • German Albums Chart -  1
  • Hungarian Albums Chart - 10
  • Irish Albums Chart -1
  • Italian Albums Chart - 2
  • Japanese Albums Chart - 13
  • New Zealand Albums Chart -  3
  • Norwegian Albums Chart -1
  • Portuguese Albums Chart - 2
  • Spanish Albums Chart -3
  • Swedish Albums Chart - 1
  • Swiss Albums Chart - 1
  • UK Albums Chart -1
  • Uruguayan Albums Chart -  5
  • US Billboard 200 -36
  • US Top Pop Catalog Albums - 1

Pastora Soler: Calm after the storm

Posted by Eurovision On Top on September 18, 2017 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

With the strength and passion that Pastora Soler says "I love you" she comebacks with a new album - La calma.

The new single "La tormenta" is the preview of her new album. Pastora sings to the search of reconciliation, the reunion with a love that sometimes is not clear if it is a person, life or the music itself, the one that she left by its own decision on December 1, 2014.

It does so by saying that "we can still reinvent ourselves without realizing it", and asks to be embraced, "so strong that it hurts, so much that it rains". "La tormenta", an advance of the most anticipated return of the spanish female singer is composed by Tony Sánchez Olshonn, creator of what is already one of the fundamental themes of his career, "Quedate Conmigo".

What is clear is that "La tormenta" will be indispensable for its audience in the concerts of their new tour, which will start in style on November 19, no less than at the Teatro Real in Madrid. "Embrace me as if it were the one I always lost," says Pastora. Whoever sings it, only she knows. Although what comes after "The Storm" we always know what it is ...



  • 1. Vuelves a la vida
  • 2. La Tormenta
  • 3. Ni una más
  • 4. Perdóname
  • 5. Si tú me abrazas
  • 6. Será mejor
  • 7. Contigo
  • 8. No te atrevas a olvidarme
  • 9. Ya no siento nada
  • 10. Invencible
  • 11. Estrella


Anna Maria Jopek: Minione

Posted by Eurovision On Top on September 16, 2017 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

The latest album of Anna Maria Jopek is titled Minione and after recording their previous albums with portuguese, japanese and klezmer influence, the artist records now with Cuban musicians - with one of the best contemporary pianists Gonzalo Rubalcaba - but it is a very Polish record. "Minione" refers to the love story narrated by Jopek, who sings about the feeling that has passed away, leaving behind longing and regret. The title also refers to the songs that are the bridge between today and the first half of the twentieth century, sometimes "Rebecca" or "Your lips lie", with all the nuances of the American song, but also the interwar climate of cabaret Morskie Oko (tango "Rebecca" Dora Kalinówna performed for the first time) or fascination with the music of the hot South. "Besame mucho", one of the most famous Mexican songs of the 40s. Anna Maria Jopek on her album she drowned, without words, improvising subtly about the melody, because it is a song so well known and recognizable that it does not take much to direct the mind to the right track of memories.



1 Twe Usta Kłamią

2 Kogo Nasza Miłość Obchodzi

3 Co Nam Zostało Z Tych Lat

4 Nie Wierzę Ci

5 Besame Mucho

6 Co Nam Zostało... Wybrzmienie

7 Pokoik Na Hożej

8 To Ostatnia Niedziela

9 Miasteczko Bełz 4:36

10 Nie Wierzę... Detal

11 Rebeka

Nino de Angelo: Liebe fur immer

Posted by Eurovision On Top on September 16, 2017 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Nino de Angelo, the artist with the incomparable and unmistakable voice, presents his first studio album after five years at Telamo. With love for ever, one of the most famous and successful German Schlagerpop singers released his new, grandiose album!

  • 1. So lang mein Herz noch schlägt
  • 2. Angel
  • 3. Bis ans Ende der Zeit
  • 4. Das ist der Augenblick
  • 5. Zur Hölle mit der Liebe
  • 6. Liebe für immer
  • 7. Mon amour chérie (es gibt Dinge die man nie vergisst)
  • 8. Herz an Herz
  • 9. Immer im Grenzbereich
  • 10. Unendlich weit
  • 11. Mach das noch mal
  • 12. Tattoo
  • 13. Du musst mich nehmen wie ich bin
  • 14. Nicht alle Wegen