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The team 

Nuno Valério (Portugal)

Webmaster and Chief Editor

His main activity is Education and Research in Mathematics (Culture, Representations, Professional Development) with several publications and as an ESC fan he is mainly a music lover. 

He's been following Eurovision for as long as he can remember. He was the author of several songs for the Portuguese National Final and has done many collaborations on musical projects as well as, released several albums for various Portuguese and international artists.

In addition to this website, his interests are fans as a phenomenon and also ESC's relations with musical charts. He was Vice-President of OGAE, the biggest fan club of Eurovision, in Portugal and is editor-in-chief of that organization's magazine.


Pedro de Almeida (Germany/Portugal)
Luis Aznar (Spain)
Tomás Cano (Germany/Spain)
Michael Carrigton (UK)
Renato Duarte (Portugal)
Laurent Hopkin (Canada)
Rad Marijnissen (Netherlands)
Joana Ramos (Spain)

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