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"I want to be the next Jon Ola Sand"

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 12, 2018 at 7:20 PM

I was watching the show of RTP dedicated to Eurovision, especially because 30 days are missing! And the countdown has already begun!

The program did not bring me anything new because I follow Eurovision every day but there was a moment that brought me beautiful memories of when I was a child! With the great difference that I was not a child in the XXI century, but in the 80's. Therefore, I did not have internet and the Eurovision news came to us weeks before through the videos that the public television broadcast. I still remember to record the songs with my radio tape. Silence please! And my whole family respected my admiration for Eurovision.

I still remember the first day! It was the year of 1981 and since there was nothing else to see on television, my family, as everyone in Europe I suppose, gathered around television. I remember that I asked my uncle: "What program is this? Is it repeated next year?" And everything started there! 1982, I was weekly informed but waiting for the big moment: Doce and their Bem Bom; Lucia and her song Él. When it was over, I remember that we called my Spanish family to talk about Eurovision.

We received information on the TV Guide, the week before and the week after! And although we always expected a good result, Portugal never won!

But today, watching the program about Eurovision on television, a 10-year-old boy appeared! His name is João Parreira and they interviewed him because he likes Eurovision. I saw him 30 years ago! João says that his friends do not understand him because they do not like Eurovision, they like to play football, but little by little they start watching and listening the songs! João spends all the time he can listening Eurovision Songs at YOUTUBE.

I always felt, somehow just like João, someone who could not talk about Eurovision! And is that the internet did not exist! We had no mobile!

João's mother explains that her son no longer likes playing with the computer so much, he likes Eurovision, he wants to be a Eurovisiologist. "I want to be the next Jon Ola Sand", he said! Almost like me! With the difference that I did not talk about it! Even once in a high school class where I read something written at a table "One step out of time, one reason ..."! WOW! It was Michael Ball's song! And even if it was anonymous, I did not have the courage to write anything so that my partner from another class would realize that I also liked Eurovision. I found out ten years later when I met him in a Eurovision chat room.

Today João did a Quizz about the contest and of course he guessed everything! In the end, his mother gave him a ticket to watch Eurovision! João almost cried!

How will the future eurofan be? And how would I be if I had internet 30 years ago? And how would I be if Portugal had won Eurovision when I was a child?

Thank you João!

Nuno Valerio 

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