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Ola Melzig: This year is treacherous

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 18, 2018 at 5:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Ola Melzig arrived from Sweden to Lisbon, 9 months ago to work in Eurovision as director of technical production. 

In a interview to the portuguese media Diario de Noticias he left very good impressions about the work of the portuguese staff in a country he didn't know very well, since he brought with him an espresso machine: "It was before knowing the great nation of coffee that Portugal is".

About the portuguese people he says: Maybe they are not the best people to show up at a meeting time (laughs).They are very friendly and open, generous. When we started, Carla Bugalho (Portuguese head of delegation) said: "We are Atlantic, not Mediterranean. They will see that there is a difference." And there is. The delivery of work is very accurate. We received exactly what we asked for. They are very proud of the country. In love. If they like, they involve 110%.

Ola predicted the winner last year and about this time he says: "This year is treacherous. Israel stands out, the singer is very cool, has a lot of attitude, but if she does not perform at the same level, another ten may appear. It's too early to tell. Overall, there are very good songs."

source: DN

Sweden selected Dance you off for Lisbon

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on March 10, 2018 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The so called motherland of the new eurovision Sweden selected in the traditional Melodiefestival the song for Lisbon.

As always in several shows the audience selected the finalists. In a also like always good show the audience voted once again for the ONE song going to Lisbon.

Sweden is looking forward to make a new record of victories at eurovision and beat Ireland, who till now is the record holder.

In the last years the swedish eurovision specialists where also the once behind the stages producing the show, like last year in Kiev.

This year Sweden selected Dane you off to try to get the next victory, this time in Lisbon.

ABBA GOLD: since 1992 in the Charts

Posted by Eurovision On Top on September 21, 2017 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (1)

1191 weeks in the Official Chart of United Kingdom, equivalent to more than 22 years, since 1992. 

The compilation album of ABBA is the best seller album ever of the swedish band with sales of 30 million, and it is one of the best selling albums worldwide!

Severall editions were made in different countries but in the UK the compilation is back to the TOP40! With so much popular songs the compilation includes all the greatest hits of ABBA and it is not a surprise that the winners of 1974 are back again in the charts! Right now the album GOLD is in the charts of 5 european countries but it's common to see it enter and leaving the charts a lot of times!

Since 1992, it was ranked in high positions in the charts all over the world as you can see below (peak positions) :

  • Australian Albums Chart -1
  • Austrian Albums Chart - 1
  • Belgium Albums Chart (Flanders) - 15
  • Belgium Albums Chart (Wallonia) - 16
  • Canadian Albums Chart -  4
  • Croatian Albums Chart - 7
  • Czech Albums Chart - 38
  • Danish Albums Chart - 10
  • Dutch Album Chart -  2
  • European Top 100 Albums -  1
  • Finnish Albums Chart -1
  • French Albums Chart -  1
  • German Albums Chart -  1
  • Hungarian Albums Chart - 10
  • Irish Albums Chart -1
  • Italian Albums Chart - 2
  • Japanese Albums Chart - 13
  • New Zealand Albums Chart -  3
  • Norwegian Albums Chart -1
  • Portuguese Albums Chart - 2
  • Spanish Albums Chart -3
  • Swedish Albums Chart - 1
  • Swiss Albums Chart - 1
  • UK Albums Chart -1
  • Uruguayan Albums Chart -  5
  • US Billboard 200 -36
  • US Top Pop Catalog Albums - 1

Theater debut for MARTIN STENMARCK

Posted by Eurovision On Top on July 31, 2017 at 2:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Laura Tesoro, Zoe, Paloma San Basilio or Anabela are just a few names that did Eurovision and that before or after it also had a career acting in Theater, films or musicals. The last one to try it is now MARTIN STENMARCK and the Premiere is already SOLD OUT!

After severall success, albums and a performance in Eurovision (Las Vegas) Martin steps now into the theater scene, together with the comedian Kristoffer Appelquist , he directed and wrote a script with Martin, and we are invited to an evening with a lot of music varied with the pain, longing and the joy of being grown up in an unusual large family.

The artist Martin Stenmarck has received questions about his big family throughout his career and has always been striving to find fun answers to how they are living with eleven siblings. But with a mother who was a true heroine and also slave under her impulses, Martin tells herself about what it is like to grow up like the ”Familjen Annorlunda” with constantly new addresses, constantly new dads and new little children. 

The performance "Syskekärlek - count with noise" is premiered at Maximteatern in Stockholm on October 5, and then headed out on a nationwide tour in the fall and winter.

When the tickets to the show were released a first single was released too. The song is called ”Ingen annan” and it is specially written for the performance of Martin himself together with Andreas Moe and David Björk. A contagious pop song with a scent of summer.

  • 5/10 Stockholm – Maxim Teatern Premiär!
  • 6/10 Stockholm – Maxim Teatern
  • 7/10 Stockholm – Maxim Teatern
  • 13/10 Göteborg – Kajskjul8
  • 14/10 Göteborg – Kajskjul8
  • 20/10Göteborg – Kajskjul8
  • 21/10 Göteborg – Kajskjul8
  • 28/10 Norrköping – Flygeln
  • 3/11 Malmö – Palladium
  • 08/11 Skövde – Stadsteatern
  • 10/11 Örebro – Konserthuset
  • 11/11 Gävle – Teatern

source: - free translation

Kikki Danielsson's song is a Summer Hit in Sweden

Posted by Eurovision On Top on July 9, 2017 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Kikki Danielsson went to Eurovision twice. In 1982 with Chips achieving the 8th place and in 1985 ranking 3rd with Bra Vibrationer.

After several hits, Kikki released JAG TRODDE ÄNGLARNA FANNS in 1999, in a duet with Ole Ivars. It became a success in Norway.

In May 2017, "I thought angels were"  got a new life in the new musical more modern, then Norwegian Kamferdrops on 12th May year released the song in Norway and Sweden.

The lyrics describe a love meeting , most likely between a Swedish and a Norwegian. One person suspects first that angels exist only in heaven , but when he meets his love, like this it feels like meeting an angel.

The new version by Kamferdrops is now at number 2 in Sweden and number 35 in Norway!

Listen both versions of the songs here:

Kikki -

Kamferdrops -