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Fausto Leali: Non solo Leali

Posted by eurovision on top on June 17, 2017 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Seven years after the last album "Una piccola parte di te", the singer of Nuvolento returns to the stage with a new studio album "Non solo Leali".

Fausto Leali represented Italy with Anna Oxa in 1989.

It is a disc whose workings have seen Fausto Leali share the studio with some friends and colleagues for a series of duets on the notes of songs not necessarily drawn from his repertoire. the album was preceded by the single "A chi mi dice", duet with Mina on the Italian version of "Breathe easy" of Blue, with Tiziano Ferro text.

It's not an album that celebrates the career of Leali, "Non solo Leali" can be appreciated not only by his fans, but also by the Italian music fans.

Listen to it:

EOThe's ... a flavour of the press center atmosphere

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on May 6, 2017 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Arriving at the press center there have been a lot of statements and comments of press colleagues about the participants of this year. This are the things behind the stage and this are the things we are here for you to share it with you.

It’s time for „THE’s“ after the rehearsals, the EOThe’s

EOThe disappointment of the rehearsals is Belgium - the song was one of the favourites before the rehearsals, but actually everyone thinks that it will be difficult for Blanche to get a top 10

EOThe surprise - UK did a fantastic first rehearsal and every one was surprised and a lot of people speak about a top 10 for UK

EOThe black horse - Portugal actually is on top 2 at the bet websites and this even without Salvador being in Kiev yet and not having performed yet

EOThe craziest of the year - Macedonia’s Svlatko is definetly a very talented artist, but the performance on stage looks to heavy over performed and makes it kind of to crazy

EOThe anniversary of this year - its the 25th time of Ralph Siegel participating at the eurovision song contest and he his the spirit of the San Marino entree

EOThe clear favourite of this year - Italy made it better than Belgium and did not just meet the expectation, they also over fullfiled a good piece o top for the performance

EOThe turn around of this year - this time Germany will not be on the bottom of the score board, it’s what a lot of press colleagues say. A fresh and good performance

This are so far the actual "The's" out of the press center.

We will continue to keep you updated.

Pedro de Almeida

OGAE decides the winner?

Posted by eurovision on top on May 3, 2017 at 8:45 PM Comments comments (0)

According to the OGAE network, the official fan club, Italy will win Eurovision 2017.

These are the final results after the votings of all countries:

1 Italy 497

2 Belgium 335

3 Sweden 308

4 France 277

5 Estonia 242

6 Portugal 122

7 Bulgaria 120

8 F.Y.R. Macedonia 107

9 Israel 102

10 Finland 64

11 Denmark 43

12 Switzerland 41

13 Hungary 40

14 Australia 36

15 Azerbaijan 34

16 Norway 30

17 Romania 18

18 Montenegro 17

19 Belarus 15

20 Austria 14

21 Cyprus 13

22 Latvia 12

23 United Kingdom 12

24 Iceland 9

25 Armenia 7

26 Croatia 6

26 Greece 6

28 San Marino 5

29 Ireland 4

30 Georgia 4

31 Poland 4

32 Netherlands 3

33 Serbia 3

34 Czech Republic 2

35 Albania 0

36 Germany 0

37 Lithuania 0

38 Malta 0

39 Moldova 0

40 Russia 0

41 Slovenia 0

42 Spain 0

43 Ukraine 0

Artists that tried again!

Posted by eurovision on top on March 19, 2017 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest might be a dream for a lot of artists, specially newcomers that have nothing to lose.

This year, like every year, 12 artists tried to reach the eurovision stage once again...unfortnally they loose their try!

These are the artists/songs:




She went to Eurovision with the band Vanilla Ninja and the classic Cool Vibes (2005). With the band or alone, she tried Eesti Laul for 6 times.



She took part in ESC two years ago and found the spotlight together with Stig Rasta.




They loved so much Eurovision that they really want to try it again. This year, for the second time since 2015 when they placed 5th.




Al Bano is a classic and managed to represent Italy n 1976 and 1985 with her wife Romina Power. This time he was elliminated pretty soon in San Remo festival. 




Sasha Song didn't find his way to Eurovision again but the new sounds of the artist makes him one of the best in LIthuania. 





In 2014 he took part in the band Firelight and represented Malta. One year before he tried it alone and was the runner up. Better together than alone Richard!



From world music to pop, Marcin Mroziński was the act of Poland in 2010.



Going to Eurovision in 2005 made him wanted to visit Kiev again. He was the singer of the portuguese band 2B.

He achieved one of the best performances and positions for Romania in Eurovision with Tornerò, so he tried again last year and also this one! He won't surrender!

From Sweden, we had three former eurovision contenders, two of them were winners of the contest: Charlotte Perrelli and Loreen. Charlotte went to Eurovision twice and Loreen seems to be addicted to it. 


More and more, Eurovision is a platform to reach some success, and it seems that the National Finals also.

#ESC2017 #EOT weekly report #5

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 19, 2017 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (0)

It's a new week and now we already know 13 songs in total and 8 of them we are going to present to you in this weekly report.


As usual you just need to check out to have the updated you need to.



1. France - a surprise again


Alma is the name of the artist who will follow Amir as representative for France. And maybe she doesn't just have the same first letter "A", perhaps she also will have the realistic chance to turn into a fan favorite. The song is fresh and has some arabic influence. And always sounds interesting and at least since Turkey doesn't compete anymore at Eurovision it is something we don't hear so much at the contest.


But a song with this sounds coming from France maybe has a special meaning! "Celebrating diversity" a country with terrorist attacks shows at the contests how diversity also has a positive impact on the muical work.

2. Germany - going back to "perfect"!?

Levina won the national selection, being the chosen artist who at the end had two songs the audience could select from. And it was a small surprise that the song "Perfect life" was voted the most.

In the last years the life of the german participants at eurovision was everything but not perfect.

If Levina will be able to change this again and come back to the successful times of Germany will be seen in Kiev.

3. Hungary - the most special entree this year so far

Joci Papai "Origo" won the hungarian national selction of 2017. In the last year Hungary did a good development at Eurovision making a lot of top 10 rankings.

This year Hungary is sending a special song to the contest and we will see if they will be able to continue with the success they had in the last years.

4. Italy - 12 points!?

San Remo was once again the contest choosing the italian singer and entree. And the winner accepted to go to Eurovision Francesco Gabann.

Eurovision 2017 already has the first fan favorite! The song is completly different to the songs we are used to coming from Italy, in the last years.

And maybe this is the biggest surprise and making so many fans like the song. "Occidentali's Karma"

5. Malta - the country will the big wish to win

Claudia Faniello is the winner of the national final and will travel to Kiev for the small sunny island.

Malta is maybe the country with the biggest wish to finally win the eurovision song contest adult version. With the recent victories at the junior version of the contest this wish may have been growing.

At the same time the country is not gettinh Breathless in fighting for it.Good luck for 2017 with a strong voice and song!

6. Poland - always the underdog

Without a big eurovision history of decades the always undersog Poland had some surprised in the last years.

This year Kasia Mos will try again to get the flashlights in the press center and on the red carpet doing an outstanding performance and getting a lot of points from the televote!

7. Spain - this year with the biggest drama so far

It looked everything so nice at the national final. An Eurocasting with an artist getting a white card for the national final and some internal selections. Some fays before the national final there started to come some rumors up, that one of the jury memebers would have a preference for one of the candidates. And since the final there is a big discussion about euroDRAMA, euroFRAUD and bringing the national selection also into national parliament and to court.

Sad for the national spanish music. Actually the selected artist who got 3rd at the televote is Manel Navarro.

8. Switzerland - Apollo...13!?

Timbelle is the winner of the national final this year. The group will perform the song Apollo... if it will be a performance like Apollo 13 or if they will do like some artist the last years who got better and flashed the audience will be seen in Kiev.

Actually the song is not bad but there are maybe still some adjustments needed.

Some more national selections are running. And also two more artist were selected from Israel and Croatia. More about that in the next week.

Don't miss the weekly update. Stay updated!

Pedro de Almeida