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And Norway sends a former winner

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on March 10, 2018 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

At the same night like Sweden the other nordic country and the host of 2010 hosted the national final.

Norway sends Alexander Rybak to Lisbon and tries to get the next top ranking on the scoreboard.

The song will bring the norwegian flag to Eurovision in Portugal 2018.

So it's once again a former winner going to Eurovision. We will see how he will make it.

Alexander Rybak tributes Fred Astaire

Posted by Eurovision On Top on November 26, 2017 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (1)

In celebration of Fred Astaire Franchised Dance Studios‘ 70th Anniversary, Fred Astaire Dance Studio/Vienna, Austria will delight with an international music project in honour of the legendary dancer and his Austrian roots: PUTTIN’ ON THE RITZ - A TRIBUTE TO FRED ASTAIRE

Alexander Rybak is just one of the artist that tributes the Master of Dance. Taco, Right Said Fred and FreakPower are some of the other artists.

But Rybaks song his very apropriate for the upcoimg season since it is no more than Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

Visit the official webpage of the project here:

Kikki Danielsson's song is a Summer Hit in Sweden

Posted by Eurovision On Top on July 9, 2017 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Kikki Danielsson went to Eurovision twice. In 1982 with Chips achieving the 8th place and in 1985 ranking 3rd with Bra Vibrationer.

After several hits, Kikki released JAG TRODDE ÄNGLARNA FANNS in 1999, in a duet with Ole Ivars. It became a success in Norway.

In May 2017, "I thought angels were"  got a new life in the new musical more modern, then Norwegian Kamferdrops on 12th May year released the song in Norway and Sweden.

The lyrics describe a love meeting , most likely between a Swedish and a Norwegian. One person suspects first that angels exist only in heaven , but when he meets his love, like this it feels like meeting an angel.

The new version by Kamferdrops is now at number 2 in Sweden and number 35 in Norway!

Listen both versions of the songs here:

Kikki -

Kamferdrops -

Alexander Rybak: The tributes

Posted by Eurovision On Top on June 12, 2017 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Alexander Rybak is probably one of the most active Eurovision artists with a new release average of 3 months.

Looking my way is the new single but one month ago he did some tributes to the most recent winners of Eurovision: last year winner Jamala and this years Salvador song.

Rybak is also one of the most popular artists in our website by having several number ones, awards and the first edition of #EOT Summer Song last year.

New single: Rybak Celebrates 10 years as an Entertainer

Posted by Eurovision On Top on June 26, 2016 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Through the last 10 years, Alexander Rybak has entertained a large audience with his indisputable musical talent. To commemorate on the anniversary, he releases his new single and music video "I Came To Love You".

Several new songs will follow during the summer and into the autumn season. In addition to this, Alexander’s new show "Entertainer" premieres in Larvik, Norway on July 6th, including highlights from his extensive career, as well as several of his newly written songs.

His list of achievements is extensive and includes everything from Eurovision, acting in film and theater, writing a children’s book and the release of numerous recordings. Rybak has also received several prestigious awards, including the Hedda Award in 2007, Årets Spellemann ("This year's Grammy") in 2009 as well as several international awards.

The new single "I Came To Love You" is a positive pop song that fits well with the summer. New Rybak songs will be released on a regular basis, eventually forming a complete Spotify playlist named "Entertainer".



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