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Sweden wins ESC 2012

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 26, 2012 at 8:30 PM Comments comments ()

One more edition of Eurovision comes to the end!

Sweden won for the 5th time!

Russia conquers the second place, while Zeljko reached the 3rd place. Azerbaijan and Albania reached the position 4 and 5, respectively. Albania get their best place ever. Norway is one more time, the last!!

Final ranking:

1.Sweden - 372 points (record of higher number of 12 points)

2.Russia - 259

3.Serbia - 214

4-Azerbaijan - 150

5-Albania - 146

6-Estonia - 120

7-Turkye - 112

8-Germany - 110

9-Italy- 101

10- Spain - 97

11-Moldova- 81

12-Romania - 71

13-FYR Macedonia - 71

14-Lithuania - 70

15-Ukraine- 65

16-Cyprus - 65

17-Greece - 64

18-Bosnia-Herzegovina - 55

19-Ireland - 46

20-Iceland - 46

21-Malta - 41

22-France - 21

23-Denmark - 21

24-Hungary - 19

25-United Kingdom- 12

26-Norway - 7

The draw for the final

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 24, 2012 at 7:25 PM Comments comments ()

Ten more countries to the final!! The surprises were Malta and Lithuania! Slovenia and Croatia were out! 

This is the line up for Saturday after the draw:

1 United Kingdom

2 Hungary 

3 Albania


5 Bosnia & Herzegovina

6 Russia

7 Iceland

8 Cyprus

9 France

10 Italy

11 Estonia

12 Norway

13 Azerbaijan

14 Romania

15 Denmark

16 Greece

17 Sweden

18 Turkey

19 Spain

20 Germany

21 Malta

22 FYR Macedonia

23 Ireland

24 Serbia

25 Ukraine

26 Moldova

The ten finalists from first semifinal

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 22, 2012 at 5:25 PM Comments comments ()

A very normal semifinal with the finalists we predicted some days ago:

 Iceland, Greece, Albania, Romania, Russia, Ireland, Cyprus, Moldova, Denmark and Hungary.

No surprises at all! The production of the show was good, the interval act was very good! The postcards are back to the sightseeings of the host country!


Hungary 2

Albania 3

Russia 6

Iceland 7

Cyprus 8

Romania 14

Denmark 15

Greece 16

Ireland 23

Moldova 26

Sweden will win according to the charts

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 20, 2012 at 8:15 PM Comments comments ()

Every year we look at the charts, one week before the Eurovision final! Two years ago, Lena was already a success in the european charts, and she won!! Last year, the charts didn't take too much attention to Eurovision, and even after the eurovision week, the winning song was not a hit!

But this time it seems to be different! Mostly of the songs are already hits in their original countries. For example: the hungarian song is number 8 in Hungary; the croatian is number 3 in Croatia; lithuanian is 7 in Lithuania, Kuula is number 10 in Estonia; Roman Lob is going down in th egerman chart but stills number 38; Pastora Soler is number 25 in the songs chart and her Album (Eurovision edition) is number 45. The song from Cyprus is number 6 in the radio charts in Cyprus and also the greek song (aphrodisiac) is number 10 in Cyprus. Of course the votes we confirm it. 

In Slovenia we can notice an interesting fact. Eva Boto has two songs in the charts: the eurovision song at number 1 and "to leto bo moje" a duet with Jan Plestenjak at number 32. The same happens in Ireland. The Jedward are number 28 with "Waterline" and 6 with the Eurocup Irish "Put the green cape on", which is no more than a verison of "Lipstick"!

But in the european charts it's possible to check that two songs are becoming big hits! The romanian song is already a hit in Romania (#5 this week) and it is number 25 in Lithuania!!

If we have to choose a winner, than it will be Sweden! "Euphoria" is now in several charts across Europe.  After being number 1 in Sweden and Finland, it's now number 1 in the radio charts in Iceland; 10 in Lithuania; 6 in Sweden; 3 in Estonia; 4 in Finland and 4 in Norway! Scandinavia and the Baltic are already listening to Loreen. A good step to conquer the victory in Eurovision. Will it be? Yes, if the charts can predict!

Rehearsals: big 5 + winner

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 20, 2012 at 8:05 PM Comments comments ()

The 6 entries already in the final did their rehearsals. In the first rehearsals of the UK we noticed some problems with the singer, sometimes he was out of tone. The second was too much better! Will it be lucky or experience? We will see next saturday. From Azerbaijan we could listen a pretty woman, very well dressed and singing so well. The performance tries to include some ethnical elements by the hand of the back singer sitted behind her. Good choice! France made the first deception! In the preview video we could capture lots of french glamour from Angunn and the dancers, but what did they do now? It's nice to have dancers, but jumping all the time? The song is not easy and definitely deserved something better. Roman from Germany has a very simple performance, he sings well, the song is good, but maybe not that good for a winning song. Out of love from Italy is mostly out of the italian language. It's a pity! The singer is great, the song is very good, but the english accent of Nina is terrible! Maybe it can be a surprise! Some people see it as a possible winner, and it can be!! Pastora Soler is probably the best voice in this years competition! Everything is perfect! Her, the stage, the backing singers... Madrid 2013? Why not? She really deserve to win!!

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