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A look on Malmo and their people

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 18, 2013 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (0)

The eurovision is getting closer to the highlight and my Eurovision week is coming to an end. So it is time to have a look on the host city Malmö and the people, who work behind.

The city: Malmö is for the second time the host of the Eurovision. But 21 years after the first time, the city of Malmö today hasn't nothing to do with Malmö in 1992. Malmö switched successfully in the last years from a industrial city into a green and environment friendly city. In the last years the Swedish city won ten environment awards because of that. In 2020 Malmö want only to consume fair trade products. Already today all over the city there are a lot of fair trade and organic product offers. Also in the press center the milk and coffe have the note of "organic and fair trade". The many green parks and the new part of the city Västra Hamnen (western port) give a new face to this town, which till 1658 was a part of Denmark. 500 km of bicycle roads are one of the results of the work of Malmö as the third biggest city of Sweden to get the best Swedish city regarding the environment. Now they already did it to the top three of the "greenest" cities in the world, together with Zurich and Vancouver. All over Malmö there a small symbols which show how proud the city is to be the host of the Eurovision, like the disco balls and Eurovision music at every entrance of the main station. Or the Eurovision music you listen, when you are in the supermarket. Also many stores have Eurovision decoration.

The volunteers: This days a lot of volunteers with a friendly smiles every time, are accompanying the organization of the Eurovision. They are answering questions, organizing food and drinks or doing other things the most of us won't see. One of them is Lisa Kron, she is 28 years old and lives in Lund, a city close to Malmö. "I love eurovision" As a big Melodifestivalen and also a big Eurovision fan it is her first time being at Eurovision. With 5 years she looked her first Eurovision, that was when Carola won. "I have to be a part of it" was Lisa's first thought, when she heard that Eurovision would be hosted in Malmö. She googled it and signed in, sending all information and also one video presentation of herself. "It's just fun! To see all the different cultures together, you get to talk with all this different people, it's just so great." said Lisa being asked about her experience of Eurovision. "I am working eight hours a day and I love every minute of it." As a Eurovision fan Lisa is also following the contest, but for her it is much more complicated to answer the question about her favorite. "For one week ago I would have said Denmark, but now there are so many strong songs! I am not sure." At the end Lisa would love very much to be a volunteer again, so the best would be if Denmark would win. Lisa will watch the final together with her family "I actual have a tradition with my family". At this evening she will be served with good food and enjoy the Eurovision, feeling like being ONE part of the Eurovision. A very special THANK YOU to Lisa and also to all the other volunteers, who contribute to this event being so amazing.

Pedro Almeida

Anouk s new album is released today

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 17, 2013 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)

The 8th studio album of Anouk - Sad Singalong Songs – is released today. This is the record that features one of the favorites songs to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 tomorrow, Birds.

However we put Anouk in our headlines not just because of the record but also because 2 days ago, on May 15, Anouk released 4 videos for 4 songs: Birds; Kill; Good Life and Pretending as Always. Those 4 new videos, presented as short films, were directed by Dana Nechushtan. “Birds” and “Death” are the common thread on the majority of the films.

Next Monday Eurovision on Top will put 4 new videos on the section “Vote Now” and one of them will be one of Anouk, so stay tuned. An album review for Sad Singalong Songs will also be published too.

Carlos Carvalho

New albums by Eurovision Artists 2013

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 17, 2013 at 6:30 PM Comments comments (0)

In less than 48 hours the fever of Eurovision Song Contest will be over. However the 39 artists will not remain in silence since many of them are releasing new albums.

Among the various new records we highlight the following:

Anouk: Sad Singalong Songs

Bonnie Tyler: Rocks and Honey

Emmelie de Forest: Only Teardrops

Krista Siegfrids: Ding Dong

Marco Mengoni: Prontoacorrere

Natália Kelly: Natália Kelly

Ryan Dolan: Frequency

As usual we will try to follow as much as possible our artists through their new videos, album reviews, interviews and special reports. Stay tuned.

Carlos Carvalho



Surprises are back to Eurovision

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 17, 2013 at 10:15 AM Comments comments (0)

After the second semi final there was a lot to comments. There were some surprises of countries doing it to the final and also of countries don't passing through. Read about that and also about the press conference of the 10 winners of the second semi final.


The happy surprises: Hungary was the first surprise of the evening, followed by Malta. Romania wasn't such a big surprise, already in the rehearsal there was the feeling that they could do it with this show. The biggest surprise of the evening was Armenia. Dorians wont keep in a "lonely planet" but yes they will be fighting together with other 25 countries for the victory. In the year 2013 and having new rules in the voting, the Baltic countries seam to be established in the Eurovision, being represented by Estonia and Lithuania in the grand final.

The sad surprises: for the hearts of the Eurovision fans it was sad that Macedonia didn't pass to the final and also San Marino with Valentina Moneta, who after the last years critical feedback, this year surprised and got a lot of positive feedback. But for sure it is one of the biggest surprises this year that the first time in the Eurovision history there is no Balkan country of the formely Yugoslavia in the grand final. The saddest surprise of the evening for the whole audience for sure was that Israel didn't pass to final. After 2011 in Düsseldorf with Dana International it is the third time in a row that Israel didn't pass. After the show in the euroclub members of the Israeli delegation told, that Moran Mazor, who was celebrating her birthday yesterday, was very sad about this result.


Press conference: after the second semi final the 10 winners hold their press conference.

Azerbaijan: Farid was happy and told that he would like to bring the Eurovision back to Baku

Finland: Kristina gave special thanks to her team and told that the girl kisses really good. Being asked if her boyfriend now asked her to marry him, she said that if even not she will look for any other man....or woman!

Malta: Gianluca who couldn't stop to smile the whole time, told the audience that his visit to the hospital was the best experience during his time in Malmö. The smiles of the children made him happy and also the fact of the children knowing his song and to sing it together with them. Have a look at his video:

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Iceland: is happy about the performance and they will try to do it better anyway in the final

Greece: happy being in the final, they asked for "fair play" as answer how they comment the fact of Greece passing to the final only because of the fact of getting points of the neighbors.

Armenia: the biggest surprise of the evening was still modest and want now to give the best in the final.

Hungary: Alex, who is not such engaged at Eurovision wasn't known 4 month ago, even not in Hungary. Eurovision seams also to be a success story for him, but it also seams that he doesn't care about it. During all the finalists were still giving the possibility of photos to the press, Alex already left the photo wall going to sit down.

Norway: Margaret made it on norways national day to the final. She would were a red, blue and white dress and drink some champagne to celebrate booth, was her answer to one question from the press. Being asked about, if she is copying Lady Gaga, her answer was short and clear. "Have a look on my video from 2006 in YouTube and I think Lady Gaga is copying me!"

Georgia: the singers of the song Waterfall, which is written by the composer Thomas G:uisson of the last years winner song, were telling the audience that everybody should come to visit Georgia event if they won't win the final.

Romania: the proud and first Romanian opera singer doing it to the final, said that he dedicates this victory to his father, who died three years ago.


In the international press the kiss of Kristina with one of her performance girls got a lot of comments. We don't know if it was shown in countries like Azerbaijan and if it helps also in western countries like France to stop homophobia. But we know that the Eurovision organization is also changing the last years, in 2003 the group tatu representing Russia was forbidden to kiss on stage.

Finally Eurovision is back, as we know and love it. With some surprises and for some nations also some "scandals" but anyhow with wonderful moments and performances.


Pedro Almeida

Running order for the final

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 17, 2013 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0)

After the allocation draw to decide the first or the second half of the final, the production decided the running order of the songs in the contest.













The Netherlands


United Kingdom