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Breaking down the TABOO of speking about mental health

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on March 25, 2018 at 7:25 AM Comments comments (2)

Taboo is the song of Christabelle and Malta of this year. We had the chance to speak to Christabelle about Eurovision 2018. Read now what she has to say about Salvador, Lisbon, Portugal and the Eurovision.

Christabelle, when you think about Portugal, what is the first thing having in mind?

Well, now that I’ve been, the first thing that comes to mind is the farm I was on at Alter do

Chão. I fell in love with the place and can’t wait to visit and see all the beautiful horses again.

But, I also get butterflies when I remember that I’ll be performing on the Eurovision stage in

Portugal. I don’t think I could be more excited!

Have you ever been to Lisbon and what did you like the most? Or what are you the

most excited about Lisbon, if it is your first time?

I was in Lisbon for a few hours a couple of weeks ago but I’m afraid I didn’t get to see much

so I’m very excited to be back and explore the city a bit better. I recently couldn’t sleep and I

decided to do some research on the city, so now I have a list of all the places I want to visit

(the architecture is wonderful!) and the foods I want to try…

What was your reaction about the victory of Salvador last year?

Sometimes, it can be hard to connect with a song when you don’t understand the lyrics, but

‘Amar pelos dois’ blew me away immediately. Salvador’s voice is so soothing and the song

just instantly reminds you of romance! Definitely a well-deserved win.

You already participated at the national final. Now you got the ticket. Why did you

return this year?

Yes, I only started taking part in 2014. That year there were 2 national finals, and I placed 2nd

with the song Rush during my second try. The last time was in 2016 and I then decided to

take a break for a year and focus on some other parts of my musical career. I missed this

particular stage, however, and thought that I would try my hand at it once again and bring in

all the things I had experienced and learnt as an artist over the previous year to create

something that was different – at least for me.

What is the inspiration behind your song Taboo?

It’s a very personal song for me as it talks about breaking down the taboos that we have when

it comes to mental health. I’ve experienced it at first hand and I know that it can be really

difficult to simply find someone to tell that you are not feeling well emotionally and

mentally. With that in mind, I approached the other three songwriters (Johnny Sanchez,

Thomas G:son and Muxu) and, together, we wrote ‘Taboo’. But the song was always meant

to be a visual one, which is why I enlisted the help of artistic director Steven Levi Vella to

bring the song to life on stage. He is now also helping me work on the performance for


What do you expect from Eurovision for your musical career?

Performing in front of so many millions of people on the stage of a contest with such a

history and prestige is incredible. No matter what happens after the performance, making it to

the Eurovision will always be a highlight. Having said that, I also need to keep in mind that

this is not about me but about my country, Malta, and its people, who have entrusted me to

represent them. All I wish for, at this point, is that I will make Malta proud, Europe sing

along, and the theme of ‘Taboo’ out there.

What does the theme “All aboard” means to you?

No matter where we come from, what language we speak, what kind of clothes we wear, or

what God we pray to, music can unite us. For that reason, I think ‘All Aboard’ is actually a

fantastic slogan for a contest that has united Europe – and, now, even places well outside of

Europe, like Australia – for more than six decades. In other words, to me ‘All Aboard’ means

inclusion and solidarity; something that, when practiced, makes the whole world a kinder

place to live in.

Eurovision this year will be without big LED walls, what do you think about that fact?

The first time I heard about it, I was actually quite worried. But then I realised that this

opened the door for us to be even more creative with how we set the scene for our

performance. In a way, this will put the focus back on us, the contestants, and that’s

something that we will have to use to our advantage!

The inspiration for the theme of this year was the ocean. Which meaning does it has for


While Portugal has connected Europe to the New World for centuries, Malta has connected

Europe to Africa and the Middle East for centuries, too, so the theme is also very close to

Malta’s experience of history and our identity as a people. The ocean – or the sea – has not

only allowed us to discover new lands but to share goods, ideas and traditions, and I think

that’s definitely worth celebrating!

Malta never won the Eurovision Song Contest. What would you do, if you would be the

one to bring the first victory to Malta?

I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like! Malta has done well on several occasions

but, as you’ve mentioned, it’s never won, so I’m pretty sure this would be a big deal. But, my

mindset until I get to perform in Portugal is to work hard to be able to give my best

performance possible and to stay grounded… But it’s a very exciting prospect so, yes, all

fingers and toes crossed, of course! 

We thank for this nice interview and wish all the best to Christabelle and hope that her wishes and dreams come true. And not miss a Nata in Lisbon ;)

Pedro de Almeida

No Taboo for Malta in Lisbon

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 4, 2018 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Malta is the 5th song of the contest of this year. Last night the national broadcaster hosted the national final. 

Christabelle won the the ticket to Lisbon with the song "Taboo" and a very dark and special performance. It will be very interesting to see how the saging and performance in Lisbon will look like.

Is is not her first time at the national final of Malta. She tried 4 times before and have once been very close, getting the second place.

But 2018 is the year of the known singer, song writer and TV host.

We will see how the song works in Lisbon. Yesterday she was in the lead after the international jury votes.

Eurovision on top will follow Christabelle and let you know all the updates and news.

Claudia Faniello "I'm still trying to fully absorb the fact that I'm actually going to Eurovision"

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on April 23, 2017 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

It took 11 times for the sister of Fabrizio Faniello to follow him to Eurovision. This year is her time.

Read now what she told us about her participation.

1. It took you 11 times to get the ticket to represent Malta at the eurovision. Where does the motivation came from to try it so often?

To be resilient is a way of life for me, music is my everything and the Eurovision stage was in my bucket list. Dream , work hard and achieve.

2. Who is the private person Claudia?

A very relaxed human being, peaceful, dreamer and a traveller.

3. How would you describe the development of your musical career and work through since 2006, the first time you tried to get the ticket to eurovision?

Little by little with perseverance it has been an ongoing growth both musically and personally.

5. What was the inspiration behind your song?


Real life experiences

6. What is the one thing you are looking for the most in Kiev?

To be on stage and sing Breathlessly.

7. Any musical projects and objectives for the time after eurovision?


My 2nd Album

8. And - now where you did it, could you imagine to return to participate to represent Malta


I have no idea, I'm still trying to fully absorb the fact that I'm actually going.


9. Europe is in a very special decade. What is your message to our readers and to europe? Why shouldn’t europe become „breathlessly“?


I believe they all should become breathless by beautiful experiences they go through life. May they be real and in touch with their emotions.

We wish the best of luck to Claudia.

Pedro de Almeida

5 things about Ira Losco

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 22, 2016 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)


Ira Losco is stepping the stage of Eurovision again! What did you miss on her career?

1. She competed for her country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 with "7th Wonder", finishing second.

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2. Losco started her career with a college band called Tiara.

3. In 2003, she was chosen to perform the song called "Reaching Higher" which was the official song of the Xth Games of the Small States of Europe Malta 2003.

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4. Losco has been involved in advertising in her country, including Guess, McDonald's Salad Plus, and Vodafone's Music Jam Campaign.

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5. Ira is a firm voice in support of LGBT Rights in Malta, and also supports the YMCA for homeless people.



Ira Losco: From Malta's JESC victory I'll copy innocence, fun factor, no expectation and being me all the time

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on January 31, 2016 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (1)


"7th wonder" was her song in 2002 and at the end it was the first Eurovision wonder for Malta making the 2nd place and fighting for the first victory of all times. Missing just 12 points at the end for the victory. 7th wonder x 2nd place = 14 years later return! That could be the mathematical reason for Ira’s return after 14 years to Eurovision this year. If this is the reason or not, if Ira this time is going just to win and what she my learn from Malta’s victories at the Junior edition of the eurovision song contest… this and even more points can be read now in the exclusive interview Eurovision on top was allowed to have with Ira Losco.


She turned into the leading female artist of the mediterranean island. She got more than 20 music awards in the last years and released 4 number 1 albums. But being famous didn’t change the social part of Ira Losco’s personality. She fights for the rights of animals, LGTB, cares about homeless, supports children and schools. It is no wonder that Ira is someone with a magnetic charisma.

1. Ira - Let us start with the most interesting question. Why did you decide to return to Eurovision in 2016?

Various factors. Ever since I represented Malta in Eurovision and got a 2nd placing I was asked several times to return . My answer was consistently ‘never say never’ After the release of 'THE FIRE’ three years ago, which was ‘pop’ in genre it received very good reviews in the international press and has retained it’s 10 position since it’s release in 2013. It also enjoyed a number 1 spot in the MALTA iTunes for  several weeks, which was very encouraging for me. In 2014 I was asked to co-host Malta’s selection for Eurovision with Gianluca where I really felt the warmth of the audience and that’s when I started to re-consider my participation in MESC. Last year I also reached out to my fans on my fanpage and also asked for their feedback with regards to my possible return to Eurovision. Loreen's win with a track like 'Euphoria' in my humble opinion made Eurovision even more relevant. Since my genre is pop music and my album is due for 2016 I felt this was the right time to return.

Photo by Reno Rapa


2. In 2002 you made the 2nd place. To make it this time better would mean a victory. Aren‘t you afraid about that, is it pressure or do you don‘t care?

I don't think it goes like that! (Laughs) It would be very pretentious of me to think that just because I placed 2nd back in 2002, it will be easy to now place 1st. The festival has changed considerably throughout these past few years. The fact that there are over 40 countries participating is enough change to make things harder. The level of song writing has improved tremendously and the artists sent to represent their countries are world class. Everyone has upped their game. I will do my best to give the performance of a lifetime, definitely not by pressuring myself with the thought of the result, because as we have seen many a time, anything is possible in those three minutes on stage.


3. How was your participation in 2002 and which highlight do you remember?

I remember it fondly. I was a young girl, full of ambition and drive to make it someway or another in the music industry. The Eurovision in my home territory opened many doors. I wrote my first album in 2003, which led to my first record deal with Sony/BMG, I then toured the GSA territory extensively and opened concerts for huge superstars including Elton John, Maroon 5, Akon, Bob Geldoff, Duran Duran, Enrique Iglesias , Katie Melua and many more . What followed were numerous collaborations with various international artists . The most recent being with X factor USA finalist David Correy in collaboration with Coca Cola for the World Cup anthem song . One of my singles ‘UH OH’ from my 2nd album was also partially used  in Kelly Clarkson’s  HIT song ‘Don’t waste your time’.

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4. What was the story behind your song „7th wonder“ in 2002?

Philip Vella and Gerard James Borg had approached me to sing 7th wonder after I had placed second with another song of theirs called "Spellbound" the year before. It won in Malta by a unanimous jury and public vote and got the first ever second place for Malta in Eurovision in 2002. 


5. From whom was the idea to blow glitter to the camera in 2002?

It was Gerard and Philip's idea. I'm not very good at these sort of gimmicks (laughs) I actually thought it was the cheesiest thing ever and yet it was one of the most memorable moments of that year's festival! 


6. What is the history behind your song for this year?

‘Chameleon’ is about one of human’s best attributes. Our species has survived so much throughout the years also managed to evolve because we are very capable of adapting . Sometimes we forget this and limit ourselves because accepting change can be scary at times . So I’m using the chameleon to bring across this symbolic attribute alongside being there for others, hope and feeling invincible.

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7. What are your targets and objectives for this year?

I'll be releasing the album hopefuly by end of this year. There's a lot of work surrounding this release, which is not new to us, but we have to do this amidst the Eurovision madness ;-) bring it on!! 


8. What you have been very close to, Malta did twice at the junior eurovision. What do you think can you copy from this two victories for your participation this year?

First of all I think it shows Malta can host a great show …hehehe. Whilst the junior Eurovision is of course much smaller a show in terms of presentations, contestants and tv viewership , If not mistaken EV is close to 200 million whilst junior is between 2 and 3 million if I’m not mistaken , I genuinely believe one simply has to believe in it. What I have learnt in the industry is that it’s not having a hit which is the hardest part, or impressing once but impressing twice and three times over and keeping you’re A game through out a career. This is the hard part . To some extent the higher you get the higher the expectations and more difficult it becomes . So I will definitely try and copy the innocence , the fun factor , the no expectation feeling and to allow myself to be me all the way . I have fond memories of Stockholm throughout my career so I’m looking forward to it.


Photo by Reno Rapa

9. Any details and ideas for your performance on stage?

Not yet but we are all wearing our creative hats at the moment ;-)


10. What would you say have been your musical highlights since 2002?

I am thankful to have had a couple of highlights . I would say performing many memorable concerts some of which were my own like the unplugged concert or the latest one I did , others were festivals such as the isle of mtv, the Germany ones some of which had audiences between 50-80k . Other highlights would be some award shows . releases and launches of my albums , dvd and book . Meeting new fans. The latest highlight of course being winning the Malta entry to Eurovision .


Eurovision on top thanks Ira Losco a lot for this interview and we are sure that also in the futur our readers will have a lot of songs they can vote for in our weekly charts, coming from this wonderful artist.


Don't miss in the meantime the chance to follow Ira Losco and all the updates about her work through her social media accounts:


Facebook IraLoscoFanPage

Twitter @IraLosco


Anyhow Eurovision on top will follow Ira’s way to Stockholm and will update you will everything you need to know.

Pedro de Almeida