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2 ESC albums in the Charts

Posted by eurovision on top on May 19, 2017 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

The Eurovision Song Contest compilation CD tends to chart a lot of countries. This edition is not number 1 yet in any country but we can find it 9 charts:

  • Germany - 2
  • Sweden - 2
  • Austria - 3
  • Switzerland - 3
  • UK - 7
  • Ireland - 7
  • Australia - 37
  • Finland - 37
  • France - 138


This year we can find a case of success in the Albums charts as well. Excuse me, the first album of Salvador Sobral, is now 4 in Portugal; 23 in Belgium and 35 in The Netherlands. Informations of the spanish charts are not released yet, but it is expected that the album that doesn't include the winning song, can chart the official spanish list.

ESC songs in the Official Charts

Posted by eurovision on top on May 19, 2017 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (0)

It's friday and the Official Charts of every country are now out!

If Itunes and Spotify are important signs of the popularity of the songs, it is an immediate marker that in a long term may have not a very significant value. The important hits are given by the official charts every week. So, let's start:

The portuguese song and winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2017 is the song that charts more countries. It is very important since it is probably one of the biggest hits in portuguese language. Do you remember Ai se eu te pego? That's portuguese too even if it is with brazilian accent.

Salvador song entered the UK chart at a shy number 97, the german chart at number 43, the dutch chart at 35, the belgium at 30, the swedish chart at 33, the french at 4 and it climbs in the portuguese chart to number 8.

Belgium comes next, and it's 38 in Germany, 39 in The Netherlands, 1 in Belgium (Flanders; 2 in Wallonie), 35 in France and 18 in Sweden.

Moldova is number 52 in Germany and 70 in The Netherlands. Bulgaria is 91 in The Netherlands and 51 in Sweden.

The romanian entry is a surprise in 4 charts: 64 in Sweden, 70 in France, 90 in The Netherlands and 93 in Germany.

Francesco Gabbani is now 87 in Sweden and 25 in Switzerland and starts going down in Italy where spent severall weeks at number 1 (8th at the moment).

Isaiah is number 50 in Sweden, the norwegian song is 56 in the neighboor Sweden.

In their own country we can find Alma at number 5 in France; OG3NE at number 14 in The Netherlands; Lucie Jones at 73 in the UK and Robin at 24 in Sweden. 

Salvador in the Parliament: First public appearance

Posted by eurovision on top on May 19, 2017 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest were in the National Parliament where he was received by the president of the Assembly of the Portuguese Republic

Under a strong media circus, the president of the Assembly of the Republic, Eduardo Ferro Rodrigues received this morning the singer catapulted to hero, and his sister Luisa. The public television station was represented by Nuno Artur Silva and Gonçalo Reis, administrator and president of RTP, respectively.

"But the votes were not in the Eurovision?" Answered Salvador, good-humored, on hearing the votes of the Assembly to honour him with a a greeting.

At the invitation of Ferro Rodrigues, Salvador Sobral and Luísa Sobral - interpreter and author of the winning song, respectively - attended the vote, in what was the first invitation they accepted since winning the festival.


Most of the deputies  applauded Salvador and Luísa Sobral standing up, after the unanimous approval of the vote of greeting to both. The text highlighted the "victory of the Portuguese language", the "merit of the performer and the composer", but also "the professionalism of RTP". 

source: DN picture: DN

ESC 2018 on the way

Posted by eurovision on top on May 15, 2017 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (0)

The responsable staff of RTP for Eurovision Song Contest 2018 had a meeting today as it was announced by RTP news. The city was chosen and probably the venue as well.

The dates are not decided yet, but the city that will host the event is of course decided and it was not a surprise! Lisbon is probably the only and central place in the country to host Eurovision, specially because the biggest place to host the event is the MEO arena (Pavilhão Atlântico and Pavilhão da Utopia in the past). EBU already advised RTP that the Arena is the best option which we consider is the only one.

MEO arena is located in the new area of Parque das Nações, a place that was (re)build for the EXPO'98. With capacity of 20 000 persons (it will be reduced significantly because of the stage), the venue was the chosen place for concerts of big artists like Madonna, Jennifer Lopez,  Adele, Coldplay, etc, etc!

Web Summit 2016 was probably the biggest event to happened there so as the ATP - Tennis Masters Cup 2000.

Inside, you will feel you are in an upturned boat with a roof made of wood.

The surroundings of the Pavillion are perfect for Eurovision. Sala Tejo is a small concert place included on it and in front of it you will find the FIL - International Fair of Lisbon - with a big press center on it. 

Also in the area, there's a shopping centre called Vasco da Gama, lots of Hotels, a Casino, bars and clubs. And the best, is that everything is just 3 stations far from the airport. 

The Euroclub must be decided later but for those who knows the Lisbon night, the Casino Lisboa or Lux frágil (a few Km far from the venue) are probably the best options. 

Salvador arrived in Lisbon

Posted by eurovision on top on May 14, 2017 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Lisbon, Humberto Delgados airport - a big crowd of people waiting for Salvador. More and more people got concentrated at the airport and no one knews where and how Salvador was going to arrived. Running from one side to the other of the airport, finally everybody understood the place where they can see the winner of Eurovision.

With him, not only the victory arrived but also a dream that the portuguese audience has been losing through the years.

During the big expectation, while waiting, the crowd sang the National Anthem and of course, Amar pelos dois.

Not only eurofans where among the crowd also the winners of Festival da Canção Suzy and Liana (didn't went to Eurovision) where there.

The noise was big, the expectation growing and Salvador finally got down the stairs. He was claimed has a national hero, something he refuse! People compared what was happening with the welcome of Simone in 1969! A star has born and Portugal recovers her relation with Eurovision!

Check our facebook page to see pictures and videos of it.