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The german songs of Zdravko Colic

Posted by eurovision on top on April 14, 2016 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (0)

In 1973, Zdravko Colic represented Yugoslavia in Eurovision with the song Gori Vatra.

Now it is public that one year later and just before the release of his first album, Ti i ja, the famous artist born in Sarajevo, signed a deal with the German arm of WEA record label and did two singles for that market.

German producers were of the opinion that his name was too difficult to pronounce for their consumers so they marketed him as Dravco. Soon, however, Čolić decided not to pursue his options in that country further mostly because he was unwilling to move to Germany.

Would he had the same succesfull career if was move to Germany?

Listen one of the songs in German which is a cover of Everything I own by Bread (1972), popularized by Boy George (1987):

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Recall Gori Vatra:

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Studio albums

  • Ti i ja (You And Me) (1975)
  • Ako priđeš bliže (If You Come Closer) (1977)
  • Zbog tebe (Because Of You) (1980)
  • Malo pojačaj radio (Turn Up The Radio A Bit) (1981)
  • Šta mi radiš (What Are You Doing To Me?) (1983)
  • Ti si mi u krvi (You Are In My Blood) (1984)
  • Rodi me, majko, sretnog (1987)
  • Da ti kažem šta mi je (To Tell You What I'm Going Through) (1990)
  • Kad bi moja bila (If You Were Mine) (1997)
  • Okano (2000)
  • Čarolija (Enchantment) (2003)
  • Zavičaj (Homeland) (2006)
  • Kad pogledaš me preko ramena (When you look at me over the shoulder) (2010)
  • Vatra i barut (Fire and gunpowder) (2013)

Five things you need to know about Dalal, Deen & Co.

Posted by eurovision on top on April 3, 2016 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Deen is back to Eurovision but not alone. Find more about the entry of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

1. The Bosnian song is performed by Bosnian singers Dalal Midhat-Talakić and Deen, featuring Croatian cellist Ana Rucner and Bosnian rapper Jala.

2. Deen represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 with the song "In the Disco", placing ninth.

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3. Deens real name is Fuad Backović and in 1997 became the lead singer of the Bosnian boy band Seven Up.

4. Deen has a degree in Fashion Business and lives in Milan.

5. Jala is the co-author of "Ljubav je” and is the founder member of hip-hop group BluntBylon and founder of the music studio Red Eye Vision



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#ESC2016 #EOT weekly report #13: Announce, vote, select and change

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 21, 2016 at 4:40 AM Comments comments (0)

This week there were less national finals, but that didn't mean that there were less interessting news about Eurovision 2016. As usual you get your update through our weekly report. Just read and check out what you need to know.

1. A trio for a lot points! - Bosnia & Herzegovina presented the song

2. Will it finally be this time? - Iceland's choice

3. Let's do it again! - Bulgaria sends a return

4. Perhaps we do it better!? - Malta and the new song choice 

1. A trio for a lot points! - Bosnia & Herzegovina presented the song

In december the artist for the entree of Bosnia & Herzegovina were announced. We had the chance to speak exclusive to one of the artists - Dalal - and speak about Eurovision 2016. Here you can read the interview 

This week the broadcaster presented the song of the three singers and the musician. It will be sang in mother tongue and will have a RAP part.

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2. Will it finally be this time? - Iceland's choice

Iceland still is the scandinavian country without a victory in the contest. After Finland's victory in 2006 the small island tries to make it too.

There were already some years were Iceland have been close to it. But also other years.

This year the artis will be Greta Salome and her performance looks like a mix out of Loreen and Mans. Perhaps it will help to make it this time.

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3. Let's do it again! - Bulgaria sends a return

An other of the countries wishing for and dreaming of a victory is Bulgaria. Since 2005 there have just been one top 10 ranking. In the other years there have been top 20 rankings. 

After two years missing the contest Bulgaria is returning to Stockholm and sending an experienced artist. Poli Genova participated in Dusseldorf 2011 and is the internal selection of the broadcaster.

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Eurovision on top will update you as soon as the song will be announced.


4. Perhaps we do it better!? - Malta and the new song choice

Usually there is at least one country chaning the selected song before the contest. Last year it was Albania, the years before Belarus.

But this year it was a surprise that Malta decided to think about the possibility to change the song!

Ira Losco already spoke to us in an exclusive interview, where she spoke about her experience and objectives. Read the interview here

Eurovision on top will update you what the result will be.

Keep updated and check out our weekly report next week, with a lot of new songs and selections.

Pedro de Almeida



Book and DVD by Regina

Posted by eurovision on top on January 5, 2016 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)


The members of the group Regina held a promotion of the book "Ljubav nije za nas" and a DVD edition with a birthday concert held in July this year in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina that have marked 25 years of their carreer.

Reginas current lineup was on the scene and joined bassist Boris Milijas, one of the founders of the group.

The monograph "Ljubav nije za nas" whose author is Aleksandar Čović follows a turbulent period of the group since its inception in 1990 until today. The book is illustrated with numerous photographs show, excerpts of newspaper articles about the band, and in the collection of materials has helped a lot and numerous fans of Regina.


Dalal: Deen is a friend for 20 years, but it is our first song together

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on December 22, 2015 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)


"In the disco" was the sound of Bosnia & Herzegovina in 2004. The sound of next years isn't known yet just the fact that Bosnia & Herzegovina will return and that the broadcaste already selected the three names, who will representing the country. Dalal Midhat Talakić, Fuad Backović-Deen and Ana Rucner are the three. Fuad Backović-Deen was the singer of the entree in 2004 and already has eurovision experiences. Ana Rucner is a known cellist.

Eurovision on top had the chance to speak to Dalal and get to know this talented singer and we are very proud to show you the special greetings Dalal send to all our readers.

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1. Dalal - would you like to present yourself to our readers? Who is the person Dalal?

I am a singer, songwriter and a proud mother of a 6-year old girl called May.

2. What is the story behind the nomination of you three?

We were internally selected by our country’s national broadcaster BHRT. While Deen and I were recording our albums we came across a great song which sounded like Eurovision. During the process of creating the song we came to the idea that we need amazing Ana Rucner to do live strings.



3. How did you get the information and what was your reaction?

I was very happy and proud. It is a great honour to be chosen to represent our country in the World’s greatest music contest.



4. You will sing together with Deen, who already has eurovision experience. What did he tell you and which recommendation did he give you?

Deen and I have been friends for 20 years, but this is our first song which will be recorded together. He is like a brother to me, and it means a lot to have someone who you love and trust in this project. His Eurovision experience is a great advantage for the whole team.



5. What were your musical highlights so far?

I was the singer and songwriter in group Erato for ten years and we had two albums, it was a great experience, but now I am working on my first solo album. As a solo artist I released two singles, “Gdje sam ja” in 2014 and “Bombon” in 2015.

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Apart from pop music, I love to sing soul, r’n’b, jazz and gospel. I was the part of the International day of Jazz concert in Sarajevo, invited performer of the British National Anthem on UK Armed Forces Day and Queens Birthday party.


I represented my country on the International Festivals - MELFEST in Macedonia and EuroVideo Grand Prix in Albania. I had the honour to perform at the welcoming concert for the visit of Pope Francis in Sarajevo where I sang famous hymn “Amazing Grace”.


6. Which link do or did you have to Eurovision?

I am a great fan of Eurovision and since my childhood I have been watching it every year with all members of my family.

7. What do you think can Eurovision bring to you as artist?

I am very grateful on the fact that people understand my music and enjoy my singing for 16 years. Eurovision is a great opportunity for singers and songwriters because people from all over the World can hear your music. Eurovision is the dream come true. And I hope for the best.

8. Do you already have any idea of the song you will sing and your performance?

The song is ready, but we are still working on details and shaping it.

9. What is your favorite of the bosnians entries of all times? And do you have any Eurovision evergreen you like?

Fazla – “Sva bol svijeta” because it was our first Eurovision entry, and Hari Mata Hari and “Lejla”. Toto Cutugno – Insieme.


10. Which targets do you have till, during and most important after Eurovision?

At the moment my first priority is our song and performance on Eurovision. I am recording my first solo album in studio Tempo, and my producer is Almir Ajanovic, the author and producer of our Eurovision song. We are also working on my first single in English.


11. You are one of the first announced artists. Do you think it is an advantage?

I believe in destiny, and some things are just meant to be. I think it is an advantage, especially because Bosnia and Herzegovina is back after three years.

12. What would you do, if you would win for the first time for Bosnia the song contest?

I would be overwhelmed with happiness and pride if Eurovision contest came to Sarajevo, capital of B&H, for it would create an atmosphere of optimism and enable lots of young people new chances to work for such a massive event and also the extraordinary opportunity to express their various talents. In addition it might attract many people to visit our country and see its breathtaking sights for the first time.

Thank you Dalal for the sweet XMAS Greeting and the interesting interview. Wishing all the best for the preparations for Eurovision.

Eurovision on top will follow Dalal and her colleagues on her way to and in Stockholm.

Stay tuned!

Pedro de Almeida