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I still can't believe that I am following Loic's footsteps

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 21, 2017 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (6)

Belgium is one of the surprises of the last years, what ever changed it did make a difference at the participations and the results. The small country turned again into a big participant fighting for a victory in the next years, if the continue the way they started to walk on.

This year once again a former The Voice participant is going to Eurovision. Blanche is the name.

Read now why Blanche is excited about eurovision, where the name Blanche comes from and what the meaning is.

1. Why did you accept to participate to the Eurovision Song Contest?

I had never thought about it before, to be honest. We made the song without having the contest in mind specifically. The selection committee liked the end result and here we are. For me it has been a positive, unique and rewarding experience and I look forward to the rest of my Eurovision adventure.

2. Aren’t you scared of creating too much of an “Eurovision” image?

No, I was already involved in a few musical projects before being selected, and Eurovision will only help me to improve them.

3. Loic Nottet represented Belgium in 2015. Did you see his performance? Wat did you think about it? Does his experience inspire you?

I watched his performance a few days after the contest ended, and it was really impressive, both technically and artistically. The success he had afterwards is of course due to his talent but it also proves that Eurovision can be a very positive and constructive experience for an artist. I still can’t believe that I am following in his footsteps...

4. Did “The Voice Belgique” help you to prepare an international competition?

Yes, because I learned to sing and perform live on stage on television, while taking part in that show. All of a sudden I became a person in the public eye, and my coaches, Cats on Trees, have really helped me grow as an artist.

5. How do you feel now that you are representing Belgium?

It’s really crazy, I’ll be to representing an entire nation. I am sure it will be fun to meet the other participants as well. It’s like an international summit, but an artistic rather than a political one.

6. 204 millions of viewers will watch The Eurovision Song Contest. Does that number scares you?

The fact that so many people from different cultures and walks of life are going to watch me perform from their living room is quite strange ... but also exciting.

7. Why did you chose Blanche as your stage name?

Blanche is my third given name. My career is taking off and the idea of starting from a blank page (une page blanche in French) that still has to be written, really suits me. I sing in English but I wanted to keep a Fench touch to it all, because I like our beautiful language. I have never sung in French but with my new stage name, I will always have something French about me. Furthermore, I like the sound and look of the name Blanche. I really like my first name, but I wanted something new and unique. There quite a few great singers who go by the name Ellie already. I didn’t want to change my personality, I just wanted a name that’s in line with my projects and my artistic approach. I’m not alone in supporting this new venture, and my new stage name is a way of showing that. For the public, I’m Blanche but for the team that I am working with, Blanche has a collective feel to it.

8. You’re now finishing the song with Pierre Dumoulin, front man of the band Roscoe. How was it to meet him and how is the collaboration going?

Pierre is the one who heard me sing during my participation in The Voice Belgique. He approached me via the band Cats on Trees, who were my coaches, and through his record company [PIAS]. He told me my voice inspired him and he really wanted to write music for me. We spent a bit of time in the studio together, and he impressed me with his musical talent. Everything went well and we decided to carry on together, because we really clicked.

We wish the best of look to Blanche and hope eurovision will help her to get more colours on her white musical work career site.

Eurovision on top will follow Blanche and let you know what the participation will bring to her.

Pedro de Almeida

Sanja: Never give up on what you love

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on May 5, 2016 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Serbia is going to sing for the second time in eglish. The singer Sanja made it to Stockholm performing her song in a kind of Amy Winehouse style.

Eurovision on top had the chance of a quick interview with Sanja. Read now what her answers have bee.

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1. What is the story behind your song?

The song brings a strong message along. It is a big worldwide issue, the abusse over women. And I hope I will get the message through with as much emotion as I can. It is really important to stay strong and victorious, which I believe all woman are.


2. How did you decide to participate at the Serbian national final?

I got the proposal after the music director of the RTS saw me in a music show called “Tri boje zvuka” (Three colors of the sound). I guess someone liked what I was doing and the way that I do it, and thought I would be a good choice. It is mild to say I was surprised, I was mind blown, amazing feeling.


3. There are people saying that you are the Serbian Amy Winehouse. What is your answer and reaction to that?

There was no intention to look like Amy.

4. What was so far (besides winning the national final) your musical highlight of your career?

I think that I'm on right track and hope to stay on it.


5. What is your all-time favorite of the Serbian entrees?

All of Serbian entrees are special for me.

6. Which targets do you have till, during and most important after Eurovision?

I plan on continuing making music with my band ZAA, ofcourse. But at the end of the day, who know what the new day brings.

7. Europe actually is having a lot of challenges. What is your view and the message you want to send to everyone in this times?

I wish for all of you to be loved, to share positive vibrations, never give up on what you love!

8. What do you think, will our readers see a lot of songs in our weekly charts in the future, they can vote for?

Songs are amazing and unique in their own way so I think ther would be something for everyone.

Eurovision on top will like alwaysa follow also Sanja during Eurovision and afterwards.

Stay tuned and updated.

Pedro de Almeida

Rykka: Being part of Eurovision is already such a special adventure

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on May 4, 2016 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (0)


It is again a canadian singer participating for Switzerland. The last time it turned into a worldwode career. If Rykka this year will repeat history isn't sure at all, but it is sure that she will do her best at eurovision.

Eurovision on top had the chance to interview Rykka and speak with her about her targets, objectives and the meaning of this participation.

Watch the special greeting Rykka sends to all of you:

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1. Rykka - would you like to present yourself to our readers? Who was Rykka he last summer and who is Rykka actually?

I started singing with my brother and sister when I was very young. Our mother taught us how to sing. When I was 16, I started to write songs. Since then I’ve changed my music style a few times, and even my artist name from my real name, Christina Maria, to Rykka. I’m very ambitious and I see change as an important part of life. And this year I got the amazing opportunity to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. Being part of Eurovision is such a special adventure, I’m meeting so many new amazing people!



2. Which link did you have to Eurovision before?


Because I grew up in Canada I’ve only been following the ESC for a few years now. I find it so amazing that so many people grew up with it and have such a special connection to the ESC.



3. How did you decide to participate at the national final?


I had just spent all year working on my new record, and I thought it would be an amazing adventure. I was right, it worked! I have a lot of new music that is all ready to go.



4. What is the story behind your song?


The message of The Last Of Our Kind is to always stand up for love above all. Stand up for yourself and for people and other beings who can’t stand up for themselves. Standing up for love also sometimes means to go against your own ego and really search to find the truth.



5. For sure you get this comment a lot of times. So the last time a Canadian singer participated for Switzerland afterwards there was a victory and a worldwide career. What would be your reasons to make history repeat in 2016?


Being part of Eurovision is already such a special adventure, I’m meeting so many new amazing people! Of course it would be absolutely amazing to win it and it would also come with a huge responsibility. One that I am capable of accepting and thriving in. I’m absolutely up for it and imagine it all the time, I’m big into visualisation. I also find it surreal to be compared to a legend like Celine Dion! It’s an absolute honour.



6. What was so far (besides winning the national final) your musical highlight of your career?


In 2013, I won Peak Performance Project, a Canadian project to help artists to launch their careers. This was a huge and amazing prize. It changed my career because it was a substantial amount of money that I could use toward writing and recording this new album. I’m so excited to release it!





7. What do you think Rykka has what no other artist has?


I don’t think there is a formula to win ESC. I think there is a place for everyone, and that maybe some things work better at a certain time than others. That doesn’t mean that something is better or worse for eternity, just maybe at that particular second in time.



8. Which targets do you have till, during and most important after Eurovision?


At the moment I’m working hard to extra-strengthen the basis of my voice. Going back to what I learned when I first started singing professionally and really making everything strong from the ground up. I’m also visualising a lot, as I do, to prepare mentally.

I wish for myself to really embrace to experience. I really want to live in the moment and love the craziness. I also want to focus on the amazing people that I meet along the way and hold those who support me close.

After ESC I’ll release my brand new record and tour with my band.

Besides winning Eurovision, my biggest dream is to keep creating art that I love.

We thank a lot Rykka for her time and the nice interview. We wish her all the best for the participation at the contest and for sure we follow her and you will find new song on our website.

Pedro de Almeida


ManuElla: the song is about finding strength and happiness within ourselves

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on April 30, 2016 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Slovenia was one of the favorites last year and returnes with a nice song, not being one of the favorites but for sure a potential evergreen song.

Eurovision had the chance to interview the beautiful ManuElla and we spoke with her about her participation.

ManuElla sends special greetings to all our readers:

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1. ManuElla - would you like to present yourself to our readers? Who was ManuElla the last summer and who is ManuElla actually?

I grew up in a small Slovene town Laško, which is known by its good beer. Since I can remember, music was a big part of my life. I started singing when I was a little girl and I knew right away I always want to keep music close.

I've got a sister and a loving family who always supported me in my music. The person who gave me the most support and showed me the love for music was my father who sadly passed away last year. But it all made me even stronger and my passion for singing got even stronger.

Last year I lost my loving father, but now, I live my dreams and think of him a lot knowing, that he would be the most proud father on the world.

2. What is the story behind the way of writing your name like “ManuElla”?

My official name is Manuella. Because I really like my name, I was thinking about how to make it even more visible. Since many of my friends call me Mani or Ella, I merged these two names together in one word where E is capitalized.


3. You participated with 16 at a casting show. How was that experience?

This experience was unforgettable and confirmation for me, that singing is my mission where I enjoy a lot. And I knew that my dreams being a professional singer will one day become reality.

What changed since then?

A lot! I have grown up, became mature person. I gained a lot of music and life experiences, knowledge ... There’s only one thing that didn’t changed – my desire for music remained ☺


5. Is It true that you also participated at the german casting show “supertalent”? What was the reason for that? And why did you choose this casting show?

That’s true. In 2010 I was classified in top 100 talents in RTL show Das Supertalent. Even then I wanted to take the opportunity and present myself beyond the boundaries of my small country Slovenia.


6. What was the reason for you to participate again at the national final?

The song Blue and Red was composed for my first album, which is in the making, but later, we felt that this is the right song for Eurovision stage.


7. How was it for you to win the national final?

The feeling was amazing, almost impossible to describe! I am still so overwhelmed and grateful for the support people showed me.

8. What is the story behind your song?

'Blue and Red' is a song about (my) relationship that we can all probably relate to at some point of our lives. It's about ups and downs. Blue symbolizes sad and unhappy emotions, while red symbolizes love and passion. It's important that we are aware of all these feelings but also to understand that it's sometimes better to let go and find our own happiness. So that was the main message, finding strength and happiness within ourselves.


9. What are the actual plans for the staging?

It is definitely going to be different than the performance on Ema 2016. Me and my whole team are working really hard these days to crate a good stage performance. I can reveal that world famous dancer and coreographer Anže Škrube is preparing stage performacne and David Hojnik - DH fashion will design my amazing dress. All the rest is still a secret.

10. Which targets do you have till, during and most important after Eurovision?

There is a lot of promotion that I'm doing, of course planning the dress, stage performance, practicing. At the Eurovision I expect one unforgettable experience, lots of great music. I'm really looking forward to the whole Eurovision adventure, I am not stressed about the results, I only want to give the best of me, and I hope people will see and feel my passion and enjoy with me. After that, I will get back to writing and recording songs for my first album that has been in the making.


We thank ManuElla for her time and the video greeting. 

Eurovision on top will as well follow ManuElla and let you know how she will make in Stockholm.

Pedro de Almeida

Sandhja: my indian roots have a huge influence

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on April 30, 2016 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

She will open the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm. Sandhja represents Finland with the song "sing it away". A nice tempo song to open the contest this year. It's always hard to sing on the starting position, but ir will be even harder to do it opening the contest and for sure because of the competition within this semi final.

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Eurovision had the chance to get some answers of Sandhja about her participation at Eurovision.

How did you end up being a musician? 


I have always known that I wanted to be an artist. It is strange to think how a 4-year old can be so sure of their career choice. I followed my dream consistently throughout my life; I was singing since I was a child and as a teenager I started to write poems that ultimately developed into songs. At 18 I met my producer and started making music professionally. I made a recording deal with Sony a couple of years later and published my debut album at the age of 23. My second album is going to be released at the end of April 2016.  


What are your biggest musical influences? 


I have always looked up to strong women singing blues, soul and folk. I started out as a child singing mainly gospel and old soul. Artists, such as Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin and Tracy Chapman are my inspiration. 


How did the idea to participate in the UMK came to you? 


The idea to participate in UMK came from my A&R from Sony. I have always been apprehensive about participating in any kind of music competitions, because of my sensitivity. But this time I felt that I was ready to face the challenges that a competition like this presents. 


How did it feel like when you won the UMK in Finland? 


At first I couldn't believe it, I felt so proud of myself and my team. It felt like the hard work that had been done years prior to this competition was now paying off. It was a very emotional day!


The next step is Stockholm. What can we expect from you there?  


I'm bringing the same up-beat energy, laughter and joy on stage to Stockholm that what I had in UMK. We are going to have a more interactive coreography with the back-up singers and, if possible, even more fun ;)


Do you plan to make changes to your song?  


No changes are made to the song, at least at this point. 


What will be your contribution as an artist to Eurovision? 


I want to bring happiness to the people. I hope that the joy and unity that we have on stage with the girls will resonate in the viewers at home and in the audience. 


What is behind the song? What is it about? 


Sing It Away is a song about shedding away your troubles and rising to the top. It talks about helping a friend out in times of need and about the healing properties of music and singing. 


You have released a debut album “Gold” few years ago, when can we expect a second album? 


My second album, called Freedom Venture, is scheduled to be released on the 29th of April. I'm so excited about it!


What is your biggest dream? 


My biggest dream is to be able to make music my main career and expand my talents as a songwriter and learn about music production. In the future I would like to help other up-and-coming artists in their journey. 


Can you tell us more about your hobbies and how do you spend your free time?  


I love being in nature and spending time with my friends. I enjoy going out dancing to afro parties and going to see good gigs! My free time consists of mainly music, dancing, friends and good food.


You have an Indian-Guyanese mother. How did your exotic blood influence your music? 


My Indian roots have a huge influence in me as a person, which affects my music. Some rhythms and sounds are directly ethnically influenced, but mainly the influence lies in my personality and not in my music. 

Eurovision on top will like alwyas follow Sandja on her way in Stockholm and will keep you updated about her participation and her career.

Pedro de Almeida