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Who does our team think will win?

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 28, 2018 at 2:45 PM Comments comments (0)

We are only 5 but we decided to vote just before the rehearsals! Nine songs deserved attention but these 5 were the most voted.


France (5/5) - This is the most consensual song of all for us and so it was voted by everyone. We have heard and seen the performance many times and if it is true that we cannot wait much longer on the stage of Altice Arena, the truth is that the melody and lyrics are so good and actual that we think they can win!

Bulgaria (4/5) - The last two years were very good for Bulgaria and last year they put the bar very high. In bettings it's one of the favorites and although we are not sure if Sophia can organize the event, it's a serious candidate.

Israel (4/5) - This song has been the most mediatic of all and there is no one who does not sing it, however, the doubt is if it will please the jury like did with the fans. Will it be out of the Top3 as happened to Italy last year? Is Israel ready for the 4rd time?

Australia (3/5) - Australia has come very close to the Top and this song in the style of "The Greatest Showman" can impress. But so much to win? Will the performance and the singer be at the level of the song?

Estonia (2/5) - Never a opera song was better in Eurovision than the 3rd place. The so-called dress that the singer will use can help make a difference, and so a great performance is expected.

Portuguese fans: They are already on board

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 25, 2018 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)

It was a long wait for the Portuguese fans until Salvador Sobral got the Eurovision victory. For the first time, Lisbon will receive the event and the moment for what all the Portuguese fans expected is getting closer and closer. Four eurovision portuguese fans from all over the country shared with us how they are living the moment and they give you some tips while visiting Lisbon!

Iva Seixas (33) is a designer from the Island of Madeira and she began to live the moment when Portugal won last year: "I was very happy as I could watch Eurovision Live in my own country". Her biggest adventure related to Eurovision started with the purchase of tickets. For those who do not belong to any Eurovision fan organization, the only way to get tickets was through the official website with huge virtual queues. Luckily for Portuguese fans, it was possible to go to physical stores where even then, the queues were huge. In the first wave of sales the electronic system failed on stores and the tickets sold out quickly, which made took some to wake up early to obtain tickets in the following sales.

Iva: "it will be the best musical show I will ever see"

Now the expectations are high. For Iva, "it will be the best musical show I will ever see, certainly the most unforgettable of all." André Godinho (38 ) , a museum educator, remembers Eurovision since Sandra Kim won and for him to attend this year for the first time will make him very happy: "I think it may be one of the best shows in recent years with so much of Portugal on stage, to have Ana Moura and Mariza, a toast to Europe with our Fado and to have the presence of Caetano Veloso singing with Salvador."

Just like the other fans we talked to, Marco Lopes (38 ) remembers Eurovision since he was a child. This Psychologist from the Algarve (on the South coast) will return to Eurovision after 8 years. "I think I'm going to be very anxious and supportive of whoever is behind the event, because I want it to go well for the best. When the Eurovision hymn echoes in the Altice Arena I will enter into a healthy tachycardia of contentment." Perhaps the same feeling that Sofia Carvalho (24) felt when Portugal won: "The pride was even more because of Salvador's song. Sofia is "that kind of fan who likes to sing and get to know the songs, no matter the country" and Eurovision songs accompany her at various times: "The essence of Eurovision is in creating songs for that show and all are unique."

Marco: "I want it to go well for the best."

Salvador Sobral is very important to have won and the fans have lived with him a special year too. As André says, "Remembering the victory is always a great emotion, like seeing Salvador Sobral's concert at the Cultural Centre of Belém or the day we knew he had a new heart to beat." Sobral's song, which brought so much joy and pride to these fans, fits in with Marco's idea: "I continue to look at Eurovision as the possibility to hear and see very different proposals, such as a parade of very different genres and styles, trying to contradict the idea of an exclusively pop and "festivaleiro". Festivaleiro is the Portuguese word to describe (negatively in some cases) the genre of Eurovision songs. "To shelve the concept is to reduce it." - Marco says.

Sofia:  "The essence of Eurovision is in creating songs for that show and all are unique."

Marco admits his life changed after the first Eurovision in 2010 because he met new people and made friends from different countries, highlighting the Portuguese he met and the opportunities that arose. For example, when he participated as organizer of Eurovision Live Concert in Setúbal. This event takes place every year in the second week of September, 40 km far from Lisbon, with many former Eurovision artists participating. Marco recalls the episode he lived with his 3-door car before transporting the Dutch artist Joan Franka (2012) from the Lisbon Airport to Setúbal. He washed the car in a hurry so the artist felt comfortable but the concern was whether the "Indian feathers" would fit in the car. After all, the apprehension was futile because Joan was very nice and humble. André says that his life has gained another color with Eurovision: "making friendship with other fans; making and keeping contact with singers, composers, authors and musicians, whether Portuguese or foreigners." Eurovision creates these opportunities since the artists tend to be very accessible and being close to them and to other fans is an advantage for the contest fans. This is what Iva will enjoy to do: "to socialize, dance and sing in Eurovillage and other places. Take advantage of the week to be closer to this great party."

André: "I think it may be one of the best shows in recent years".

André, who will receive the event in his city, advises "to know both the noble side of the city and the most typical neighborhoods and also some emblematic buildings such as the Jeronimos Monastery or the Tower of Belém, which differ by their styles and symbology." Marco, for whom the city is familiar, recommends getting to know the city at different levels: cultural, gastronomic, landscape, architectural and social. "Do not just stare at the Parque das Nações because you can loose the opportunity to know a fabulous capital, with fantastic places and hospitable people. "To his friends, Marco says, "once Eurovision is in Portugal, it will return one day, because it is a country that tends to gather consensus and a lot of people will want it to happen here again."


  • Favourite song: Mercy (France)
  • Who will win ?: France
  • Favourite song ever: Why me (Ireland)
  • Favourite country at ESC: Italy


  • Favourite song: That's how you write a song (Norway)
  • Who will win ?: Israel
  • Favourite song ever: Fairytale (Norway)
  • Favourite country at ESC: Greece


  • Favourite song: Mercy (France)
  • Who will win ?: Bulgaria
  • Favourite song ever: Frauen regier'n die Welt (Germany)and Love Injected (Latvia)
  • Favourite country at ESC: maybe Bulgaria 


  • Favourite song: Bones (Bulgaria)
  • Who will win ?: Norway
  • Favourite song ever: Euphoria (Sweden)
  • Favourite country at ESC: Sweden or Italy

The history of Portugal: A celebration day in Lisbon

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 25, 2018 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)

April is not just the beginning month of Eurovision in Lisbon! Days before the delegations arrived, a day was celebrated today in Portugal, a day that everyone celebrated for the 44th time - the end of the dictatorship that haunted the country for dozens of years.

It was in 1974 when the Portuguese song was heard on the radio, in this year's Eurovision Song Contest song "E depois do adeus". Contrary to Salvador Sobral's song that will always be marked by Eurovision victory, the song by Paulo de Carvalho, which was not successful in the contest, was forever marked as the signal that caused the troops to go out to fight against the regime.

Throughout the country the day is celebrated and Lisbon also went out with carnations to celebrate Freedom! The "revolution of the carnations" as it became known, where the flowers were exchanged for bullets! People with flowers marched the principal avenue of Lisbon, the flowers that this year are the Garden of Claudia Pascoal!

Portuguese Eurovision Books

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 18, 2018 at 10:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Two new books about Eurovision will be soon available, this time at the host country, Portugal and in portuguese language.

"Portugal 12 pts - Festival da Canção" (Âncora), about the portuguese National Final and Eurovision it's written by Jorge Mangorrinha and João Callixto, two researchers about Tourism and Music, respectively.

On the other hand, the first portuguese president of OGAE Portugal, journalist and creative supervisor of Eurovision 2018 will release "Eurovisão - dos ABBA a Salvador Sobral" (Esfera dos Livros).

These two bibliographic records will remark the portuguese victory and will work as a souvenir of Eurovision in Portugal, mostly for fan collectors. 

"I want to be the next Jon Ola Sand"

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 12, 2018 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (0)

I was watching the show of RTP dedicated to Eurovision, especially because 30 days are missing! And the countdown has already begun!

The program did not bring me anything new because I follow Eurovision every day but there was a moment that brought me beautiful memories of when I was a child! With the great difference that I was not a child in the XXI century, but in the 80's. Therefore, I did not have internet and the Eurovision news came to us weeks before through the videos that the public television broadcast. I still remember to record the songs with my radio tape. Silence please! And my whole family respected my admiration for Eurovision.

I still remember the first day! It was the year of 1981 and since there was nothing else to see on television, my family, as everyone in Europe I suppose, gathered around television. I remember that I asked my uncle: "What program is this? Is it repeated next year?" And everything started there! 1982, I was weekly informed but waiting for the big moment: Doce and their Bem Bom; Lucia and her song Él. When it was over, I remember that we called my Spanish family to talk about Eurovision.

We received information on the TV Guide, the week before and the week after! And although we always expected a good result, Portugal never won!

But today, watching the program about Eurovision on television, a 10-year-old boy appeared! His name is João Parreira and they interviewed him because he likes Eurovision. I saw him 30 years ago! João says that his friends do not understand him because they do not like Eurovision, they like to play football, but little by little they start watching and listening the songs! João spends all the time he can listening Eurovision Songs at YOUTUBE.

I always felt, somehow just like João, someone who could not talk about Eurovision! And is that the internet did not exist! We had no mobile!

João's mother explains that her son no longer likes playing with the computer so much, he likes Eurovision, he wants to be a Eurovisiologist. "I want to be the next Jon Ola Sand", he said! Almost like me! With the difference that I did not talk about it! Even once in a high school class where I read something written at a table "One step out of time, one reason ..."! WOW! It was Michael Ball's song! And even if it was anonymous, I did not have the courage to write anything so that my partner from another class would realize that I also liked Eurovision. I found out ten years later when I met him in a Eurovision chat room.

Today João did a Quizz about the contest and of course he guessed everything! In the end, his mother gave him a ticket to watch Eurovision! João almost cried!

How will the future eurofan be? And how would I be if I had internet 30 years ago? And how would I be if Portugal had won Eurovision when I was a child?

Thank you João!

Nuno Valerio