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Quarantine? 10 Eurovision related things you can do

Posted by Eurovision On Top on March 20, 2020 at 1:20 PM


The Coronavirus that plagues Europe and scares the whole world is forcing many Eurofans to stay at home. On top of that, we will only be able to have Eurovision in 2021. Many find alternatives to occupy their time even though they are working from home. Here is a list of things that you can do as a eurofan, although many already do.

1. Most Eurovision editions are already online and you are sure to have some lost DVDs or even VHSs out there that need to be viewed. So watch Eurovision videos. You will be able to occupy more than 10,000 minutes of your free time. About 180 hours.

2. While watching the videos you will feel an immense need to update your rankings. There are already applications for this, but you can always return to the traditional notebook or excel sheet.

3. A little competition is part of Eurovision. Without points, losses or gains, it wouldn't be funny. So you can organize online contests with some friends. The greater the diversity of countries the better. Use social networks and applications like Zoom. You will feel less alone.

4. Take the opportunity to dance and recreate Eurovision choreographies. Put yourself in front of the TV or the PC and just like a Jane Fonda gym class, you'll be able to exercise without leaving home.

5. Try to learn a foreign language online. Come on, we know you have always been fascinated by songs performed in other languages. Start by using online learning programs and you will end up doing translations of the Eurovision classics that you have always sung and barely knew what you were saying.

6. Play! In addition to the official board games, there are many online quizz games you can play on. Try these or these

7. Since you can't travel, try to visit museums online. It's cheaper, but think of the advantages of being able to enjoy works of art as if you were there! Okay, traveling is better, but how many museums were you unable to visit because you didn't have time?

8. There are more and more studies on Eurovision. Many of them end up resulting in very interesting books on the subject. Academically it is one of the topics that has the most growing study. There are also many biographies of Eurovision artists. Do a search in your online bookstore or consult the recommendations that we have given all these years on our website.

9. If you like to cook, even if you don't have all the products available, you can go into the kitchen and make themed days with food dishes from each country. I'm sure that a good Spanish Tortilla, making a Pizza, cooking a Portuguese steak "bifana", making a Latvian Kama or a Swedish kanelbullar as a dessert will not let you down. There are thousands of recipes on the internet.

10. We are sure that over the years of eurofan, especially if you are not a new eurofan, you have been collecting CDs, posters, photos, etc. How about ordering everything and reviewing the good old days? 


Take the days to do everything you always wanted to do but always said you didn't have time. Have fun!

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Eurovision 2020: Cancelled!

Posted by Eurovision On Top on March 19, 2020 at 4:55 AM

Eurovision has been canceled!


In an EBU statement, it was announced yesterday that the 65th edition of Eurovision would be canceled.


Thus, "However, the uncertainty created by the spread of COVID-19 throughout Europe - and the restrictions put in place by the governments of the participating broadcasters and the Dutch authorities - means the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has taken the difficult decision to do not continue with the live event as planned. "


And they add that "We are very proud that the Eurovision Song Contest has united audiences every year, without interruption, for the past 64 years and we, like the millions of fans around the world, are extremely saddened that it can not take place in May ."

This was certainly sad news for those who still had not canceled their trip to Rotterdam due to the virus that is scaring the whole planet. And for those who watch Eurovision every year from their couch, it was almost like a rock in the head.

The statement says: "Could you not have held the contest without an audience?

We are carefully following the advice of the relevant authorities to protect the health and wellbeing of all citizens. Dutch restrictions on gatherings of large numbers of people and international travel restrictions mean that holding the event, even without an audience, is impossible at this time. "

So let's take a trip back in time. Do you remember why the contest was created? Wasn't it to unite Europe? Wouldn't this be the time to hold it together, give it a little hope? And there were alternatives, but wait, says the statement:


"Why couldn’t you have held the show remotely?

It’s in the DNA of the Eurovision Song Contest to bring delegations, artists and fans together in one place and provide an equal platform for all artists to compete together on the same stage and the same opportunity to shine. We felt that under the extreme circumstances we face this year, organizing the Eurovision Song Contest in another way would not be in keeping with our values ​​and the tradition of the event.


The unique format of the Song Contest as an international live event means that it is not possible to identify any realistic alternative. We therefore have no choice other than to cancel the show."

Yes, 20 years ago, it was difficult to hold an event at a distance, with each artist interpreting from their country, but today we have the necessary mechanisms to hold a distance contest, without canceling it, keeping the whole of Europe glued to the screen ! Isn't that what we all need, now that we are (or are going to be) confined to our homes?


Couldn't we keep the format (with adjustments) and the essence of the contest? No, gentlemen! The purpose of Eurovision was never exclusively to travel, never was the aim of the contest to be a live show! It has always been and will be a television show. Wouldn't this 65th edition be an opportunity to reflect on the contest? Remind us what the objectives of Eurovision are? EBU's way was the easiest, giving up.

Not all Eurofans like to go to the arena, not everyone can pay small fortunes to watch it live! But everyone can maintain the hope, the hope that we needed this year in these hard times that we live in. This year's contest might not be the most beautiful, nor the most grandiose, but it would undoubtedly be the one that would fill our soul the most, also giving artists an opportunity to be known throughout the world.

It remains for us to wait for 2021 so that EVERYONE can travel.

Top 10 movies where you can find Eurovision Songs

Posted by Eurovision On Top on February 7, 2020 at 1:30 PM

Next sunday, will be the brightest night of Hollywood in a parade of stars where the best films of the year are awarded! The Oscars are there! But wait! What does this have to do with Eurovision? Anything... or maybe something! This is the right time to find Eurovision songs in several films. Certainly you are expecting to find in this disorderly list the movie Mamma Mia 2 or to find "Volare". We could also include the israeli film Cupcakes about Eurovision... We could also tell you something that you know about the upcoming film about Eurovision that will be released by netflix, featuring Will Ferrell, Demi Lovato, Pierce Brosnan and Salvador Sobral. But we wanted to try to surprise you a little more! This is our Top 10 movies where you can find Eurovision Songs and... some of them were also Oscars nominees!


  • Snowman (2017)
  • ESC song: Congratulations (Cliff Richard, 1968) performed by Gitte Haenning



  • The Martian (2015) - Oscars - 7 nominations
  • ESC song: Waterloo (ABBA, 1974)




  • SPY (2015)
  • ESC song: Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Verka Serduchka, 2007) 



  • Wild Tales (2014) - Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language Film 
  • ESC song: Hallelujah (Gali Atari & Milk and Honey, 1979)


  • The beautiful person (2008)
  • ESC song: Elle était si jolie (Alain Barriere, 1963)




  • Au cul du loup (2011)
  • ESC song: Love Power (The KMG's, 2007)




  • Sicko (2007) - Oscar nominee Best Documentary
  • ESC song: L´amour est bleu (Vicky Leandros, 1967)



  • The Thing (2011)
  • ESC song: Samidd aednan (Sverr Kjelsberg & Mattis Haeta, 1980) 



  • Grbavica - The land of my dreams (2006)
  • ESC song: Zovi (Femminem, 2005) 



  • EX (2009)
  • ESC song: Fiumi di parole (Jalisse, 1997)

(This article was previously released 24/2/2019 and it's now updated)


Posted by Eurovision On Top on January 7, 2020 at 11:05 AM

2019 has come to an end and with it we reveal now the TOP 20 of the top rated songs throughout the year. Voted by you every week!

This is the TOP 50!


# - Song - Artist  - Peak Position

1 Ono malo srece Zdravko Colic 1

2 Let Me Dream Michal Szpak 1

3 Flames Jimmy Martin / Maria Kissimov 1

4 Niceg nijo bilo izmedu nas Zdravko Colic 1

5 I'm still here Alexander Rybak 1

6 Muhamadd Ali Marco Mengoni 1

7 Anda estragar-me os planos Salvador Sobral 1

8 Flying on my own Celine Dion 1

9 Hola Marco Mengoni / Tom Walker 1

10 Pro belye rozy Dima Bilan 4

11 Blue Moon Michal Szpak 1

12 Okean Dima Bilan 1

13 Beautiful Secret Garden / Brian Kennedy 3

14 Tseluy Alekseev 1

15 Kamen i voda Alekseev 1

16 Instadrama Svetlana Loboda 1

17 Barrio Mahmood 1

18 Calipso Mahmood / Charlie Charles / Dardust / Sfera Ebbasta / Fabri Fibra 2

19 Celebrate Miki Nuñez 1

20 Walk with me Loreen 1

21 Klefi / Samed Hatari / Bashar Murad 4

22 Hello my love Westlife 2

23 Stone cold Cesar Sampson 1

24 Underworld Ruth Lorenzo 1

25 Kak ty tam Alekseev 1

26 Gora ty Gromee / Golec uorkiestra / Bedoes 3

27 Lying down Celine Dion 2

28 Lovi Sergey Lazarev 1

29 Eimai edo Argo 7

30 Love don't hate it Duncan Laurence 3

31 Een livredd Mann Morland 1

32 Duemila volta Marco Mengoni 2

33 Molniya Dima Bilan 1

34 Krol Edyta Gorniak / Gromee 5

35 Almost Everything Jan Johansen / Blue Desert  1

36 Ne mod Alekseev 2

37 Pao Ivi Adamou / Konnie Metaxa 2

38 Zub za zub Regina 1

39 Koik mis hea Ott Lepland 1

40 Maria Magdalena Lena Philipsson 1

41 Bright lights Jurijus 1

42 Hold on Bonnie Tyler 3

43 A chi mi dice Il Volo 1

44 Vilagom Compact Disco 1

45 El ritmo psicodelico Eleni Foureira 3

46 Comme si j'avais mille ans Madame Monsieur / Kalash Criminel 1

47 Suncokret Jelena Tomasevic 1

48 Let the music guide you Alexander Rybak 1

49 Tijdmachine Clouseau 1

50 Purva bridejs Intars Busulis /Abonementa orkestris 1


The latest albums of 2019

Posted by Eurovision On Top on December 27, 2019 at 4:45 PM

With the year coming to an end, so are the album releases. Some have been forgotten by us throughout the year, others have just seen the light of day. This is the last part we dedicate to this year's album releases.


Already known to us is the excellent album of Zdob si Zdub, Bestiarium. Folk, Rock and Ska make this album a perfect fusion that transports us to world music. The latest albums by Ani Lorak and Polina Gagarina, which are already a hit in Ukraine and Russia, confirm the power of these women who almost won Eurovision. Also from Ukraine arrives Octopus from Melovin. Another banal pop album which is expected of this performer.

From Germany comes the album of Michael Schulte and also the already veteran Nicole, who assumes that the 50 years are the new 25. But with 50 would win Eurovision again? From Switzerland comes the expected new album from Michael Von Der Heide, in German and French as expected. The revelation of last year's OT of Spain, Alfred Garcia, who from Catalonia gives us one of the best albums from the Iberian country.

The collections are not far behind this holiday season. Some to celebrate their careers like Doris Dragovic, in a collection of several albums, or Dulce Pontes that brings us another Best Of. The same happens with the Spanish classics of Raphael or Paloma San Basilio. The younger ones also gather their old albums and after public recognition they take advantage to make them better known. That's what Conan Osiris does to reprint his 3 albums in a special box.

Just out, Laura's new album from Estonia, which after her Best Of and Verona's failure releases "9 elu". Vaiko Eplik and Jakob Sveistrup were in the drawer in the busy May but could not be forgotten. Now here and highly recommended. The first alternative and the second in a more soulful environment. Finally, Sara Aalto smells like Christmas in her international "Fairytale" EP.

And finally,  a Xmas EP from Miro gathering old festive hits from his carreer along with new recordings.