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About Blatter, fans, hooligans, euroDRAMA and possible fraud

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 13, 2017 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (4)

Where money is, there are a lot of interests, at FIFA, OPEC etc. and in all industries, in all big organizations. From time to time we get to know a peak of the iceberg of fraud, corruption or let us say "influence management" or better known as lobby management. And it is ok, the laws allow to "manage" opinions. And for everyone it is ok, when they do it in a smart way! And at the end don't ignore obviously the opinion / voice of the public.


It happened to Mr Blatter from the FIFA and it always will happen when someone goes to far. But sometimes there are some situations when they just go one step to far. Maybe because that with every step they did before they felt more and more secure that nobody will notice. But when this one step to far is made the public reacts very strong and without any mercy. 


And at this point it is very important to differentiate totally from the emotional reaction of a disappointment when your favorite team, artist, football star etc. doesn't win and people complain about the referee.

Coming back to Eurovision there is a lot of emotion and a lot of discussions about "the game, the referee etc" like every Saturday afternoon in the Irish, English, Spanish and German pubs after an important soccer game.


euroDRAMA is the common wording for emotional Eurovision reactions in due to votings and national selections. It's very often linked to the Eurovision fan base. And a lot of people refer to the gay majority in that fan base and assume that there the drama comes from.

But who says or thinks that does have the same interlectual level like the people saying that "foreigners are criminal", "women can't drive" or "all Islamic are terrorists and shouldn't travel into the country".


Like in all topics there are also at Eurovision, fans being to emotional and going to far with the names and shout outs they have. But nothing comparing with what fans say to a referee at a Saturday afternoon in one of the Spanish, English or German stadiums. And what would happen if one of the biggest Spanish newspapers "ElPaís" would call this Spanish soccer fans "Hooligans"?

So did Fernando Navarro in ElPaís of Sunday 12th February 2017 about the Eurovision fans and the fact of their emotional reaction and disappointment of the winner.

Apart the very strange comparison Fernando Navarro should have respect for victims of real "Hooligans" like the French police man Daniel Nivel, who was close to death. And also at the eurocup of 2016 were sad examples about what hooligans are and what they are interested in. It's always an interest into fights and violence. Something Eurovision fans never did in their 60 years of history, and also didn't show at all during the emotional reactions after the final jury decision last Saturday night at "objectivo Eurovision". That's not just bad journalism that's an irresponsible naming by ElPaís!


Also in the soccer world there have been some cases of fraud by referees. Because there is a lot of interests helping specific teams to win in specific games. Sometimes there is also a lot of money involved. And that didn't happen in champions league games, it was on regional leagues level like for example in Germany in 2005. 

So the fact is - it happens! Everywhere! And when it is very well and smart done, nobody will notice or be able to figure out! So FRAUD is everywhere where money is! It would be very strange if it wouldn't be the case at Eurovision, still the biggest music event worldwide, where record labels like Sony are involved. 

In relation to what people assume about fraud, only just a few cases of fraud can be proved. Often when it is to obvious or someone is not smart or careful enough, it becomes discovered.


Going back to the Spanish national selection it was very easy to answer to the reaction of the fans with the usual "euroDRAMA" explanation. So did the jury member Xavier Martinez during the announcement of his votes after the 5, 6 and 7 points. Where he gave the minimum points to the public favorites. And it was not more not less like when in a soccer stadium the fans whistle because they don't like the referee decision. The same immediate reaction of euroDRAMA had also the only lady in the jury Virginia Diaz. Interesting statement.

Also Mr Blatter still repeated that he is innocent. Mr Clinton did for a long time repeat he did not have ... and also actual presidents use the simple way of saying "the press lies" it's all a pressDRAMA

But beside this claim and the easiest way of just giving the fault to the eurofans or let us say "euro-hooligans" there are some other interesting facts, which Mr Blatter oh sorry Mr Martinez should answer. And some others the FIFA or let us say RTVE. 

  • why did Mr Martinez in Social Media officially supported Manel Navarro? (no, that's not the one who wrote the article for ElPais. Actually we couldn't double check if it is his father or uncle. But actually we have to assume that Navarro is a common name in Spain)
  • why did RTVE chose him as jury member having the rule that it isn't allowed to have a link between any jury member and an competing artis?
  • why did Mr Martinez mentioned also the streaming numbers etc as reason for his 12 points of the artist? Wasn't it just about the performance of that night?
  • why did RVTE for the first time ever changed the rule that in the case of same points the jury would decide?
  • why did "40" (where Mr Martinez works) published one hour before the show a news with the winner Navarro?
  • is RTVE giving the money back to people who voted, because their choice didn't count at the end?
  • why did date, time and jury just have been announced few days before the national selection?

Everyone who is still speaking about euroDRAMA is mixing things and not getting the situation. That's more than the usual emotional reaction of fans. It's the accusation of euroFRAUD! 

It is like before a final of the World Cup changing the rules of 90 min play time + 30 minutes of prolongation into "the referee can decide when he finishes the game" how would Germany react, if the referee would finish the whole game after 107 minutes after England scoring? Yes it is difficult to see the difference between drama and fraud. It is also at soccer. And there are always people saying that the victory was bought and the referee gave the victory... and maybe it happens only 1 in 1000 times. 

But it doesn't change nothing at all, that when there are facts which seem to alert, that they have to been taken very seriously!

EuroDRAMA? Eurovision hooligans? - from our point of view - not at all! 

EuroFRAUD? Maybe! And this has to be seriously analyzed. 

And the responsible people at RTVE and also of the jury should stop to make it very simple speaking about "EuroDRAMA" and take into consideration that they are accused of FRAUD and act like that!

Its not the voices of some freaky fans they are hearing, it's the ghosts they called with the things they did. The facts of 

  • making people spend money in a televote and not let them decide (something all casting shows in the world do better)
  • posts in Social Media with Xavier Martínez and Manel Navarro
  • posts in social media about possible chats / messages
  • posts of Websites before the finale decision 

this things which have to be clarified.

And like Mr Blatter, Trump, Clinton etc also RVTE at the end will have to explain it maybe at court. 

Eurovision on top has information that artists and composers are checking with advocates serious steps to take it to court.


If it will be proved euroFRAUD or just an other chapter of euroDRAMA and who the right winner is, we don't know.


But definitely we know that there is already one big looser out of all of that: the RTVE!

It's Xmas: ESC Artists go festive

Posted by eurovision on top on December 18, 2016 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Like every year the Christmas Season is fruitful for bells and OH! OH! in the songs.

These are the contenders of your Eurovision Christmas soundtrack for 2016:

Mihai - Craciunul Rock 'n' Roll

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John Farnham & Olivia Newton-John - The Christmas Song

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Carola - Vår dröm om julen

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Cliff Richard - It's Better To Dream Christmas Mix

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Mélanie René - Lettre de Noël

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Paula Seling - Sa facem Rai

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Mørland - Driving Home For Xmas

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Elena - E Craciun si Ninge

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3JS – A Lonesome Prayer

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Kalomoira - Ta Xristougenna Auta

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Boggie - Noël Blanc

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Zoe - La nuit des merveilles

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Junior Eurovision: an experience for the ESC?

Posted by eurovision on top on November 18, 2016 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

One more year Children are pretending they are adult pop stars in the 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Because it is a contest the same question is posted every year: are these children prepared to deal with the frustration of not winning? How will the victory affect the future life of the winner?

The previous questions wouldn’t be so important if the show was not so professional year after year with great performances, dancers and outfits pressuring these children to be the Top of the Super Children!

And because the contest took part for the first time 14 years ago, if children are very very frustrated by not winning they can try again the Adult ESC in their future. Is not a surprise that we find junior participants in various National Finals every year.

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But polemics apart, the annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place at the Mediterranean Conference Centre, in Valletta, Malta. This will be the second time that Malta is the host of this event.

This time 17 countries will compete (the record was 18 participants in 2004) with Cyprus, Israel and Poland as returning countries. The record of participants would be higher without the withdrawing countries San Marino, Montenegro and Slovenia.

But the best of this contest is in our opinion that children sing mostly in their own languages keeping the authenticity of a European contest assuming differences among the participant countries with the recognition and the important educational role that it has. It’s obvious all children cannot sing in English and we like it like that.

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The televoting will be replaced! Is it Junior an experience for the adult contest? Points will be awarded based on a 50/50 combination of each country’s Adult and Kids' Jury, to be announced by a spokesperson. This will bring an end to the use of televoting for the first time. Following these results, three expert jurors will also announce their points from 1-8, 10, and 12. These professionals are Christer Björkman, Mads Grimstad, and Jedward.

Poli Genova who represented Bulgaria in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 and in 2016 and also hosted the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015, will be part of the interval acts such as Jedwards!

The contenders:

  • Draw / Country / Artist / Song / Language(s)
  • 01 Ireland Zena Donnelly "Bríce ar Bhríce" Irish, English
  • 02 Armenia Anahit & Mary "Tarber" Armenian, English
  • 01 Albania Klesta Qehaja "Besoj" Albanian, English
  • 04 Russia The Water of Life Project "Water of Life" Russian, English
  • 05 Malta Christina Magrin "Parachute" English
  • 06 Bulgaria Lidia Ganeva "Magical Day (Valsheben den)" Bulgarian, English
  • 07 Macedonia Martija Stanojković "Love Will Lead Our Way (Ljubovta nè vodi)" Macedonian, English
  • 08 Poland Olivia Wieczorek "Nie zapomnij" Polish, English
  • 09 Belarus Alexander Minyonok "Musyka moikh pobed (Music is My Only Way)" Russian, English
  • 10 Ukraine Sofia Rol "Planet Craves for Love" Ukrainian, English
  • 11 Italy Fiamma Boccia "Cara Mamma - Dear Mom" Italian, English
  • 12 Serbia Dunja Jeličić "U la la la" Serbian
  • 13 Israel Shir & Tim "Follow My Heart" Hebrew, English
  • 14 Australia Alexa Curtis "We Are" English
  • 15 Netherlands Kisses "Kisses and Dancin'" Dutch, English
  • 16 Cyprus George Michaelides "Dance Floor" Greek, English
  • 17 Georgia Mariam Mamadashvili "Mzeo" Georgian


It seems that Russia, Malta and Bulgaria are the favorites! Tomorrow we will see the result!

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Winners of Andrius Pojavis Competition

Posted by eurovision on top on November 17, 2016 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Two weeks ago we started a Andrius Pojavis competition for winning his latest album.

The rights answers wer about his song in Eurovision, Something, and his previous album titled 8 but of course he was the artist that spent more than a year in our chart.

The winners are:

Leo Brkanlic (Serbia)

Irena Rinkevičienė (Lithuania)

Bernard Olivier (France)

Conratulations! The albums will be sent during next week.

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Albums coming soon

Posted by eurovision on top on October 22, 2016 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Christmas is coming and the next two months are the fruitful for new releases such that if you are a collector you will get mad specially your pocket! But don't worry, from january to march you will be busy downloading and watching songs from the national finals.

Aminata just released the new album with a not unexpected name Red Moon. Unfortnally the videos on youtube are not many but thanks to spotify you can listen all.

The israeli ESC singer from 1975 Shlomo Artzi just released a double new album OSEF SHIRIM SHEHISTATRU.

Patricia Kaas will release her new album on the 11th of November, now that two singles are known. Rykka will release her Beatitudes in two day but Jimmy Martin and Anouk gave us good news tomorrow with Berlin and Fake it till we die respectively.

Carolas new album will be out next week and it is one more time, a celebration of Christmas DRÖMMEN OM JULEN.

Längtan from Geir Ronning is also on the way in a very awaited comeback such as Les Fatals Picards that has release their album Country Club Fatals Picards. From Armenia we know that Sirusho is about to release the new Armat.

Cliff Richard will also release one more album specially for their fans: Just... Fabulous Rock 'n' Roll and it will include a duet with no more than Elvis Presley. And to complete the british set a new album from Michael Ball is also on the way!