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Nino de Angelo: Liebe fur immer

Posted by eurovision on top on September 16, 2017 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Nino de Angelo, the artist with the incomparable and unmistakable voice, presents his first studio album after five years at Telamo. With love for ever, one of the most famous and successful German Schlagerpop singers released his new, grandiose album!

  • 1. So lang mein Herz noch schlägt
  • 2. Angel
  • 3. Bis ans Ende der Zeit
  • 4. Das ist der Augenblick
  • 5. Zur Hölle mit der Liebe
  • 6. Liebe für immer
  • 7. Mon amour chérie (es gibt Dinge die man nie vergisst)
  • 8. Herz an Herz
  • 9. Immer im Grenzbereich
  • 10. Unendlich weit
  • 11. Mach das noch mal
  • 12. Tattoo
  • 13. Du musst mich nehmen wie ich bin
  • 14. Nicht alle Wegen 

Sebalter: Awakening

Posted by eurovision on top on September 16, 2017 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Sebalter took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen and finished 13th. He finished the musical career a year later. Now he wants to know it again.  With "Awakening", Sebalter presents a new album. The passion for music obviously did not let him go. In his songs Sebalter tells his stories, his experiences of the past two years and his return to music. 



  • 1 Awakening
  • 2 Butterfly
  • 3 Weeping Willow
  • 4 Better Not
  • 5 First Night
  • 6 Northern Light Dance
  • 7 Lights
  • 8 Hollywood
  • 9 Time
  • 10 Vancouver

Clouseau: 30th Anniversary

Posted by eurovision on top on September 16, 2017 at 5:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Who would say that Clouseau, the group that participated in Eurovision in 1991 would be one of the most important in Belgium today? The band started with 5 member but now at that moment Koen and Kris do it with their two.The group name Clouseau is derived from the movie personage Jacques "Inspector" Clouseau. It was the nickname of band member Bob Savenberg, as it often imitated the typical accent.)

But their success is prior to Eurovision. The true 'Clouseaumania' started on May 14, 1989, when the band suddenly stood for hundreds of screaming girls. In the beginning of the 'mania', fainted girls were often taken away from the stage. The band then asked organizers to build the front stage so that the Red Cross could do it's job. In 1990, 97 fans had to be taken away by the emergency services.

30 years after, they celebrate their birthday. And they do it with the edition of a disc that has been cast in the number 1 of the list of sales of Belgium.

Especially for a limited edition 4CD + DVD set, Koen and Kris have their own favorites compiled on the additional CD (including demos and live versions). Lastly, this limited edition box also contains footage (such as never before published) about the best of 30 years Clouseau.

Among all his successes is of course their Eurovision song. GEEF HET OP peaked 10 in Belgium and 11 in the Netherlands despite their 16th place in Eurovision.

Louis Neefs: 80

Posted by eurovision on top on September 16, 2017 at 5:15 AM Comments comments (0)

On August 8, 2017 Louis Neefs would have become 80 . Until today, he still has one of the warmest voices that has known Flemish music history. At Universal appears on the occasion of his birthday the 18th of August the soundbook Louis Neefs 80 . This contains two CDs with the most famous songs of Louis Neefs. In addition, there is a small book written by Radio 2 producer Marc Brillouet . This more than 80 page book was richly illustrated with photographs from the private collection of sons Ludwig and Günther Neefs . Some have never been published before.

Louis Neef took part in Eurovision in 67 and in 69, with the songs Ik heb zorgen (7th place) and Jennifer Jennings (7th place). In tandem with his musical career, Neefs was a presenter of television and radio shows for Flemish broadcaster VRT. He also became politically active, standing as a councillor in Mechelen.

Neefs was killed in a road accident in Lier on 25 December 1980, aged 43. His wife Liliane also died in the accident. 

CD 1

  1. Mijn Vriend Benjamin
  2. Margrietje
  3. Laat Ons Een Bloem
  4. Jennifer Jennings
  5. Ik Heb Zorgen
  6. Sixteen Tons
  7. ‘t Heukske
  8. De Poppenstoet
  9. ‘k Zag Twee Beren
  10. Hé, Lieven Mensen (Ludwig & Günther)
  11. Mijn Dorpje In De Kempen
  12. Ein Kleines Kompliment
  13. Aan De Amsterdamse Grachten
  14. De Lichtjes Van De Schelde
  15. Wat Een Leven (Als Ik Straks Eens Vijf Minuten Tijd Heb)
  16. Omdat Ik Van Je Hou
  17. M'n Dorp (Gierle) In De Kempen
  18. Susa-Nina

CD 2 

  1. Martine
  2. Aan Het Strand Van Oostende
  3. Annelies Uit Sas Van Gent
  4. Zondagmiddag Lilian
  5. T Winkeltje
  6. We Zullen Wel Zien
  7. Zomerzon En Zee
  8. Welkom Thuis
  9. Ik Kan Je Niet Vergeten
  10. Kinderen
  11. Kleine Fauss, Grote Halsy
  12. De Duivels Van Loudun
  13. Atahualpa
  14. Ik Kan Nooit Zonder Jou
  15. Vaarwel
  16. Toch Ben Je Oma (Live)
  17. Mechelen
  18. Carolientje

Blanche: record in the charts of Belgium

Posted by eurovision on top on September 16, 2017 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)

This year's song from Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest broke the record of a Belgian song from Eurovision in the charts.

City Lights spent 25 weeks on the list and reached number one last March.

The previous record belonged to Tom Dice with a week less. Even J'aime la vie, the only Belgian winner, was only on the list for 16 weeks.

The Chart of Belgium is one of the most active in Europe with many ups, downs and new entries every week. It is divided into two lists, that of Flanders and Wallonia

source: ultratop