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Celine Dion among Highest-Paid Musicians

Posted by Eurovision On Top on August 1, 2018 at 5:05 AM Comments comments (0)

U2, Garth Brooks and Metallica are leading the chart of the 50 Highest-Paid Musicians of 2018. The just released chart on Billboard also includes one Eurovision winner and she is no more than Celine Dion!

The canadian and winner of 1988  jumps 11 spots from last year, despite banking the least amount of publishing royalties on the list (because she rarely writes the songs she sings). Still, her catalog generated $1 million in artist royalties, and her Las Vegas residency and live shows minted $15.1 million.

Celine Dion is in the middle of the chart at number 26.

A little bit of History: Eurovillage and Altice Arena

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 8, 2018 at 3:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Do you know what's the real and historical meaning of the locations of Eurovision 2018? We will tell you!

The Eurovillage place is one of the most important points of the city of Lisbon. The Commerce Square is perhaps the most central point of the city and one of the largest squares in Europe with about 36,000 m².

In 1511, King D. Manuel the first transferred his residence from the Castle of St. George to this place by the river. It was the site of the palace of the kings of Portugal for about two centuries and therefore also has the name Terreiro do Paço. Palace means Residence of king; Terreiro means a wide land space. Unfortunately, everything was destroyed by the earthquake of 1755 and so the prime minister of that time made the square as the fundamental element of its restructuring.

It was for a long time the noble entrance of Lisbon, and on the marble steps of the Cais das Colunas, coming from the river, landed and were received heads of state and other prominent figures as the Queen of England.

In the center of the square is the equestrian statue D. José, erected in 1775. On the north side of the square is the Triumphal Arch of Augusta Street, the entrance to Baixa. As the center of the city, many historical events took place there. The 1st of February 1908, King D. Carlos and his son, the Royal Prince D. Luis Filipe were assassinated when they passed in the square. On October 5, 1910, in a square next to the Terreiro was proclaimed the Republic.

Terreiro do Paço (1662), by Dirk Stoop

The Altice Arena will host the Eurovision shows. The arena has had several names since its creation and there they have passed Madonna, Il Divo or Bruno Mars. The Pavilion of Utopia as it was called initially, came to be called Atlantic and then MEO Arena. But this important place of Lisbon is celebrating together with its surrounding area 20 years of existence!

The EXPO'98, 1998 World Exposition, whose theme was "The Oceans: A Heritage for the Future", hosted pavilions and representatives from around the world. The area chosen to house the site was the eastern boundary of the city along the Tagus River. Several pavilions have been built, some of which remain at the service of the inhabitants and visitors, integrated in the now designated Nations Park, standing out the Oceanarium (the largest aquarium in the World with the reproduction of 5 distinct oceans and numerous species of mammals and fishes ). Architecturally, the Expo revolutionized this part of the city and influenced the strategies of urban requalification of the Portuguese panorama.

Pedro Mensurado/Global Imagens


Rehearsals - day 6

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 4, 2018 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

The rehearsals continue, today with the first round for the big 5 plus guest.

Armenia - 1st country to rehearse today. He was much better that in the first round. Even he was good, we keep the MAYBE

Switzerland - They are very confident on stage but despite the good performance, it would be difficult for them to reach the final. NO

Ireland - Beautiful voice, and nice presentation with a nice message to the world. Ireland deserve to go through but.... it's hard. NO

Cyprus - Fire, Fire and Fire...OMG!!! Eleni is great! She can burn the stage. It is an incredible way to end the show. YES....for sure!

Norway - Alexander will fight hard to win again. The song is not as good as in 2009, but the singer is able to keep the same energy and power! YES

Romania - The lead singer of the band was perfect today but it seems that Romania is not convincing the audience because they still 30 in the odds. Being Romania the chances to qualify are high.... YES

Serbia - Reflectign the culture of the balkan country, Serbia brings nothing new. YES

San Marino - Jessika, Jenifer and their robots did a nice job today but still last in the odds. NO

Denmark - One more shy performance but that creates some impact. The Vikings of Denmark will reach the final . YES

Portugal - Intimacy was the word that Claudia Pascoal creates. Very nice performance but not with the outfits they are going to use. 

Spain - Simple performance of the so in love duet. The cameras turning around the couple worked perfectly. 

Germany - A surprise since the song worked very good on stage! The pictures of the singer and his died father can create some emotion among the audience. 

UK - SuRie is a good singer and the performance is nice. What is a positive point can also be a negative one: the song sounds like a deja vue from a lot of things. 

Italy - It was the most emotional performance of the day for us! Great singers, great dynamic and nothing on stage apart from the singers. In the screens some words with the lyric will be seen.

France - The song is great and the singer very good but they walk so much on the stage that the audience can be tired of seeing them moving. Pity! Because they could have been the winners. 

Photo by: Andres Putting

Rehearsals - Day 5

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 3, 2018 at 6:25 AM Comments comments (0)

This is the first time that we watching the rehearsals live from the venue and the impression is very different:

Azerbaijan - Right now it's performance has nothing new. Good singer and performances but in such a hard semifinal it's not certain that they will reach the final. MAYBE

Albania - Great visual performance from the albanian singer. Without any doubt, this is a country that really deserves to be in the final. MAYBE

Iceland - The performance might look a bit old fashioned but the singer is great. The bad thing is that performing after Albania can be a down moment. NO

Belgium - Great performance today. The cameras worked to much better than the previous rehearsal. Belgium still it's fight for winning but it won't be this time. YES

Czech Republic - After the doubts about the health issue of Mikolas, he could perform today. It was a good rehearsal but it was clear that he avoid making big movements. YES

Lithuania - Great great show! It is simple, elegant, quality and efective! Perfect YES

Israel - The big favorite doens't convince again at 100%. Netta is ok but the backing vocals are out of tone sometimes. No matter what they will be in the final. YES

Belarus - Aleksee is doing a  nice show again but the result seems to be a extravaganza and baroque. Not sure if he will be in the final. MAYBE

Estonia - Very nice visual impact who lead the audience to vote. It is really appealing! YES

Bulgaria - Equinox are trying to reach the place that Salvador took from Bulgaria. They will be on the top of this final. YES

FYR Macedonia - The singer was not good today and their performance was something from the past. It will be difficult to reach final. NO

Croatia - The beauty Franka is and the nice the performance is may not be enough for reaching the final. MAYBE

Austria - Their vocal abilities are the best! If César doensn't proceed to the final it will be very unfair. YES

Greece - Great rehearsal from Yianna with so much elegance. A simple performance with a beautiful melodie. To sing in greek is the best! YES

Finland - Saara was much better today but the scenography doesn't bring anything new. MAYBE

Photo by: Andres Putting

Day 2 - rehearsals

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 30, 2018 at 6:35 AM Comments comments (0)

The second day of rehearsals jus started with FYRO Macedonia opening the day. Follow the videos here:

FYR Macedonia The presentation on stage is based on black and pink colours. The  performe tries to takes the best from the stage and from the nice song but the chances to reach the final are minimum. NO

Austria Great rehearsal. The singer is on a mobile platform and in the middle of the song he goes down to interact with the audience. At the press Centre people appalud the performance confirming that he add big chances to reach the final. YES

Croatia The great voice of Franka is perfect fro Crazy. Croatia has high chances to reach the final but in case it happens it won't be in the borderline. MAYBE

Greece Yanna is singing in greek and has a simple scenography in which her performance remains. With a certain dramatic performance she has big chances to go on the final. YES

Finland The song monsters is trying to impress to reach the final. The scenography is very attractive and Saara has a Diva actitude on stage. MAYBE

Armenia We already knew that the voice of the singer would be good. The performance is simple but do we need more on it? Simple and effective. MAYBE

Switzerland The two siblings stepped the stage today. Nothing is new on it but both are trying to do the best with their the pop rock song. They don't have enough chances to reach the final. NO

Ireland Ryan tries to pass the magic he shows at his clip by a modern dancing with two dancers. His performance will be a manifesto for free love and certainly it will help him to get votes. MAYBE

Cyprus The little mediterranean country will try to fight to reach the final with a song that along with Israel will make stand up the arena for dancing. Fire, Power and Sensuality from Eleni! YES

picture: Andres Putting