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Inclusion and a special band

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 16, 2019 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (1)

With Netta's victory at the ESC in Lisbon it began the possibility that anyone could dream of winning both in the competition and in life, regardless of their physical and mental characteristics.

The slogan is Dare to dream and we all have the chance to Dare to Dream. Eurovision is a song contest that promotes inclusion. This year's dream involves the inclusion of people with reduced physical and psychological abilities. Tel Aviv 2019 promotes inclusion both inside and outside the arena and to the world.

There is a large reserved area for viewers in wheelchairs during the shows and special seats for people with disabilities. In a small arena, with about a third of the capacity of the Lisbon arena, this is certainly an image of inclusion.

But the real mark is the performance of a band of 8 elements with physical disabilities, SHALVA BAND, whose two blind interpreters had a performance that contagious the whole arena during the rehearsals. Shalva Band will play in the interval act of the second semifinal today. Dare to dream everyday.


Paulo Costa e Silva

Second semifinal: Are you ready?

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 15, 2019 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

After big surprises in the first semifinal, much more are waited for the second! Are you ready to feel your heartbeat? 

The countries competing in the second Semi-Final are:

  • Armenia - Srbuk with Walking Out
  • Ireland - Sarah McTernan with 22
  • Moldova - Anna Odobescu with Stay
  • Switzerland - Luca Hänni with She Got Me
  • Latvia - Carousel with That Night
  • Romania - Ester Peony with On A Sunday.
  • Denmark - Leonora with Love Is Forever
  • Sweden - John Lundvik with Too Late For Love
  • Austria - PÆNDA with Limits
  • Croatia - Roko with The Dream
  • Malta - Michela with Chameleon
  • Lithuania - Jurij Veklenko with Run With The Lions
  • Russia - Sergey Lazarev with Scream
  • Albania - Jonida Maliqi with Ktheju tokës
  • Norway - KEiiNO with Spirit In The Sky
  • The Netherlands - Duncan Laurence with Arcade
  • North Macedonia - Tamara Todevska with Proud
  • Azerbaijan - Chingiz with Truth

EBU stated "How do juries decide? The juries decide their points based on 4 key elements: Vocal capacity of the singer; Performance on stage; Composition and originality of the song;Overall impression of the act."  So it will be very interesting to know how the juries had read these instructions next saturday, after the final.

Who will reach the final? Dare to Dream!

Photo: Thomas Hanses (

First semifinal results

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 14, 2019 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

One month ago our readers predicted 6 of the semifinalists! The first semifinal was held today with big surprises among the finalists, specially when some of the let's say big contenders for qualification ended out.

These are the finalists and the part of the show where they will perform:

1st part of the show (1 to 13)

  • Greece
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • San Marino
  • Slovenia

2nd part of the show (14 to 26)

  • Belarus
  • Serbia
  • Estonia
  • Australia
  • Iceland

photo: Andres Putting

Shalom Europe

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 14, 2019 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Tel Aviv breathes in these days the Eurovision spirit . Being a coast town facing the sea it features an extensive boardwalk with many beaches. It is walking all these footwear that we can see the amount of beach supports with flags of the various countries and with full of Eurovision symbols. At the end of this boardwalk is where you will find the EuroVillage, itself inserted on the beach.

I can therefore conclude that here in Televive, the Eurovision spirit is largely facing the beach. Places where you can easily find European fans and local people to provide information about the city and its country Israel.

The Eurovision spirit is felt everywhere and the excitement is felt in the air for the semifinal of this night where anything can happen.

Nuno Pires 

The first semifinal is tonight

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 13, 2019 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)

This evening will finally be held the first semi-final of Eurovision 2019!

Yesterday we were in the jury rehearsal, in an arena mainly filled by Israelites, and the competition is more and more close. The arena is considerably smaller than in previous years but on television it will work due to the depth effect created by the stage!

It will certainly be a great show!

Countries competing tonight are:

  1. Cyprus - Tamta with Replay
  2. Montenegro - D mol with Heaven
  3. Finland - Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman with Look Away
  4. Poland - Tulia with Fire of Love (Pali się;)
  5. Slovenia - Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl with Sebi
  6. Czech Republic - Lake Malawi with Friend Of A Friend
  7. Hungry - Joci Pápa with Az Én Apám
  8. Belarus - ZENA with Like It
  9. Serbia - Nevene Božović with Kruna
  10. Belgium - Eliot with Wake Up
  11. Georgia - Oto Nemsadze with Keep On Going
  12. Australia - Kate Miller-Heidke with Zero Gravity
  13. Iceland - Hatari with Hatrið mun sigra
  14. Estonia - Victor Crone with Storm
  15. Portugal - Conan Osiris with Telemóveis
  16. Greece - Katerine Duska with Better Love
  17. San Marino - Serhat with Say Na Na Na

France, Spain and Israel are also able to vote!