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Top 5 things about Saara Aalto and her new album (Finland)

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 27, 2018 at 5:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Finland has participated in Eurovision for 51 times; 44 in the final. No one will forget their victory with Lordi because, like Portugal, they never entered the Top 5 before.

Saara Aalto is the new hope and she finally got the ticket for Eurovision. Who's Saara?

1. She was known for the audience in the UK by being the 1st runner up at 2016 X Factor . Matt Terry won. 

2. Saara almost didn't get through to the X Factor live shows but she was picked by Nicole Scherzinger as a wildcard act.

3. She was also the 1st runner up at The Voice of Finland (2012), season one.

4. Saara has released a total of five albums between 2011 and 2015.

5. She took part in the national final of Finland for Eurovision in 2011. In 2016 she placed 2nd again.

Wild Wild Wonderland is the major label international debut studio album from the Finnish singer Saara Aalto, released under Warner Music. 

The album includes all her songs from this year's national final, the ESC song and her song that came second in 2016.

1 night - 5 songs (Finland, Estonia, San Marino, Iceland, Poland)

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on March 3, 2018 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

One more mega night in the high season of the eurovision season.

1 night and 5 decisions in national finals. And here is a short summary, so that you don't miss anything.


Finland was the first country selecting the song this night. Saara Alto was already selected and performed this night the three songs "Monster", "Domino" and "Queens".

The selected song was "Monster". The audience was happy and Saara is a real popstar in Finland. If the monster will be a good or bad thing in Lisbon will be seen in may.


Interesting sounds are coming from Estonia. Eleni will perform an italian song in a kind of opera style. Something special and new for eurovision. If it works? We will see.

San Marino

The smallest country this year invested in a complete new selection way. 1 of 360 gave everyone the chance to participate. At the end it wasn't the favorite winning. It was Jessika with the song "who we are". Maybe it helps to show "who we (San Marino) are" at the contest and repeat the ticket for the grand final.


In a good final and in a last minute victory Gromee ft. Lukas Meijer won the national final. The song is "light me up" and it would be a wish to finally light up on the scoreboard. Poland taking the competition serious for some years is waiting for a big success. Maybe this year the modern song will bring this moment.


Always good for a surprise and still waiting for a victory this year selected Ari with the song "our choice". The strong voice will try to get a lot of points and turn reality the first victory for the small island and the 300.000 island people.

Saara Aalto for Finland!

Posted by Eurovision On Top on November 7, 2017 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Saara Aalto will be the representative of Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 to be held in Lisbon on 08, 10 and 12 May.

The runner up of the British X Factor has been selected internally to represent Finland at the 63rd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The singer already has some experience in the Eurovision world after trying to represent her country in the Festival, participating in the Finnish preselection twice: in 2011 with the song "Blessed with love" obtaining the second position and in 2016, which despite being the great favorite of the contest, she obtained again the second position with the song "No fear":

Finland has participated in the Eurovision Festival since 1961 and has participated in total 45 times. This country won the festival for the first time in 2006 with "Hard Rock Hallelujah" from the Lordi group. Previously his best result had been a 6th place with "Tom tom tom" by Marion Rung in 1973. In the last edition held in Kiev this country was represented by Norma John and the song "Blackbird" getting the twelve position in the grand final.

Tomás Cano

Norma John: Music can help us through difficult times and things of our lives

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on May 1, 2017 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

The duo from Finland was the big surprise during the first rehearsals and is maybe not just a black bird, but also a potential back horse.

They present with their nothern coolness a cool song. Eurovision on top had the chance to speak to the duo and get some interesting facts about their participation.

1. How would you introduce Norman John?

Norma John is an indie band of two friends; Leena and Lasse. We write our own songs and do music because we love it and it’s our passion! We met each other 15 years ago when we were teenagers and started doing music together.

2. „Blackbird“ reminds the very successful dutch entree of 2013 in Malmö „Birds“. But what was the inspiration for your song?

The inspiration was life itself and it was a story that needed to be written. It came from our personal experiences. The bird part of our song is more symbolic :)

3. What have your musical career looked like in the last years?

We have been very busy with music these past years. We both have worked as a musician for a long time and we've been writing songs also to other artists. Lasse has been working also as a tv-studio musician and with other Scandinavian artists.

4. What do you think can eurovision bring to your musical career?

Eurovision is a great platform for new music and we really hope that people would listen to our music also after the competition. To be able to reach people and touch people with your own music, is really something we would hope to do in the future too.

5. What have you done in the night when Lordi won the contest for Finland?

Actually I (Lasse) had a gig somewhere in the middle of Finland that night. When we heard that Finland had won, we immediately played "Hard Rock Hallelujah"...hahah!!

6. What is your main objective for Eurovision this year?

Norma John is all about stories and we hope that people can connect to the song. Of course it would meen the world to us to get to the Eurovision final this year, with this story :)

7. What is the story and message behind your song?

The song is about loosing some-one. It is a song that almost everyone can relate to, because we´ve all been there! But we don’t think of it as just a sad song, it feels hopeful and empowering to us too. Music can help us through difficult times and things of our lives.

8. Europe is in a very special decade. What is your message to our readers and to europe? If the „blackbird“ shouldn’t sing, what birds should sing in europe actually?

Stay safe people, be kind to each other, spread the love, don't hate! And let all birds sing :D

We thank the band fo this interview and wish the best for Kiev.

Pedro de Almeida

#ESC2017 #EOT weekly report #3

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on January 29, 2017 at 4:05 AM Comments comments (1)


This year the season seemed to take a lot of time to start. But now, end of January the machines for the selection of songs started their engines and we are getting more and more representatives and songs.


This week we can present you more artist and more songs.


1. UK - when a danish winner works with a british talent

Less people spoke after the UK slection about the fact that since a long time UK is sending a former eurovision winner to the contest. Emmelie the Forrest is one of the song writers of the british entree this year.

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The singer is Lucie Jones an other former X factor singer in the eurovision contest. And as a welsh young lady maybe she can show to the world the power of this UK part, like the men did during the european soccer championship last summer.

Her song could be a kind of statement of the eurovision community about the UK entries of the last years. Maybe that was also the sign the executive supervisor of the EBU Ole Sand wanted to send to the audience, being part of the same on during the show.

2. Finland - sends a powerful dark balade

Norma John is the finish duo who will perform the finish song of 2017 - the start of the song rememebers a bit Anouk's song in 2013. The balade is dark and very lightful, powerful at the same time.

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3. Georgia - the land with the biggest surprises in the last years

Georgia had in the last years mybe the most diverse kind of performances. Is it a kind of brave competition spirit or maybe more representing the musical taste of this country?

"Keep the faith" - is the title of the song this year. Maybe a statement that this country keep's the faith to win some day this contest.

This year it is Tako Gachechiladze who will will powerful fight to make this happen.

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4. Belarus - Folk for europe

Belarus in the last years ended the scandals after national selections. This year they send a fresh, national, folk song.

NAVI is the name of the band and it could work very well in the neighbour country Ukraine with that tipical folk song.

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This are so far all new songs of the last days and weeks.

In the next week we will present "the artists without a song" - all representatives we missed to present to you, which till now are waiting for their songs to be announced.

Stay tuned.

Pedro de Almeida