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Rehearsal footage 2

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 5, 2017 at 5:50 AM

We will be giving you an updtae about todays rehearsals in which the Big 5 plus guest will be on stage for the first time. 

Armenia – Everything looks good in this performance. Visually good and nice interpretation. YES

Slovenia – This is probably the weekeast ballad from the contest despite the good performance of Omar. NO

Latvia – Dance, rock! It looks like a Punk concert. Even something doesnt match in this performance, audience may like it. MAYBE

Serbia – Very nice dress for a ballad. The vocals are goodso as the performance but this is a tough battle. NO

Austria – The man on the moon! This is what love makes. The singer is cool and the song is ok. MAYBE

FYR Macedonia – Like Poli Genova last year, the representative of FYROM tries to dance alone. Will she cause the same effect? MAYBE

Malta – Fabrizio's sister has a strong voice and performance but with so much ballads in the contest we are not sure if the big promotional efforts are enough for the qualification. MAYBE

Romania - After the fail of the singer that fell down and became viral, we can see that is not so hangin tough. Didn't he practice enough? The performance is enough, but why the guns? Will probably qualify or ... MAYBE ?

Time for the first presentation ever of the Big 5 and guest in the ESC stage:

Ukraine – A rock band like we all expected with all the ingredients that it involves.

Italy – Colourfull! Happy! Fresh! Hands waving! Allmost winning!

Spain – Surfing time for Manel! Fresh song and nice guy. Pity that the "scandal" in the national selection turn it into the bad song that it is not.

Germany – Classy! Very geometric and nice! Might be a surprise.

United Kingdom – She's perfect! Good voice and presence. We hope the Brexit situation don't prejudice the juries. Big expectations.

France – Too simple but it seems this is the option of the french television nowadays. We will wait for the next rehearsal to see better if it works.

After all, we think that in this very very tough competition,  from the first semifinal the following countries  will qualify (without any specif order):

Australia, Azerbaijan, Finland, Georgia, Portugal, Sweden, Armenia, Greece, Moldova and Poland

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