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Salvador Sobral: What do we know about his situation?

Posted by eurovision on top on September 19, 2017 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Salvador Sobral has been a source of news since before his victory in Eurovision. Sometimes for the best reasons and sometimes a little less.

Unfortunately we have noticed their health problems and without wanting to enter into their privacy the magazines and periodicals inform us of their state of health. Salvador is in the spotlight and worries us all.

Last week all magazines and newspapers talked about Salvador almost like last May when he won Eurovision.

The reason was his last concert on August 8th, when he said goodbye to his audience as he had announced in a video that he posted on the web.

All magazines have published images of the artist and his last concert in Estoril. Of course speculation is typical of this type of magazines but almost all have had conversations with cardiologists to explain the situation of the young Eurovision winner.

In all, it is explained that Salvador needs a heart transplant and that the worst scenario is rejection. According to LUX magazine, Salvador is admitted to a hospital specialized in heart disease. There he expects a compatible heart to arrive. This magazine tells us that the singer is stabilized until the desired heart arrives and that he will then have a long way to recover. TV Guia, another magazine, explains the reasons why the singer is so thin referring to fluid retention that are typical of his illness.

LUX also highlights 2 phrases from the artist "It was very good everything that happened, even if I did not deal well with that, but now I'm already in peace"; "I will receive all your love and I will keep it in an imaginary box. I hope it fits."

Of course with words like this that the poet tells us; with the emotional interpretation of "Amar pelo dois" next to his sister, the Concert could not stop being emotional and the public honored the artist with hundreds of white balloons, as if demonstrating all their support to the problem that the singer suffers. 

Although we would all like to give Salvador a heart, as demonstrated by his Spanish partner in Eurovision, Manel Navarro, Science is not yet so advanced. Salvador, we hope you get your heart and soon enough have the strength to see you back on the stage that is your Life! 

source and pictures: LUX, TV Mais, TV Guia

Eurovision Live Concert Portugal 2017

Posted by eurovision on top on September 17, 2017 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Portugal, Setúbal - Saturday 9th.

For the 9th time in a row, a group of fans and the Municiplaity of Setubal held the Summer concert that ended the Eurovision season (for fans) of 2017. Now we are ready for 2018 and for the first national finals that will took part probably in December.

During 9 years our website and our team took part in the organization of this concert with more or less artists, but always with success.

The worst problem this year was undoubtedly the fact that many artists could not attend the show because the event was scheduled for the same weekend in Frankfurt. The result of that was that the event in Germany was canceled and even the international artists in Setúbal were few, they left the public satisfied and eager to receive the next Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon.

During two hours the audience could listened to Sanja Vucic, Nathan Trent, Anja, Sasha Song and Timebelle.

All of them were supposed to perform 1 or 2 songs, pero por culpa de Mirela que canceló el espectaculo por problemas personales, the organization pidió a los artistas que interpretasen uno o dos temas más.

The high moment of the concert was the tribute that Nathan Trent made to Salvador Sobral singing the winning song of Eurovision. The next day, Nathan made headlines in all Portuguese newspapers. Nathan also provided us with two more songs from Eurovision as well as his song: Satellite and Heroes.

Another surprise came from the hand of Sanja Vucic who played the song of Inga & Anoush from Armenia. Modlitva was also very well received by the public and Sanja showed that she is a great interpreter. Just to remind that she's the actual number 1 in our Chart. 

Anja from Denmark sang 4 songs to us. 3 of them evergreens and classics of pop music in which she was not shy to show her vocal skills. Sasha Song sang some of their songs aside from their Eurovision song and managed to put the whole public standing with their interpretation of Hit the Road Jack.

But the national artists were not lacking either. Anabela and Marco Quelhas (MTM) reminded us of some of the moments in Portugal's road to win Eurovision this year by performing their songs.

During the break a video wall with all the portuguese entries in Eurovision was shown and it was great to see the audience remaining at their seats, dreaming, singing and satisfied by the deserved victory. 

It was a great show and you should not miss the 10th anniversary next year. Even if you are planning to visit Lisbon next May, don't forget not to spend all your budget and save some for Setúbal! 

Check our gallery here: http// 

10 baffling phrases of Salvador Sobral

Posted by eurovision on top on June 28, 2017 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Last night the Solidarity Concert was held for the victims of the fires in Portugal.

Among the 25 participating artists was Salvador Sobral who closed the concert with the Eurovision  winning song "Amar pelos Dois", right after singing in english "A case or you" by Joni Mitchell. The audience went crazy singing the song of eurovision and while everyone sang the happy singer said: "I feel that I can do whatever it is that you are going to applaud. I'll fart to see what happens."

This is not the first time that Salvador surprises us with what he has said. No one will forget what he said when he won Eurovision "Music is not fireworks, music is feeling", a phrase that appealed to many but offended others who works in the entertainment world.That is why we pick up 10 disconcerting phrases that leave us without knowing if the singer is a little crazy, if he is naive, if he is being ironic or if in reality what he says is what he thinks. Make your own opinion! Salvador at his best:

1 - In a short time, people will forget me. And still good.

2 - Even they did not realize what they were saying - about the musicians who sang in English.

3 - We received a prize, before this thing [the first place of Eurovision].

4 - When I began to sing, to gain courage, I smoked. And there was a time when I thought I could only sing nicely "smoked (high)."

5 - I only arrange crazy girlfriends. Oh, if any now see this, it's complicated.

6 - This [Eurovision] was all bought.


7 - I think that when doing Erasmus it is mandatory to take drugs. Say it on the contract.

8 - I came to this [TV Show on private channel] program for people to like me. It's another process of my manipulation.

9 - One day at a concert you could not hear anything. People were overconcentrated to hear. The music is over, people applaud and you do not hear anything - not a fly. And I said, "I'm glad no one farts."

10 - I do not use condoms, I do not like it.

source - público:" target="_blank">

Urban Trad are back

Posted by eurovision on top on June 22, 2017 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Urban Trad is a Belgian collective with strong Celtic influences who represented Belgium in 2003 in Riga.

Their title "Sanomi" seduced everyone and was ranked 2nd in the contest just 2 points from the winner, Turley.

After the departure of the founding member and a long period of doubt, the reworked group decided to continue the adventure and to return with the singer Mariana Toutziakaris who is better known under the pseudonym Mariana Tootsie because of her participation in season 4 of The Voice France.


She took care of composing their new song entitled "Devant toi", a Celtic folk nugget ultra positive that should prevail all summer.

Listen to it here:

Portugal - officially kicks off

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on June 15, 2017 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

The first official meeting with the portuguese delegation and the EBU took place in Geneva. The portuguese delegation represented by Carla Bugalho (Head of delegation) and Cristina Tomé (CFO of RTP) confirmed that after the spectacular victory they very fast started to work on the preparations for 2018.

The first thing was to read all the documentation, which was handed over by Ole Sand after the winners press conference in Kiev.

The first meeting was with the reference group wish is formed by members of the EBU, the next and the previous host. In this case the ukrainian broadcast members told the lessons learned to the portuguese broadcaster.

Rumors says that EBU wasn`t very happy with the difficulties during the preparations of the last year. And for sure they will be monitoring closer the process in Portugal.

Cristina Tomé promised that Portugal will be waiting with sunshine for the fans. And Carla repeated that the happines was verz big and the experience to listen to "12 points" was unique.

The next steps will be the choice of the host city and working on the theme and logo.

Eurovision on top will follow the process and keep you updated.

Have a look on the official of the

Pedro de Almeida