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Goodbye Mr. Gott!

Posted by Eurovision On Top on October 29, 2019 at 2:05 PM Comments comments (0)


Earlier this month, the one who was the greatest artist in the Czech Republic, and then Czechoslovakia, left us forever. An estimated 300,000 people went to pay him a tribute in which he holds state funeral. A funeral of state honors was held at St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague and flags flew at half-mast on public buildings. Czech President Milos Zeman and Prime Minister Andrej Babis were among the guests at the funeral service, which was broadcast on big screens and on Czech television. His popularity crossed from east to west during the Cold War and fans stood for hours in a line stretching back at least two kilometers to bid the man nicknamed "Sinatra of the East" farewell.

A life of success

Over the course of his career he released over 100 albums and 100 compilation albums and sold much more than 50 million records worldwide, 23 million of them in the German-speaking market, and about 15 million in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Gott represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 1968 with the song Tausend Fenster, finishing in 13th place.

In May 2019, only months before his passing, Gott released his very last song and music video - a duet "Srdce nehasnou" (Hearts will go on) with his daughter Charlotte.

Latest Album Compilation / Charts

Now a compilation of eighty famous songs from his repertoire was released. It is clear that no choice can be complete. However, Gottovský expert and experienced composer Miloš Skalka chose the most essential ones. Chronologically assembled into four attractive units. New remastering care was received. CD is packed in folding paper digipack with archive and contemporary photographs.

Also the collection "Singly" was released, including 300 Songs from 1962–2019 in 15CD's. A large selection of Gott's single and EP recordings, spanning the early 1960s to the present. Three hundred songs, almost complete view of the gradual changes of music, lyrics and arrangements. Evidence of the singer's talent versatility, his successful pursuit of world trends, and his excellent home repertoire.

In both Slovakia and the Czech Republic, both collections topped album sales lists. The most iconic albums of their careers have returned to Charts from both countries but also from Austria and Germany. In the Czech Republic, ten albums have returned to the Top 50!

A look at the charts: Anggun in the USA Dance Club Songs

Posted by Eurovision On Top on September 18, 2019 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

In 2015, Anggun released the song Perfect Life which was included in the album Toujours un ailleurs. The album reached the Gold status in France. This week, specially because of the Twisted Dee and Diego Fernandez remix, the song peaked the number 18 at the Billboard Dance Club Songs... and still climbing! How far will it goes?

This is not the first time that former ESC artists made success in this list. Recently, Laroussi and Netta took their songs to this popular US chart. 

Listen the remix here:

Top 10 ten songs for your Summer

Posted by Eurovision On Top on July 5, 2019 at 7:05 AM Comments comments (2)

Summer has arrived and with it the heat, the sun, the beach. But it can also be the mountain, the grass or a good cocktail at sunset. You can even stay home on the couch to freshen up with water, whenever you're always listening to good Eurovision music. Now that the typical Southern heat has also reached the whole of Europe with the heat wave, we offer you our choice of the 10 songs that have to be part of your summer playlist.

Nr. 10. Netta - Nana Banana Last year's winner could not miss this list with her latest single presented in the final of ESC! Refreshing, with loopings and a reggae sound but with lots of bananas!

Nr. 9. Keiino - Praying Praying may not be your strongest point for this summer but the Keiino's song for this summer will make you shake your whole body!

Nr. 8. Rute Lorenzo - Underworld  The return of the Spanish Diva from the Underworld will put some rock on your summer afternoons.

Nr. 7. Darude, Audioventura & JVMIE - Hide Hide When the dawn arrives you will want to dance and Darude will be with you another summer!

Nr. 6. Sergey Lazarev - Lovi A cocktail before dinner or before going out at night. This is what the brand new song of Sergey Lazarev soon after Eurovision reminds us.

Nr. 5. Gromee / Golec uorkiestra / Bedoes - Gora ty A real blast of sounds with some mixed World Music, rap and dance music. The new Gromee song is a party.

Nr. 4.  Lena Philipsson - Maria Magdalena With a sound very different from the one that is habitual to her, Lena ventures to hot and repetitive rhythms.


Nr. 3. Lea Sirk - Po svoje Too Pop to listen to exhaustion but very loud! A remix would be perfect.

Nr. 2. Eleni Foureira - El Ritmo Psicodélico The queen of prides could not miss! Wherever she appears, she is guaranteed to dance. The whole Gypsy Woman album could run constantly until summer is over!

Nr. 1. Mahmood - Calipso (Charlie Charles / Stardust feat. Sfera Ebbasta / Fabri Fibra) Mahmood's collaboration with his Italian friends deserves all the attention. Even the title is suggestive of summer accompanied by the laid back background sound.

This week in 2017

Posted by Eurovision On Top on July 1, 2019 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

This week, two years ago, the number 1 was for Zradvko Colic with Mala. We would stay there for 7 non consecutive weeks.

  1. Mala Zdravko Colic
  2. Tic Tac Clock Michal Szpak
  3. Dangerous Affair Zoe
  4. Al fin pienso en mi Rosa Lopez
  5. Excuse me Salvador Sobral

This week in 2011

Posted by Eurovision On Top on June 20, 2019 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (2)

This week in 2011 the number 1 was Stella Mwangi with Lookie Lookie! She was staying at the highest position for the second time and would stay there for one more week!

This was the top 5:

  1. Lookie lookie Stella Mwangi
  2. Buena Blue Café
  3. Fly to stay alive maNga
  4. Wow Ruslana
  5. Dzive izdodas Musiqq