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Our choice for the week (w36)

Posted by Eurovision On Top on September 6, 2020 at 10:35 AM

The veteran 

Although Johansen has released this single some time ago, it is always worth listening to his new songs. With two numbers one on our chart, Jan keeps his record and can get his ninth Top 20 + 5. Whenever we hear him, a Se Pa Meg comes to mind.


The simplicity

Tom Dice manages to cement his career with his band The Starlings. Full of feeling and simple songs, he manages to keep the simplicity with which we know him on Eurovision. Little Submarine reached number two, and this Die Happy? For now, we must celebrate the success it is having in Belgium.


The Jazzy

From Bulgaria comes Orlin Pavlov, the one who performed with a jazz band on the Eurovision stage, without much success. In his country, on the contrary, he is an artist of great recognition. For #EOT, he already took 4 songs to the Top but never a Top5. Is it with this song so pleasant to the ear that he gets there? Beautiful interpretation.


These amazing sounds

Eurovision swapped her laps and was at the door of the final. This song is so perfect and the production is so good, rich in ethnic and electronic sounds that it cannot go unnoticed! No doubt this is a big surprise! 5 stars! We expect a lot, but a lot, from this Aisel!


The comeback

Look who's back! We were already longing to hear the bass voice and soul of the Latvian band's vocalist. With two numbers 1 in #EOT, this time, they sing both and can get their eighth hit. The song will be for domestic consumption in your country, but our contribution is to promote it and, who knows, jump across borders. They deserve it!

Our choice for the week (w33)

Posted by Eurovision On Top on August 18, 2020 at 10:55 AM

Another week in midsummer for us to make our choices. This is our 5 recomendations!


The return

Jalisse go around and around trying to reach the general public and when they do, they always edit great songs. The most recent, in a register that we are used to, is a beautiful love song. Maybe a little more rock than usual, at a time when this genre is starting to get a little trendy, but as the 90s are back ... Jalisse are in a good moment!


Abandoning Eurovision

The Australian girl who hung on a pole understood that the song that led to Eurovision was just that, a silly little song for Eurovision! In a record more pop than the previous collaboration of the previous album, with Michael von der Aa, she returns with a record that reminds other pop singers of the moment.


In progress

Vasil continues to show that the style he would take to Eurovision this year is his own style; with a lot of ethnic influence, well mixed and with feeling. This new song, accompanied by a very well made video, would be up to a song for Eurovision. Why not?


The mistake

It was perhaps the Swedish injustice in Eurovision, for the many times that the Scandinavian country has benefited, should not have happened to this brilliant singer. But sometimes it has to be like that, fail to win later. Anna is undoubtedly one of the most interesting singers in Sweden today.


Welcome back

It is with Balkan sounds and some mix of flamenco that Jelena Tomasevic returns to new releases. The song is nothing that Jelena has not used to us before, but it is something that always works well! and thankfully it is so!

Our choice for the week (w31)

Posted by Eurovision On Top on August 2, 2020 at 9:55 AM Comments comments ()

Another week that arrives full of news from your favorite Eurovision artists.

The new artists


Two of the girls who were unable to participate this year have new songs. From Romania Roxen, unstoppable, brings another new song after being number one in the #EOT Top20 + 5. Jumping between Romanian and English, Roxen is preparing for next year.

From Poland, Alicia presents a more danceable theme leaving the ballad Empires behind. What follows, in this career that did not reach the ESC stage?

The complete artists 


Svetlana Loboda brings a summer hit without leaving her personal style. A repetitive song that gets to be anoying, but it is worth listening to, if only for the production.


Bilal Hassani is also back with a video in which she presents herself in great shape, with a perfect choreography where Bilal explores space becoming the puzzle piece that makes this song almost essential, at least visually.

The classic artist


Katrina's return, now Katrina from Katrina and the Waves, on a very rocky theme that will not have the success of Walking on Sunshine. The song should have been more melodic or even a ballad could have been more convenient. For lovers of classic rock it will be fine. Perhaps the album that comes out on August 28 is closer to what we would expect from a Katrina without Waves.

Our choice for the week (w30)

Posted by Eurovision On Top on July 26, 2020 at 8:10 AM

A song for the summer

As soon as it was edited it reached number 1 on the iTunes of Poland. Edyta Gorniak continues to sow successes and show that she is a very popular artist despite the fact that she has already given up on the international career she promised in the 90s. Single after single, Edyta shows her vocal value.


A promotion song

Many will wonder after this year's Eurovision songs, what the confirmed artists will sing next year. Many are releasing singles in an attempt to test what they might show. Athena makes us curious about Chains on You. Is this Dolla her answer?


A song like the others

Jedward are back and for many fans, everything they do will always be good. In the same style that we have become accustomed to, this new theme could have been launched during the band's heyday. For the fans it is a refreshment and not to forget that they are still there. And it feels good to see them back!


A return

Rita Guerra is back. The 2003 Diva and one of the most popular artists in her country returns with a ballad full of rhythms somewhat different from the more classic ones that are usual. What's next?

Our choice for the week (w28)

Posted by Eurovision On Top on July 12, 2020 at 7:25 AM

We continue in the summer and for many in confinement, we hope you are well! Eurovision artists don't stop and our recommendations for this week are as follows.



It is true that Eurovision did not go very well for him, and perhaps because of this, and possibly because he does not speak English, his bet is clearly on the Bulgarian market. It's a shame because Miro's voice is still excellent and the music he makes is not far behind. He recently won the best video award at the BG Radio Awards for "Нависоко" where he presented this new theme.



"If I were sorry" turned out to be one of the themes of the year on Eurovision a few years ago. Returning, Frans brings two new singles "Monday" and "On a wave". Always with a cool aspect and to refresh this summer in warmer moments.



In a record clearly different from the one we have been accustomed to, Ieva Zasimauskaitė, the simplest revelation of the 2018 Eurovision interprets "Labas Tau Tariu". Is the little girl still in love or is she getting fed up with more romantic songs? Clearly, she is an artist to follow in the near future.


Sevak Khanagyan

Single after single, Sevak Khanagyan, demonstrates an increasingly interesting career with his own record and without escaping the personal mark that led him to Eurovision.

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