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Austria wins Eurovision 2014

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 10, 2014 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Eurovision 2014 it's over and the winner was decided inside an amazing show and an excited voting!

Finally the winner is Conchita Wurst who Rises like a Phoenix in front of all Europe and taking the second victory for Austria since Udo Juergens (Mercie Cherie).

The final ranking was:

1  Austria

2  The Netherlands

3  Sweden

4  Armenia

5  Hungary

6 Ukraine 7  Russia 8  Norway 9  Denmark 10  Spain 11  Finland 12  Romania 13  Switzerland 14  Poland 15  Iceland 16  Belarus 17  United Kingdom 18  Germany 19  Montenegro 20  Greece 21  Italy 22  Azerbaijan 23  Malta 24  San Marino 25  Slovenia 26  France

You can check the results from both first and second semifinal as published by EBU:

Semi final 1 :

Semi final 2:

Now all eyes are set in Austria that will welcome everyone for Wien 2015!

Will the Netherlands win? - A serious look at the charts

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 9, 2014 at 10:05 PM Comments comments (0)

The big final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 will be tonight and the Netherlands will win according to the charts in Europe!

As we reported last week, the absence of Eurovision Songs in the charts were big, but this week, it seems that a lot of things are changing!

Being the number 1 in your own country means that you are popular but the ones that buy your music in your country won't vote for you in Eurovision! This year, it only happened with the song from the Netherlands. Calm after the storm, is number 1 again this week in the Netherlands, after peaking the first position some months ago! Interesting that the song from the UK is already in the Top 40 of the UK at place 35. Something strange to happen before the contest.

In Sweden, Sanna Nielsen peaked 2, in Germany, Elaiza 4 and the Danish Basim, placed 9.

But it is totally different if song is ranked in the chart of a country that is not yours! That could be a real symptom of a success that is coming in Eurovision, specially in the same day as the contest will happen.

Considering the digital sales in the last 24 hours, and specially after the first and second semifinal, we find a lot of songs from Eurovision in different countries, apart from the own country:

The song from:

UK is in 2 charts (Ireland/ higher 71 in Lithuania);

Finland in 2 (Ireland/higher 79 in Norway);

Belarus in 4 charts (Denmark, Lithuania, 37 in Hungary, Sweden);

Greece in 6 charts (peak 18 in Belarus);

Germany in 3 charts (47 in Sweden);

Romania in 2 charts (64 in Norway);

Denamrk in 2 charts (31 in Sweden);

Russia in 1 chart (Azerbaijan); Italy in 1 chart ;

France in 2 charts (8 in Lithuania);

Spain in 2 charts (59 in Lithuania).

But  6 songs are apparently reaching what we can call a success in Europe:

Switzerland is in 6 charts (Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Netherlands and Sweden below 50 but it's number 3 in Slovenia);

Armenia in 7 countries (Denmark, Finland, Lithuania and Azerbaijan below 50; but placing 22 in Sweden, 37 in Russia and 40 in Greece);

Norway in 7 countries (Belgium, Denmark, Ireland and Sweden below 50, but placing 39 in Finland, 34 in the Netherlands and 5 in Slovenia);

Sweden in 9 countries (Austria, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Israel and Azerbaijan below 50, but placing 17 in Estonia, 27 in Finland, 21 in Norway); The song Undo is also starting to be played in the radios in Latvia where it peaked the place number 1 in the airplaycharts,

Austria in 12 countries (Belgium, Germany, Russia and Switzerland below 50 but placing 29 in Denmark, 17 in Hungary, 8 in Finland, 15 in Greece, 41 in Ireland, 37 in Israel, 29 in the Netherlands and 6 in Sweden).

The Netherlands in 13 countries (Spain, Portugal and Slovenia below 50 but placing 39 in Austria, 19 in Estonia, 9 in Lithuania, 6 in Latvia, 36 in Norway, 49 in Finland, 33 in Ireland, 11 in Denmark, 35 in Belgium and 11 in Sweden). In mostly all these charts we can find two different versions of the song (we only considered the best ranked version).

Loreen and Lena Meyer were in a large amount of charts in the week before Eurovision! The same is happening with Conchita, Sanna and the Common Linnets! According to this analysis and considering the place in which they are going to perform, can we say that the Netherlands will be the winner of tonight's edition of the Eurovision Song Contest?

Behind the stage - before Eurovision

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 9, 2014 at 9:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Today it is the last day before the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, the day the jury final and the day were everything is starting to get serious. This kind of atmosphere is in the air in the press center and also around the arena and the city there is 6 times more police than usual. Helicopters are flying over the Eurovision Island and every one is concentrated for the highlight of the Eurovision season 2014, the grand final. So as everything is speeding up and there are just less hours until the final it is time for Eurovision On Top to speak about not just about the things beside the stage but also close or also sometimes on the stage, which the audience can't see or don't notice or even don't know. And in fact there are a lot of such examples and things to mention. There are a lot of people in the arena working with the lights, with the cameras, cutting, cleaning and filming. And some of them have a very special job but perhaps the most lonely job, because they are during the whole show alone, far away from others and can't go to toilet, even they really need to. This are special light technical guys, who in all big events sit in special seats and are somewhere under the roof. Perhaps one of the hardest jobs during this job.


On other important job during the Eurovision show are the background singers. Almost not known, sometimes the real stars of songs, but usually they get less recognition. Everyone knows the classical background singers, almost in black clothes and just making some "Uuuuuu" and "Aaaaa". This kind you also see at Eurovision. But at Eurovision there is also an other kind of background singers. The kind you listen but don't see. Regarding to the rules the EBU will confirm, that they are on the stage. But in fact nobody see them on the screen. Also this year there are to examples for that. One is Estonia. A lot of people asked themselves how the singer Tanja is able to dance and jump so much, but at the same time sing so strong. Well the secret for that is a strong background of three ladies and one of them underlined the chorus of the front singer. Eurovision on Top doesn't want to criticize it. Indeed there are talented and good singers, sometimes already supporting for years the national representatives. Actual there is also an american documentation being released in the cinemas, which speaks exactly about the topic of the background singer, who never get into the spot light, even deserving it. There are examples of background singer for Tina Turner or Michael Jackson. And also at the Eurovision, the second example in there is Spain with Ruth Lorenzo, who offside the stage promotes a lot her background ladies. And on the stage there was a moment of shock, when one of the background singers felt from the stage and wasn't able to attend the first round of the rehearsal. She had to leave the stage to be checked by a doctor. The fans and Ruth very shocked for a while. After a while she went back on stage, as everything was ok with her left leg and so the spanish combination was complete again und the second round of the rehearsal could start. In the grand final there will be again the four girls on stage supporting Ruth performing the song and give more power to it.

This evening only the artists will shine on the artists and the winning act will be the star of the night. But all this event won't be possible without the engagement of all involved persons, volunteers, directors, heads of, catering or what ever... That is the annual event, which is prepared over month and which then ends so rapid after the announcement of the winner. But as every year with that moment the new Eurovision season begins. After the Eurovision is before the Eurovision.


The Running Order for the Grand Final

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 9, 2014 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

The Running Order for the Grand Final

The running order is as follows:

























The Netherlands

San Marino

United Kingdom

Ready for the semi? You predicted...

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 8, 2014 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Last Tuesday our readers predicted 7 of the 10 semifinalist in an impressive semifinal!

What is going to happen tonight? Are you ready?

According to our readers, the 10 countries that will qualify for saturday are:

Israel, Austria, Poland, Norway, Slovenia, Lithuania, Georgia, Ireland, Greece and Romania!

All the best for everyone and don't forget to watch it tonight at 8 p.m. (CET).