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10 Great albums for November

Posted by eurovision on top on November 12, 2016 at 5:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Following our monthly tradition we offer you 10 albums. Some are highly recommended but some others, well... you better try and make your personal opinion.

1. Berlin by Jimmy Martin

Jimmy Martin presents his Best Of. Under the title of Berlin, get to know all the stories behind this great compilation in the interview he gave to us: http//

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2. Armat by Sirusho

This is the album in which Sirusho is still trying to make connections with their ancestrals. Full of ethnic sounds it is an album to keep fot he future as a reference in armenian music.

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3. For you I'll wait by Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson continues her country travel inside of the american culture. She is probably the most american ESC singer and with yesterday election results we wonder how she will feel as a european citizen.

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4. Together by Michael Ball and Alfie Boe

Michael Ball & Alfie Boe join forces for their album of Broadway Classics: 'Together'. It will be for sure a classic and a future best seller.

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5. Bonnie & Clyde by Noid

The album Bonnie & Clyde A Dalsi Muzikalove hity is a collection of the songs from the musical with the same title. Special collaboration of Lucie Bílá.

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6. Fake it till we die by Anouk

Anouk is having a great year and a with non stop rythm just released one more album this year. Peaked number 5 in the charts of the Netherlands and her success is guaranteed.

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7. I've come a long way by Tom Dice

Far from the spots he had in Eurovision, Tom Dice is trying to fix is place in the music scene of Belgium and abroad. Maybe due to some failures in the promotion this brilliant album deserves more interest among the public in general. But it's not over yet!

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8. Just... Fabulous Rock'n'Roll by Cliff Richard

It is not Xmas without Sir Cliff, right? Here he is, this time with the classics from the Rock'n'Roll era! Rock on!

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9. 40 Slaviku by Karel Gott

Not very popular among the ESC fans, Karel has his faithfull audience in his country and this collection of Hits is one more along with the others he normally has in the charts! Containing his hit ssince 1963, it is a must have!

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10. Echoes by Sofia Vitória

Far from 2004, the portuguese singer grows as an artist and sings the famous Fernando Pessoa, for the very first time in english language, which is good if you are not a fan of books. As a music album and despite the arrangements are great, it can be a bit annoying to your ears if you don't like these melodies that might sound all the same after the third track.

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Sara Tavares: Coisas bunitas

Posted by eurovision on top on October 17, 2016 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)

With no specific day, the new album of Sara Tavares will come soon after a long break of seven years due to health issues.

As she's been showing in their latest two albums, the little "Chamar a Música" girl is now a woman and finally she found the roots she was looking for. We are talking about her African influences specially from her Cabo Verde.

Singing in Creole portuguese from Cabo Verde, Sara's first single from the upcoming album is Coisa Bunitas: Beautiful Things! It will be available from the 18th of October!

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8th Eurovision Live Concert Portugal

Posted by eurovision on top on August 2, 2016 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

UPDATE (Sptember 3rd)

Zoe and Filipa Sousa dropped out from the list of artists to attend this event due to professional issues. As an alternative, Carla Ribeiro, Gerson Santos and Rui Andrade will join the list as they were portuguese national final contenders.

But the last surprise came by Andrius Pojavis that will attend this event following the special  invitation of Eurovision On Top!

Eurovision Live Concert is back to the city of Setubal to the same place where it started 8 years ago - The open air Auditorium José Afonso - to celebrate Summer and Eurovision. It will happen on the 10th of September!

Names like Marie Myriam, Katrina and the Waves, Anne Marie David or Sandra Kim took hundreds of fans to this city which is located 50 km far from the capital, Lisbon.

This year the guests will be:

  • Zoe
  • Barei
  • Michal Szpak
  • Thomas Thordarson
  • Compact Disco
  • Maya Sar
  • Filipa Azevedo
  • Filipa Baptista

[email protected], the organization, promised a tour to Troia, a Welcome and a After Party.

Book your ticket and accomodation here:

Find more about the city of Setubal here:

Dulce Pontes and Carlos do Carmo sings Pessoa

Posted by eurovision on top on June 19, 2016 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Portuguese artists from Eurovision Carlos do Carmo and Dulce Pontes, are taking part in the new project of the film maker and musician André Luiz Oliveira (Brasil).

Baú Mensagem is the name of the project released by Warner Music as a tribute to the 80th anniversary of the portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa.The project consists of 3 records, 2 DVDs, a new edition of the Book "A Mensagem" and a photo booklet in a little wood chest which means the place where Fernando Pessoa kept his writings during his life.

In total, 33 artists from Portugal and Brazil in this tribute to Pessoa, from Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil to António Zambujo or Daniela Mercury.

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Beside the stage - Hard Rock Café meets Eurovision

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on May 11, 2016 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Eurovision is not just the three shows you see. Eurovision is also about bringing music and people together. This time it was a jam in the Hard Rock Café of Stockholm.

A nice idea to bring music and music together. The jam worked very well. It opened about 4:30 pm and started officially at 5 pm with Suzy. A very special performance as Portugal is not participating this year and also because Suzy was very loved at Eurovision but also very criticized in 2014 in her own country and by other artists of the national final. That's what music is about.

To bring people and style together: in music there are no borders, there should be negative things. And also Suzy is a nice example how it can go in the music and specially at Eurovision. The audience decide if they like and if they forget you. And that's also what Eurovision on top is about - keeping the musicians and their work in mind.

Pedro de Almeida