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Pink wrote Recovering for Celine Dion

Posted by eurovision on top on September 25, 2016 at 1:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Pink wrote a song for Celine Dion, 'Recovering' is the title of the song, and it is a tribute to René Angélil - husband of Celine Dion who died recently.

'Recovering' is not taking part in the latest album of Celine Dion, "Encore un Soir", since it is entirely in french language.

The American artist had previously mentioned that she was composing a song for the Canadian artists but hwithout details. "It is simply amazing and write a song for Celine Dion is one of the greatest honors of my life," said Pink,  in Ellen DeGeneres show where the song was presented. 

Remember that Encore une Soir is the actual best selling album from an Eurovision Artists as you can check here:

Listen Recovering here:

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Celine Dion is number 1 in France

Posted by eurovision on top on May 29, 2016 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

With a bag full of memories, Celine Dion introduces her new original song Encore un soir.

The new single entered the singles chart in France straight to number 1!

Composed by Jean-Jacques Goldman it is a tribute to her husband who died in January.

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Rykka: Being part of Eurovision is already such a special adventure

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on May 4, 2016 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (0)


It is again a canadian singer participating for Switzerland. The last time it turned into a worldwode career. If Rykka this year will repeat history isn't sure at all, but it is sure that she will do her best at eurovision.

Eurovision on top had the chance to interview Rykka and speak with her about her targets, objectives and the meaning of this participation.

Watch the special greeting Rykka sends to all of you:

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1. Rykka - would you like to present yourself to our readers? Who was Rykka he last summer and who is Rykka actually?

I started singing with my brother and sister when I was very young. Our mother taught us how to sing. When I was 16, I started to write songs. Since then I’ve changed my music style a few times, and even my artist name from my real name, Christina Maria, to Rykka. I’m very ambitious and I see change as an important part of life. And this year I got the amazing opportunity to represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. Being part of Eurovision is such a special adventure, I’m meeting so many new amazing people!



2. Which link did you have to Eurovision before?


Because I grew up in Canada I’ve only been following the ESC for a few years now. I find it so amazing that so many people grew up with it and have such a special connection to the ESC.



3. How did you decide to participate at the national final?


I had just spent all year working on my new record, and I thought it would be an amazing adventure. I was right, it worked! I have a lot of new music that is all ready to go.



4. What is the story behind your song?


The message of The Last Of Our Kind is to always stand up for love above all. Stand up for yourself and for people and other beings who can’t stand up for themselves. Standing up for love also sometimes means to go against your own ego and really search to find the truth.



5. For sure you get this comment a lot of times. So the last time a Canadian singer participated for Switzerland afterwards there was a victory and a worldwide career. What would be your reasons to make history repeat in 2016?


Being part of Eurovision is already such a special adventure, I’m meeting so many new amazing people! Of course it would be absolutely amazing to win it and it would also come with a huge responsibility. One that I am capable of accepting and thriving in. I’m absolutely up for it and imagine it all the time, I’m big into visualisation. I also find it surreal to be compared to a legend like Celine Dion! It’s an absolute honour.



6. What was so far (besides winning the national final) your musical highlight of your career?


In 2013, I won Peak Performance Project, a Canadian project to help artists to launch their careers. This was a huge and amazing prize. It changed my career because it was a substantial amount of money that I could use toward writing and recording this new album. I’m so excited to release it!





7. What do you think Rykka has what no other artist has?


I don’t think there is a formula to win ESC. I think there is a place for everyone, and that maybe some things work better at a certain time than others. That doesn’t mean that something is better or worse for eternity, just maybe at that particular second in time.



8. Which targets do you have till, during and most important after Eurovision?


At the moment I’m working hard to extra-strengthen the basis of my voice. Going back to what I learned when I first started singing professionally and really making everything strong from the ground up. I’m also visualising a lot, as I do, to prepare mentally.

I wish for myself to really embrace to experience. I really want to live in the moment and love the craziness. I also want to focus on the amazing people that I meet along the way and hold those who support me close.

After ESC I’ll release my brand new record and tour with my band.

Besides winning Eurovision, my biggest dream is to keep creating art that I love.

We thank a lot Rykka for her time and the nice interview. We wish her all the best for the participation at the contest and for sure we follow her and you will find new song on our website.

Pedro de Almeida


5 things about Rykka

Posted by eurovision on top on April 12, 2016 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)


If you read the following things about Rykka we are sure you will be surprised! Find more about her:

1. Her real name is Christina Maria Rieder.

2. She is a Canadian-Swiss singer and songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia.

3. In 2009, she moved to Toronto to record her third independent album Straight Line under the performing name “Christina Maria”.

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4. Kodiak was Rykka's 2012 album when she formally changed her stage name from Christina Maria.

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5. Kodiak was nominated for Best Spiritual Album of the Year (Western Canadian Music Awards - 2014) and Map Inside won The Best of BC (Shore 104 Radio Station - 2013)

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Michael Von Der Heide - his tribute to Paola

Posted by eurovision on top on April 12, 2016 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Michael Von Der Heide was only 9 years old in the evening of April when Paola went on stage to perform Cinema in Eurovision 1980. Michael fell in love with her and now 36 years old later it's his time to pay a tribute to the woman that influenced his life.

The single "Paola et moi", it is the fine musical appetizer for the new album "Paola".

A whole album with 17 songs as a tribute to his first really big musical love - to Paola From initially sided admiration long grown a mutual respect borne, professional friendship between Paola and Michael von der Heide. "Previously, Michael von der Heide a fan of mine. Today I'm a fan of him, "says Paola Felix. "I look forward to the Première-presentation of his stage show" Paola "on May 4, 2016 Hechtplatz Theatre in Zurich!"

Paola del Medico represented Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 1969 with the song "Bonjour, Bonjour", finishing in fifth place.


In 1980, she represented Switzerland for a second time in the Eurovision Song Contest with "Cinéma", where she finished in fourth place.

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Recall both artists in Eurovision:

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