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I still can't believe that I am following Loic's footsteps

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 21, 2017 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (7)

Belgium is one of the surprises of the last years, what ever changed it did make a difference at the participations and the results. The small country turned again into a big participant fighting for a victory in the next years, if the continue the way they started to walk on.

This year once again a former The Voice participant is going to Eurovision. Blanche is the name.

Read now why Blanche is excited about eurovision, where the name Blanche comes from and what the meaning is.

1. Why did you accept to participate to the Eurovision Song Contest?

I had never thought about it before, to be honest. We made the song without having the contest in mind specifically. The selection committee liked the end result and here we are. For me it has been a positive, unique and rewarding experience and I look forward to the rest of my Eurovision adventure.

2. Aren’t you scared of creating too much of an “Eurovision” image?

No, I was already involved in a few musical projects before being selected, and Eurovision will only help me to improve them.

3. Loic Nottet represented Belgium in 2015. Did you see his performance? Wat did you think about it? Does his experience inspire you?

I watched his performance a few days after the contest ended, and it was really impressive, both technically and artistically. The success he had afterwards is of course due to his talent but it also proves that Eurovision can be a very positive and constructive experience for an artist. I still can’t believe that I am following in his footsteps...

4. Did “The Voice Belgique” help you to prepare an international competition?

Yes, because I learned to sing and perform live on stage on television, while taking part in that show. All of a sudden I became a person in the public eye, and my coaches, Cats on Trees, have really helped me grow as an artist.

5. How do you feel now that you are representing Belgium?

It’s really crazy, I’ll be to representing an entire nation. I am sure it will be fun to meet the other participants as well. It’s like an international summit, but an artistic rather than a political one.

6. 204 millions of viewers will watch The Eurovision Song Contest. Does that number scares you?

The fact that so many people from different cultures and walks of life are going to watch me perform from their living room is quite strange ... but also exciting.

7. Why did you chose Blanche as your stage name?

Blanche is my third given name. My career is taking off and the idea of starting from a blank page (une page blanche in French) that still has to be written, really suits me. I sing in English but I wanted to keep a Fench touch to it all, because I like our beautiful language. I have never sung in French but with my new stage name, I will always have something French about me. Furthermore, I like the sound and look of the name Blanche. I really like my first name, but I wanted something new and unique. There quite a few great singers who go by the name Ellie already. I didn’t want to change my personality, I just wanted a name that’s in line with my projects and my artistic approach. I’m not alone in supporting this new venture, and my new stage name is a way of showing that. For the public, I’m Blanche but for the team that I am working with, Blanche has a collective feel to it.

8. You’re now finishing the song with Pierre Dumoulin, front man of the band Roscoe. How was it to meet him and how is the collaboration going?

Pierre is the one who heard me sing during my participation in The Voice Belgique. He approached me via the band Cats on Trees, who were my coaches, and through his record company [PIAS]. He told me my voice inspired him and he really wanted to write music for me. We spent a bit of time in the studio together, and he impressed me with his musical talent. Everything went well and we decided to carry on together, because we really clicked.

We wish the best of look to Blanche and hope eurovision will help her to get more colours on her white musical work career site.

Eurovision on top will follow Blanche and let you know what the participation will bring to her.

Pedro de Almeida

Five things about Laura Tesoro

Posted by eurovision on top on April 26, 2016 at 3:45 PM Comments comments (0)


The yet teenager Laura Tesoro will wave the flag of Belgium in Stockholm! Let's get to know her better.

1. She is known for portraying Charlotte on the Flemish soap opera Familie.

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2. Laura placed second on season three of The Voice van Vlaanderen. In the end, she sang with the ESC band Clouseau.

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3. She is one of youngest participants of this year’s competition.

4. Her debut single is "Outta Here”, which peaked at number 23 on the Flemish singles chart.

5. In the first show, of Eurovision 2016, she covered the song "Düm Tek Tek" by Hadise, which represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009.

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Laura Tesoro: Just be yourself and stop worrying about the rest

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on April 14, 2016 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (0)

She was one of the early selections, but is that fact feeling like "pressure" or is at even an advantage maybe!? Eurovision on top is very happy and proud to see that Laura took some time out of her busy schedule to answer us this and also other questions.

Belgium restarted a kind of come back in the eurovision competition. Some successful years with the best result for a long time in 2015 in Vienna and Loic. So for sure there is a kind of "pressure" for Laura to continue to walk on this way Belgium started to build.

Watch now! The special greeting video from Laura to you!

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1. Laura Tesoro - would you like to introduce yourself? Who is Laura?


I’m 19 years old and I will be representing Belgium at the Eurovision song contest. I have been singing for a long time so it’s a eat opportunity. I also love to dance and I’m a very positive and energetic person.

Wim Van de Genachte (VRT)


2. How did you had the idea to participate at the national final for the Eurovision?


I was asked to participate in our Belgian preselections, like the other candidates. They were looking for young talent, so it was a great chance and such an honour that they thought of me.



3. Which link do you have to eurovision?


I like watching the Eurovision, but since I am still young I haven’t been following it for a very long time yet.



4. What is the story behind your song?


My song What’s the pressure is an uptempo, funky pop song. The message is that you need to stop and ask yourself “what’s the pressure?” People worry too much about what others think of them. Just be yourself, and stop worrying about the rest. Everything will be fine!

Wim Van de Genachte (VRT)

5. How was your experience as artist in the past and how do you think yould that help you at eurovision?


I have been raised with music, because my parents are both musical artists. When I was 11 years old, I starred in the musical Annie, and I have participated in the singing competition The Voice and came in second place. I also sing with my own band regularly. I think those experiences will definitely help me at Eurovision: I am used to being on stage, and I have gotten such great advice from different people throughout my experiences.



6. How was your experience at The Voice?


It was great: when I was on stage there, I realized fully that I wanted to be a singer. I had a great coach who taught me a lot.



7. Other former the Voice participants of Belgium made good results at Eurovision. What do you think is the reason for that?


I can of course only speak for myself, but you get good coaching in The Voice and you get used to being on a stage. You learn how to perform and know that you have to give your all on stage.

 Wim Van de Genachte (VRT)

8. What are your plans after eurovision?


I definitely want to keep singing. But I don’t have any concrete plans yet, I am focusing on Stockholm first and after that I will think about the rest.



9. What was so far your biggest success or most beautiful moment at your musical work?


That’s difficult. I have so many great moments: coming second in The Voice, being able to represent my country in Stockholm, performing with my own band…



10. Any details and ideas for your performance on stage?


I am working on it very hard, and I can already tell you that my performance will be full of energy. There will be dancers with me on stage. But to see the whole picture, you will have to wait a bit longer until Stockholm ;)

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11. How will you prepare yourself for the eurovision song contest?


I am following more singing lessons, so that I become even better and so that everything is perfect on stage. Of course we are training hard for the act as well. In Stockholm, I will have a team around me that I know well already, so it’s great that they can be with me in those exciting moments there.


Wim Van de Genachte (VRT)


12. With which former eurovision artist would you like to sing an duet?


Maybe Hadise – I sang her Eurovision entry in our Belgian preselections and she was in the jury there. It was a great experience to meet her.

We really thank Laura for her time and this interview. We wish her all the best for her participation at Stockholm and as usual you will keep updated through our website and see what Laura will be able to achieve at Eurovision.

Pedro de Almeida

10 Essential Albums for March

Posted by eurovision on top on March 11, 2016 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (0)

One month again we select for you 10 great albums to cheer up your Eurovision Hit List.

The next two months are not going to be very active for edition of new material from Eurovision artists due to the higher season of the year.

Two great comebacks from Spain and the Netherlands by the hand of Remedios Amaya and Anouk.

Anouk, after the greatest hits from a couple of months ago releases now Queen for a Day and it is expectec to be number 1 in the Dutch charts, to be released today. Remedios Amaya comeback after a long silence with a new album containing the ESC classic "A quien maneja mi barca".

The first newcomer to release an album is Francesca Michielin from Italy. In fact, the album di20are is not new but just a revamped edition after San Remo. The ESC song is not decided yet but if it's not the runner up of San Remo might certainly be in this album.

Barbara Dex, decided to exclude the word SEX from the title of her latest album Dex, Drugs & Rock'N Roll and even she will not replace sex, this album can be very sexy as EOT already show you some tracks (go to #EOT Recommends - video section).

Closeau never stopped recording videos or doing their gigs. Now they released Dans which is already number 1 in Belgium (Flanders part).

Marco Mengoni is trying to aproach the spanish market, not only the european country but the big latin america market that includes more than 300 million people.

Softengine released an EP titled From Earth, From Ashes, From Dust , a big name for only 5 tracks; thow of them are first two singles from it.

From Poland, Justyna Steczkowska presents her new project which we told you about last week: Maria Magdalena.

And finally, two greatest hits. The edition of 4 CDs containing 80 tracks with the Hits of Katri Helena  and the best of Ted Gardestad.

Recommended albums of previous months can be found here:

Tom Dice is right between your eyes

Posted by eurovision on top on February 23, 2016 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Right between the eyes is the title of the new single of Tom Dice. The single will be the advance of his new album and it is available in itunes and in all streaming platforms.

Click here for a snippet:

Tom Dice was number 1 for three times in our chart and he is one of the artists with more popularity on it.