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Conchita's new single - Radio premiere

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 22, 2015 at 4:55 PM Comments comments ()

"You are unstoppable" is the name of the new single of the winner of 2014, Conchita Wurst. This title remembers her statement after winning the contest and thanking to everyone, she said "we are unstoppable".

Now Conchita will release a song with that message and lyrics which give a deeper meaning to this words. In the swiss final Conchita announced that she will release a new single in the early march out of her album, which she will release to the Eurovision period in Vienna.

Click on this link to listen to the radio premiere of the new song of Conchita. You will be able to vote for that song in our weekly charts after the official release.

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Pedro de Almeida

Junior Eurovision 2014

Posted by Eurovision On Top on November 12, 2014 at 4:20 PM Comments comments ()

The countdown has started! The 12th annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest is set to take place in Malta and for the third time in the history of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest that the event will be hosted by the previous year's winning country.

November 15th is the day!

16 countries will be participating, more than in the latest years. Since 2007 (17 participants) that the number of countries was not that big.

Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Serbia are the returning countries while Azerbaijan, Moldova and Macedonia withdrawal this year.

Each participating broadcaster sends an act, the members of which are aged 10 to 15 on the day of the contest. The average age of this years participants are 13 years old.

Like in every year, the official website to follow the youngest eurovision artists is

Listen the songs here:

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Conchita Wurst: after Eurovision, week by week

Posted by Eurovision On Top on July 26, 2014 at 7:30 PM Comments comments ()

“Everything changed, obviously for the better. I always wanted my life to be like that, and I think I prepared myself to do what I do now.”

Conchita’s words to reflects how Eurovision can be a fairytale and it can make dreams come true.

Now through vídeos and photos let’s have a quick recap on what has been going on in Conchita’s world.


May 11, one day after the grande final, Conchita posts a picture grabing her prize and writes

i'm home ; i don't know what to say....



May 12, Conchita Wurst’s documentary, produced by ORF, is released online.

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Also on the week May 12

Elton John, David Furnish, Jean Paul Gaultier and many other celebraties congratulate Conchita.


On the same week of May 16th Conchita makes her first visit to the UK after her victory, appearing on “The One Show”, performing at G-A-Y and also appears as a guest on on the Graham Norton Show

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Week May 19

Conchita was in Cannes to attend the amfAR gala - a benefit to raise money to help fight AIDS.


Week May 26

Conchita headlined The Life Ball in Vienna, the biggest charity event in Europe supporting people with HIV or AIDS.

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Week June 2

It was time for Germany to receive Conchita. The Germany representative of 2000, Stefan Raab, invited her to his ‘Tv Total’.

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Week June 9

Tori Amos performs in Austria on June 7 and covers Conchita’s winning song. The video explodes in the Eurovision world.

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In the same week Conchita attends at Zurich Pride.


Week June 16

On June 20, Conchita performs at the Stonewall Gala in Berlin as a guest of honour.

On June 21, it was time for the annual French music festival Fête de la Musique, in France to embrace the winner of the ESC 2014.


Week June 23

London Pride and Dublin Pride Festival welcome Conhita

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Week June 30

Conchita is invited to to the 3rd largest city in Europe, Madrid, as a big attraction for Madrid Gay Pride. There she shares the stage with Ruth Lorenzo.

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Week July 7

Cochita is caught by the glamour of the catwalk to model some of Jean-Paul Gualtier’s dresses.

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Week July 14

Conchita performs at the at the Starnacht am Wörthersee in Austria. This time she meets up with the runner-ups, The Common Linnets.


Week July 21

Another Gay Pride, this time in Manchester.

Conchita will visit Greece for the Special event in honor of Anna Vissi.



New albums from the ESC 2014 participants

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 13, 2014 at 1:00 PM Comments comments ()

Every year a lot of artists that take part at the Eurovision and their record labels try so seize the free promotion given by the Contest and many albums see the light of the day in these season.

2014 is not exception and we can find several brand new albums from the participants that graced the Eurovision stage during the last week.

Therefore it is possible to hear the brand new offerings of:

Ovi (Romania) “A liitle bit of Pop won’t hurt anyone”

Elaiza (Germany) “Gallery”

The Common Linnets (The Netherlands) The Common Linnets

Emma Marrone (Italy) “Schiena Vs Schiena”

Valentina Monetta (San Marino) “Sensibilità”

Sanna Nielsen (Sweden) “16 bästa”

Just a quick note on“16 bästa” by Sanna Nielsen. This compilation is just a special release by Lionheart in order to present her to the new Sanna’s audience that was gained by “Undo”. It features all her greatest hits including of course “Empty Room” and  “I’m in Love”. It doesn’t cointain “Undo”. Her new album “7” is set to be released internationally next July.

Carlos Carvalho


The victory of Austria - reactions

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 11, 2014 at 4:25 PM Comments comments ()

Conchita was received today by thousands of persons in the airport of Wien.

The austrian president Heinz Fischer congratulates Conchita and said "it's not only a victory for Austria, it is a victory for tolerance in Europe".  All the political parties follow the example of the president,  even by  the FPÖ - extreme right party .

The last time Austria won the contest was in 1966.

The same happiness was not share by some politicians in Russia like Vladimir Jirinovski, from the liberal democratic party that wrote something like "50 years ago the soviet army ocupied Austria, they should have stayed there".

Is this the beggining of a political scene in Europe?

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