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And Norway sends a former winner

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on March 10, 2018 at 2:50 PM Comments comments (0)

At the same night like Sweden the other nordic country and the host of 2010 hosted the national final.

Norway sends Alexander Rybak to Lisbon and tries to get the next top ranking on the scoreboard.

The song will bring the norwegian flag to Eurovision in Portugal 2018.

So it's once again a former winner going to Eurovision. We will see how he will make it.

Sweden selected Dance you off for Lisbon

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on March 10, 2018 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The so called motherland of the new eurovision Sweden selected in the traditional Melodiefestival the song for Lisbon.

As always in several shows the audience selected the finalists. In a also like always good show the audience voted once again for the ONE song going to Lisbon.

Sweden is looking forward to make a new record of victories at eurovision and beat Ireland, who till now is the record holder.

In the last years the swedish eurovision specialists where also the once behind the stages producing the show, like last year in Kiev.

This year Sweden selected Dane you off to try to get the next victory, this time in Lisbon.

Belgium: It's a matter of time

Posted by eurovision on top on March 5, 2018 at 4:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Sennek was one of the first artists to be announced for this years contest and the song was finally released!

The singer, will perform the song "It's a matter of time" representing Belgium!

"Sennek, the stage name of Laura Groeseneken, was born in 1990 and comes from Leuven. The singer-songwriter has already worked on several high-profile musical projects including the 50th anniversary celebrations of the James Bond franchise, 007 In Concert. Since 2014 Sennek has been performing with with Ozark Henry and together they have appeared at some of Belgium's biggest festivals, including Rock Werchter, which takes place in Belgium every July.

A Matter Of Time was written by Sennek with Alex Callier of Hooverphonic and producer Maxime Tribeche. A Matter Of Time is an evocative song with a melancholy tone and a strong story." (

Portugal decided!

Posted by eurovision on top on March 4, 2018 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (0)

The host country of this years Eurovision just decided it's entry at the final of the legendary Festival da Canção!

Claudia Pascoal (and Isaura, backvocal and songwriter) will replace Salvador Sobral with the song "O jardim (The garden)". The song was originally writed as a tribute to Isauras grandmother and won the ticket to Lisbon!

Catarina placed second and Peu (one of the favourites) got the third place.

The show was a kind of test for Eurovision as the production was quite dynamic. We can wait for a great show next may as tonight Portugal invite us to it's garden. 

The host country will decide tonight

Posted by eurovision on top on March 4, 2018 at 6:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Last year before starting the final of the Portuguese national final, Silvia Alberto went live for a production mistake and said "a lot of shit for everyone", an expression that the actors of the theater say before beginning as a synonym of "good luck" . And luck was everything that happened to Portugal in Eurovision last year especially thanks to Sobral.

The national final that nothing new brings in its formula, except a set of invited composers who freely could choose their songs to contest, will happen tonight. 

But something changed in the national final and it was the attitude of the public television in the way it treated the event. The publicity increases as well as meaditism around it what makes all the newspapers talk about the Festival. It is expected that the audiences will manifest better than in the semifinals, especially since this is the year Portugal organizes Eurovision. And this is why we talk about this National Final sincewe are not use to do so.

The Festival is out of Lisbon for the first time in 17 years as a clear way to involve everyone in the event for May. Guimarães was the chosen city as a symbol of the city where Portugal was born and because it has a pavilion capable of hosting the event.

After the second semifinal, last Saturday, rumors of plagiarism caused the favorite and possible winner to withdraw from the contest. Diogo Piçarra one of the stars of the moment in the country, that fills concerts and is one of the most listened artists in the radio. His withdrawal from the contest left a void and is that Diogo already had an advance in YouTube views that gave him as a great favorite. The question everyone ask is, who will win the Portugal representation in Lisbon?

Among the participants we have some veterans like Anabela. The girl, now a woman, who represented Portugal in 1993 getting a 10th place. She is not a favorite but can be a surprise. Such as the song that replaced Diogo, "Mensageira". This song is possibly one of the best interpretations and compositions although the melody, not easy and popular, can leave it behind.

Africa is very present in this Festival demonstrating the country's links with its former colonies. By one hand Tito Paris and his niece and on the other Minnie e Rhayra and his Patati Patatá managed to reach the final. But also a representative of the Portuguese diaspora marks his presence. Peter Serrado, the only one who sings in English, and the only one from two in english who made it to the final, comes from Canada.

But who are the favorites?

According to the jury and the votes of the semifinals, we focused on three names.

Cláudia Pascoal will perform "O jardim". She came from the Voice of Portugal and with moderate popularity although she finished second in the second semifinal - she could have been the first if Diogo was not there.

Peu Madureira is probably the most consensual name with her song mix of ballad and Fado. Something that the Portuguese want to see represented in their own country as a mark of their national culture.

The other posible contender might be Sobral protegé "Janeiro". The singer "Janeiro" was chosen by Sobral and although he did not have a great expression next to the vote of the public, the jury gave him 12 points.

Tonight, 7 regions will vote with a 50% weight. The other half will be the televoting. Whatever the outcome, the winner will have on his back the burden of representing his country in his own country, for the first time in the history of Portugal. The song will be memorable forever and its artist with it. And the most important thing for Portugal is that the country is already in the final of Eurovision!