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Michael Ball prepares new albums

Posted by eurovision on top on June 21, 2017 at 4:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Alfie Boe and the british representative Michael Ball have signed a triple record deal with Decca Records following the success of their Christmas Number 1 album. But Michael Ball have also signed solo deals with the label.

The album will be release later this year "after a huge UK tour last year, the duo will reunite on the road for a further eight dates later this month, while a Winter 2017 jaunt has been confirmed to (so far) visit 10 arenas across the country in cities such as Cardiff, Brighton, Bournemouth, Aberdeen and London."

Together was Michael Ball's first number 1 for 24 years. The album finished the year as the best-selling LP released in 2016, and has sold over half a million to date.

source: official charts

Engelbert Humperdinck: 50

Posted by eurovision on top on June 16, 2017 at 5:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Engelbert might be one of the elder in Eurovision. He did it with 75 years old.

Now to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the hit single ‘Release Me’ he released the double album 50!

The Eurovision song is not included but you will find more reasons to buy this album.

The hugely successful singer Engelbert Humperdinck has sold over 140 million records worldwide over a 50 year career, with 11 UK Top 20 hits & 7 UK Top 5 hits between 1967 and 1975.

This best of collection features Engelbert Humperdinck’s biggest hits including ‘Release Me’, ‘Quando Quando Quando’, ‘The Last Waltz’ along with two brand new songs and an exclusive disco remix of ‘Release Me’.

#ESC2017 #EOT weekly report #3

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on January 29, 2017 at 4:05 AM Comments comments (1)


This year the season seemed to take a lot of time to start. But now, end of January the machines for the selection of songs started their engines and we are getting more and more representatives and songs.


This week we can present you more artist and more songs.


1. UK - when a danish winner works with a british talent

Less people spoke after the UK slection about the fact that since a long time UK is sending a former eurovision winner to the contest. Emmelie the Forrest is one of the song writers of the british entree this year.

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The singer is Lucie Jones an other former X factor singer in the eurovision contest. And as a welsh young lady maybe she can show to the world the power of this UK part, like the men did during the european soccer championship last summer.

Her song could be a kind of statement of the eurovision community about the UK entries of the last years. Maybe that was also the sign the executive supervisor of the EBU Ole Sand wanted to send to the audience, being part of the same on during the show.

2. Finland - sends a powerful dark balade

Norma John is the finish duo who will perform the finish song of 2017 - the start of the song rememebers a bit Anouk's song in 2013. The balade is dark and very lightful, powerful at the same time.

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3. Georgia - the land with the biggest surprises in the last years

Georgia had in the last years mybe the most diverse kind of performances. Is it a kind of brave competition spirit or maybe more representing the musical taste of this country?

"Keep the faith" - is the title of the song this year. Maybe a statement that this country keep's the faith to win some day this contest.

This year it is Tako Gachechiladze who will will powerful fight to make this happen.

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4. Belarus - Folk for europe

Belarus in the last years ended the scandals after national selections. This year they send a fresh, national, folk song.

NAVI is the name of the band and it could work very well in the neighbour country Ukraine with that tipical folk song.

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This are so far all new songs of the last days and weeks.

In the next week we will present "the artists without a song" - all representatives we missed to present to you, which till now are waiting for their songs to be announced.

Stay tuned.

Pedro de Almeida

10 Great albums for November

Posted by eurovision on top on November 12, 2016 at 5:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Following our monthly tradition we offer you 10 albums. Some are highly recommended but some others, well... you better try and make your personal opinion.

1. Berlin by Jimmy Martin

Jimmy Martin presents his Best Of. Under the title of Berlin, get to know all the stories behind this great compilation in the interview he gave to us: http//

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2. Armat by Sirusho

This is the album in which Sirusho is still trying to make connections with their ancestrals. Full of ethnic sounds it is an album to keep fot he future as a reference in armenian music.

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3. For you I'll wait by Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson continues her country travel inside of the american culture. She is probably the most american ESC singer and with yesterday election results we wonder how she will feel as a european citizen.

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4. Together by Michael Ball and Alfie Boe

Michael Ball & Alfie Boe join forces for their album of Broadway Classics: 'Together'. It will be for sure a classic and a future best seller.

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5. Bonnie & Clyde by Noid

The album Bonnie & Clyde A Dalsi Muzikalove hity is a collection of the songs from the musical with the same title. Special collaboration of Lucie Bílá.

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6. Fake it till we die by Anouk

Anouk is having a great year and a with non stop rythm just released one more album this year. Peaked number 5 in the charts of the Netherlands and her success is guaranteed.

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7. I've come a long way by Tom Dice

Far from the spots he had in Eurovision, Tom Dice is trying to fix is place in the music scene of Belgium and abroad. Maybe due to some failures in the promotion this brilliant album deserves more interest among the public in general. But it's not over yet!

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8. Just... Fabulous Rock'n'Roll by Cliff Richard

It is not Xmas without Sir Cliff, right? Here he is, this time with the classics from the Rock'n'Roll era! Rock on!

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9. 40 Slaviku by Karel Gott

Not very popular among the ESC fans, Karel has his faithfull audience in his country and this collection of Hits is one more along with the others he normally has in the charts! Containing his hit ssince 1963, it is a must have!

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10. Echoes by Sofia Vitória

Far from 2004, the portuguese singer grows as an artist and sings the famous Fernando Pessoa, for the very first time in english language, which is good if you are not a fan of books. As a music album and despite the arrangements are great, it can be a bit annoying to your ears if you don't like these melodies that might sound all the same after the third track.

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Together: Michael Ball and Alfie Boe

Posted by eurovision on top on October 22, 2016 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Michael Ball is well known in the Eurovision world by getting the second place. Michael started his musical theatre career in 1984, and made his West End debut as Marius in the original production of Les Misérables. He hit #2 in the UK Singles chart in 1989 with the song Love Changes Everything from the musical Aspects of Love and has released 19 solo albums, his latest being ‘If Everyone Was Listening’ in 2014.

His next album is titled 'Together' and will be released on November 4th. But he is not alone in this adventure since he will share this new album and tour with Alfie Boe.


Alfie Boe started his musical theatre career in 1999, he starred in Baz Luhrmann's revival of ‘La Bohème’ in 2002, and signed to Classic FM Presents in 2006, releasing his debut album,’Classic FM Presents Alfie Boe’. He later signed to EMI Classics and has released 10 solo albums, the latest being ‘Trust’ in 2014.


The tour will kick out from Cardiff, next 3th of November.


  1. Les Miserables Suite
  2. Somewhere
  3. Music Of The Night
  4. Anthem
  5. Speak Softly Love
  6. Tell Me It's Not True
  7. Incurably Romantic
  8. Stairway To Paradise
  9. Wonderful World / Over The Rainbow
  10. For Once In My Life
  11. A Thousand Years
  12. When You Wish Upon A Star
  13. You'll Never Walk Alone
  14. I'll Be Home For Christmas