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Official Charts: Frans is the Top seller

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 21, 2016 at 11:15 AM Comments comments ()

During last weeks we've been showing you the iTunes charts as a immediate success example for Eurovision Songs. Since iTunes is updated everyday and it is only a sum of the sellings in that digital store we must focus in the official charts of every country to understand the success of a Eurovision song.

Just one week before Eurovision, the first popularity and selling results are now available. It would be really bad if this year ESC songs won't be in any chart but that's not the case since we find many Eurovision entries in the european charts.

In the official chart of 10 countries (remember that not all countries has official charts) we find Frans placing 10 in Sweden, 12 in Germany and 7 in Finland. The other case of success comes from Australia due to Dami Im that is charting in 6 countries, just like Sergey Lazarev. If Dami Im's best place is 17th in Finland, Lazarev peaked 17 in the same chart as is best european place. Amir is second in France and we can find him in 4 official charts.


What about the winner? Jamala is only in 3 charts, peaking 27 in Poland, 49 in France, 46 in Sweden and 17 in Ukraine.

Is it about promotion? Maybe in the radios, but the Eurovision Song Contest seems to be the best platform to promote a song internationally for a newcomer! Who will know in France or Sweden who Poli Genova is? or in Sweden and France about Barei?

Interesting fact is to find Margaret (the polish runner up) being 34 in Poland and 40 in Sweden!

Check the full list:

  • Frans - #7 Fi #47 Il #36 Fr #23 Pl #15Ee #10 Sw #34 Nl #12 De #61 UK #44 Be
  • Dami Im - #11 Fi #69 Fr #38 Pl #17 Sw #100 Nl #57 De
  • Sergey Lazarev - #17 Fi #53 Fr #49 Pl #36 Hu #34 Sw #33 Ru
  • Poli Genova - #1 Bg #129 Fr #47 Sw
  • Jamala - #17 Ukraine #49 Fr #27 Pl #46 Sw
  • Ira Losco - #1 Malta
  • Gabriela Guncikova - #23 Czech Republic
  • Amir - #2 Fr #45 Sw #29 Ru #80 De
  • Hovi Star - #93 Sw
  • Douwe Bob - #96 Sw #5 Nl
  • Zoe - #99 Fr #66 Sw #35 At
  • Laura Tesoro - #103 Fr #2 Be
  • Michal Szpak - #15 Pl #156 Fr
  • Jamie-Lee - #23 De
  • Barei - #184 Fr #63 Sw #69 Sp
  • Joe & Jake - #81 UK
  • Justs - #80 Sw
  • Greta Salomé - #5 Is
  • Freddie - #2 Hu


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TOP 5: Perfect Imperfections of ESC 2016

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 19, 2016 at 5:00 PM Comments comments ()

Whatever we may think, Eurovision is no longer only a song contest. No matter the importance of the stagging, the dresses and the song, Eurovision is now closer to a performative arts contest.

After lots of rehearsals and work behind each participating team, everything must be perfect for the Big event, lights, dress, make up, coreography, voice and all the details needed for the best performance of a lifetime!


Pity that not everything can result as the team wish. Sometimes because of the artist, sometimes because of the movements or sometimes because the dresses are proper for winning the Barbara Dex Award. Most of the times we don't notice those little mistakes in the performances but when we do it, it is something that no eurofan will forget!

This year, we choose 5 (Perfect) Imperfections from this year contest as seen on TV. This is the TOP 5!

5. Australia

If you are enjoying the voice and the song of Dami Im you won't notice anything, but if you watched the rehearsal two days before the contest you knew that she wasn't going to be seated during all the song. 

There's one second in which you see two men running on stage.

4. Estonia

Juri was last on his semi final. On TV we saw him very nervous and trying to do some magic numbers with cards.

Well... his tricks were so predictable that he would never got a ticket for the next round of Got Talent.

3. Moldova

The astronaut from Moldova was not the first in Eurovision as we saw some in 2013 coming from Montenegro. During the performance, the astronaut dances around the singer and just before the end, he opened his diving dress and... Oops!!! We saw his acreditation! Did he simply forgot it?  or was he saying to all the non-acreditated fans and press "I got it!" ?

2. Russia

It's obvious that Sergey and his team worked and worked and worked to make a perfect presentation but after all their work all the viewers saw on TV some things that were avoidable.

Of course you can use your imagination but was it Sergey with wings or the shadow of Sergey with wings? Maybe a simple lightning system would have changed it.

All the viewers on TV noticed  the irregularity on the screen behind Sergey. Was it necessary? Maybe, but it doensn't looked ok.

1. Finland

Apparently everything was good on the performance of Sandhja, at least visually. Energy, good vibe and a nice song to start the show!

That's our favourite perfect imperfection, and for us, the perfect imperfection of the year! Not because of Sandhja but due to one of her backing vocals! The frozen frame won't show what we felt when we watched it. we recommend you to watch it and repeat it, and watch it again and again!


What was that jumping bulge? Her T-shirt? Watch it and take your conclusions!

Remember that Nobody's perfect! So we don't!

And with the previous voting system?

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 15, 2016 at 7:25 AM Comments comments ()

The after Eurovision season is starting now and with it, some frustrated fans, some happy fans, countries returning, maybe countries withdrawing and some of the delegations already planning!

This year we faced a new voting system, and it was clearly exciting till the end of the show! Of course not everyone liked the winner (LIKE EVERY YEAR), of course not everyone loved the new system, but we must respect the rules! YES, Eurovision has rules and in every contest it's very necessary! You may like the rules or not, but no one has the right to protest after the result!

So, we have a winner!!!

It's the song political? Maybe! Jamala won with the actual rules? YES!!

Like last year with Il Volo the same happened now with Australia vs. Ukraine! But once again, you got RULES! Ukraine might not have been the 1st in the televoting or 1st in the jury; but as Mathematics show, if Australia or Russia would have been the 1st in both juries or televoting should have won!

But we spent the morning calculatin how would it be with the previous system, and with some marge of errors (we've been partying), we show you the results below with Australia winning the contest! But hey!!! And if Australia had won? Surely a lot fo people would have been complaining all night saying that it is not Europe, and on, and on!! Is there a consensual winner? No, never!! So, Congratulations Ukraine!! Congratulations Jamala!!

The winner according to iTunes

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 14, 2016 at 10:50 AM Comments comments ()

Last year iTunes predicted that Mans was going to win!

Whats happening now in the iTunes chart all over europe? The positions of this year Eurovision songs are not very high, but being there can be a sign of the televoting tonight.

According to iTunes, Sergey Lazarev will be the winner because his song is in the chart of 18 countries, even if his positions are very low. Sergey is number 1 in Russia.

Dami Im stays in the chart of 16 countries with the best position at number 5, in Sweden.

Frans, is number 1 now in Estonia and his song can be heard in 12 countries. Just like Jamala that entered 12 charts, with a number 20 in Poland and peaking the first place in Ukraine.

Laura Tesoro is founded in 11 charts and it's the biggest surprise of this year contest. She's back to number 1 in Belgium now.

Amir is now in 9 countries and number 5 in France, the same as Douwe Bob.

And finally Zoe, that entered the chart of 7 countries.

If we find Barei in Spain or Agnete in Norway, it's not a surprise! But according to the 200 european chart of  iTunes, the winner will be Russia, Australia, Sweden, Ukraine or France!

Just enjoy the show tonight and see you next year somewhere in Europe.

Laurent Triqueneaux (Canada)

5 things about Frans

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 14, 2016 at 5:35 AM Comments comments ()

He is the host! Today he will receive the final of Eurovision in his homeland!

Get to know more about him!

1. Frans Jeppsson Wall is the youngest participant in Eurovision with only 17 y.o.

2. He is best known for his football anthems with the band Elias, including the 2006 hit "Who's da Man" dedicated to Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimović. The song peaked the number 1 of the Swedish Charts.

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3. Another sports-related chart-topper by Frans was the 2008 song "Fotbollsfest", a song launched in support of the Sweden national football team and also peaked 1 in the Swedish Charts.

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4. In Christmas 2006, he had a minor hit with his song "Kul med Jul".

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5. He has a twin sister.


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