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New ESC decade!? - strong middle europe, no scandinavia

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on May 13, 2016 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (0)

In Eurovision there are always different decades. And there has always been the discussion about neighbors giving points to each other.


Before 2000 the "new" countries of the former Yugoslavia and soviet union that they would have no chance to win and also more and more countries competed. So the EBU changed rules and concepts.

After 2000 a lot of new countries won the contest! And the “good old” countries became to be upset and to lose interest. Once again the EBU changes rules and concepts and came up with the semi final idea.

So after 2010 the “gold old” Eurovision countries with a long Eurovision tradition started again to win and to raise their interest in the contest. Norway, Sweden and Denmark won in that years 4 of 6 contests. Also Germany won again.

BUT maybe yesterday evening a new decade started – for the first time there is no Scandinavian country qualified for the grand final. Just Sweden as a host will be in the final.

Once again the EBU changed rules of voting, of setting the running order etc. And the result was yesterday scaring a lot of Sweden neighbors.

MAYBE a middle Europe decade has started? – after many years there is a strong middle Europe Eurovision presence. There is Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic.

We will see what after the contest will happen, which complains will reach the EBU and how the EBU will react to that.

The improvement of the concepts it’s important to make it interesting, up to date and keep the spirit alive. Maybe it feels like the most scaring decade missing the Scandinavian countries.

Or maybe it is the most fair one!? – Actually looking on the qualified songs it looks like that almost the best songs have been chosen. And some surprises are also part of this concept and the Eurovision thing.

On Saturday evening Europe and the world once again will know the winner and for sure discuss a lot the actual concept, the changes, the result and the winner.

Eurovision on top will be there and update you.


Pedro de Almeida


ManuElla: the song is about finding strength and happiness within ourselves

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on April 30, 2016 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Slovenia was one of the favorites last year and returnes with a nice song, not being one of the favorites but for sure a potential evergreen song.

Eurovision had the chance to interview the beautiful ManuElla and we spoke with her about her participation.

ManuElla sends special greetings to all our readers:

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1. ManuElla - would you like to present yourself to our readers? Who was ManuElla the last summer and who is ManuElla actually?

I grew up in a small Slovene town Laško, which is known by its good beer. Since I can remember, music was a big part of my life. I started singing when I was a little girl and I knew right away I always want to keep music close.

I've got a sister and a loving family who always supported me in my music. The person who gave me the most support and showed me the love for music was my father who sadly passed away last year. But it all made me even stronger and my passion for singing got even stronger.

Last year I lost my loving father, but now, I live my dreams and think of him a lot knowing, that he would be the most proud father on the world.

2. What is the story behind the way of writing your name like “ManuElla”?

My official name is Manuella. Because I really like my name, I was thinking about how to make it even more visible. Since many of my friends call me Mani or Ella, I merged these two names together in one word where E is capitalized.


3. You participated with 16 at a casting show. How was that experience?

This experience was unforgettable and confirmation for me, that singing is my mission where I enjoy a lot. And I knew that my dreams being a professional singer will one day become reality.

What changed since then?

A lot! I have grown up, became mature person. I gained a lot of music and life experiences, knowledge ... There’s only one thing that didn’t changed – my desire for music remained ☺


5. Is It true that you also participated at the german casting show “supertalent”? What was the reason for that? And why did you choose this casting show?

That’s true. In 2010 I was classified in top 100 talents in RTL show Das Supertalent. Even then I wanted to take the opportunity and present myself beyond the boundaries of my small country Slovenia.


6. What was the reason for you to participate again at the national final?

The song Blue and Red was composed for my first album, which is in the making, but later, we felt that this is the right song for Eurovision stage.


7. How was it for you to win the national final?

The feeling was amazing, almost impossible to describe! I am still so overwhelmed and grateful for the support people showed me.

8. What is the story behind your song?

'Blue and Red' is a song about (my) relationship that we can all probably relate to at some point of our lives. It's about ups and downs. Blue symbolizes sad and unhappy emotions, while red symbolizes love and passion. It's important that we are aware of all these feelings but also to understand that it's sometimes better to let go and find our own happiness. So that was the main message, finding strength and happiness within ourselves.


9. What are the actual plans for the staging?

It is definitely going to be different than the performance on Ema 2016. Me and my whole team are working really hard these days to crate a good stage performance. I can reveal that world famous dancer and coreographer Anže Škrube is preparing stage performacne and David Hojnik - DH fashion will design my amazing dress. All the rest is still a secret.

10. Which targets do you have till, during and most important after Eurovision?

There is a lot of promotion that I'm doing, of course planning the dress, stage performance, practicing. At the Eurovision I expect one unforgettable experience, lots of great music. I'm really looking forward to the whole Eurovision adventure, I am not stressed about the results, I only want to give the best of me, and I hope people will see and feel my passion and enjoy with me. After that, I will get back to writing and recording songs for my first album that has been in the making.


We thank ManuElla for her time and the video greeting. 

Eurovision on top will as well follow ManuElla and let you know how she will make in Stockholm.

Pedro de Almeida

5 things about Michal Szpak

Posted by eurovision on top on April 10, 2016 at 3:20 PM Comments comments (0)


Poland, no Margaret and no Edyta Gorniak! Michal was the chosen one. Find more about this mysterious guy.

1. He lives in Warsaw, where he doing a psychology degree at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities.

2. Michal placed 2nd in the first series of the Polish X Factor in 2011. The winner was Gienek Loska.

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3. Michał Szpak participated in the 13th edition of the Polish version of Dancing with the Stars - Taniec z gwiazdami, where he reached the 5th place in the competition.

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4. DRUTEX company, the biggest producer of PVC windows and doors in Europe, sponsored Michal Szpak first album, titled "XI", issued by Universal Music Poland in 2011.

5. "Byle być sobą" is the second album by Michał Szpak. It was released in Poland on November 13, 2015 through Sony Music Entertainment Poland.

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Maria Magdalena: The new project of Justyna

Posted by eurovision on top on March 8, 2016 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (0)

First it was kept as a secret but the unmistakeable voice of Justyna Steczkowska reveal it too son. Maria Magdalena is one of the projects of the artist and it is going on tour now with it's Premiere next March 10th in Wroclaw.

Months ago Justyna Steczkowska in an interview on breakfast television admitted that Maria Magdalena is actually her alter ego.

"Maria Magdalena is a project that was created as a gift for people and with hope that they would understand the message and allow those who bring them more than just entertainment to continue working. All the authors engaged use nicknames to remain anonymous, giving the project the chance to be recognized for its value and not for the names behind it."

As it is written in the website of the project "Music and image are available for free, created in the name of the idea ”art for art’s sake” and a specific manifesto of respect for the artists and their work" because "in the ages of the internet and everyday hectic schedules we slowly tend to forget about intellectual values".

The album titled, “Pilgrimage of the Soul”, can be downloaded for free in the website

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Justyna's new album with a serbian flavour

Posted by eurovision on top on November 12, 2015 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Justyna Steczkowska, one of the greatest and most respected Polish artists and Boban Markovic - the most famous Serbian Roma trumpet player - and his Orchestra joined forces, resulting in the hit album I Na Co Mi Było?

Justyna Steczkowska with the aim of this international project plays the gypsy femme fatale, and her image for the album perfectly reflects the unique character of the whole project.


The album, released by T1-NOW, promote two singles: “Kto wciska mi kit” and “Biel całuje biel”, which rapidly conquered the hearts of listeners. The album is now in the polish album charts.

The tracklist:

  • 1. Kto i z kim - siwy dym
  • 2. Kto wciska mi kit
  • 3. Maruska
  • 4. Biel całuje biel
  • 5. Wszechmogący (Ty co masz...)
  • 6. Rumunija
  • 7. I na co mi to było?
  • 8. U mnie rzuć kotwicę
  • 9. Vranjski cocek
  • 10. Los to łobuz
  • 11. Dżelem, Dżelem
  • 12. Płoną maki, kapie wino

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The video is produced by Piotr Smoleński.