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Russia wins Junior ESC 2017

Posted by Eurovision On Top on November 26, 2017 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (1)

Russia won the edition of 2017 of Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Among 16 countries, Polina Bogusevich was the favourite of the specialized jury but not the favourite of the audience which was The Netherlands followed by Malta.

Russia didn't took part at the adult ESC 2017 but won the Junior for the second time ever.

Krylya, Wings, was the song that Polina performed sharing the stage with two comporary dancers. Bulgaria and Israel withdraw form the contest this year but Portugal returned.

This was the final ranking:


Draw CountryArtist/ Song  Language(s) Place Points

01 Cyprus Nicole Nicolaou "I Wanna Be a Star" Greek, English 16 45

02 Poland Alicja Rega "Mój Dom" Polish 8 138

03 Netherlands Fource "Love Me" Dutch, English 4 156

04 Armenia Misha "Boomerang" Armenian, English 6 148

05 Belarus Helena Meraai "I Am the One" Russian 5 149

06 Portugal Mariana Venâncio "Youtuber" Portuguese 14 54

07 Ireland Muireann McDonnell "Súile Glasa" Irish 15 54

08 Macedonia Mina Blažev "Dancing Through Life" Macedonian, English 12 69

09 Georgia Grigol Kipshidze "Voice of the Heart" Georgian 2 185

10 Albania Ana Kodra "Don't Touch My Tree" Albanian, English 13 67

11 Ukraine Anastasiya Baginska "Don't Stop" Ukrainian, English 7 147

12 Malta Gianluca Cilia "Dawra Tond" English, Maltese 9 107

13 Russia Polina Bogusevich "Wings" Russian, English 1 188

14 Serbia Irina Brodić & Jana Paunović "Ceo svet je naš" Serbian 10 92

15 Australia Isabella Clarke "Speak Up" English 3 172

16 Italy Maria Iside Fiore "Scelgo (My Choice)" Italian, English 11 86

Minsk will held the next edition of Junior ESC.

Are t.A.T.u. back?

Posted by Eurovision On Top on September 11, 2017 at 7:05 PM Comments comments (2)

The most popular band in Russia's history, tATu, has left indelible traces in the local people's mind that they have dreamed of their return ever since. But internet is full of lies!

YouTube is full of tATu songs that are not really tATu songs, but since it's difficult to recognize Julija Volkova or Jelena Katyina's voice singing together, a lot of fans can not understand Russian and Cyrillic characters, so can be credible. It's been a couple of days ago that a song called Follow Me was added to the tATu Official channel, which is mainly due to the fact that it was not the band. Secondly, there is a problem with it, despite all the official tones, it is not really the official channel of tATu, but a fan who wants their favorite band to join the 2018 Russian football fever.

As sound- minded people bring a lot of clicks, the only Russian page on has been translated into two languages, so the girlband has released a new song. The inserted video is no longer the same as the enthusiast, but it is exactly the same lie.

Of course, from the Russian girl's career, the simple lies were far too far apart, as all of their career was built by the huge chamber that they were lesbians and lovers in each other. Lena Katyina did not stop singing, in 2011, for example, his Russian song MTV gave her the title of the video of the year, while she gave birth to a baby, and she also started acting.

Listen the supposed new song here:


Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on April 13, 2017 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Refering to the official EBU statement RUSS IS OUT of eurovision 2017!

There have been ideas of the EBU how to make it possible that Russia still would be able to participate at the contest this year in Kiev.

One solution was a participation via satelite and the other was to nominate an other artist.

Both options were no option for the russian broadcaster. That means, RUSSIA is out 2017!

The broadcaster further informed that they are not going to broadcast the eurovision this year. By the rules of EBU it would mean that it would be dificult to participate at eurovision next year. 

But we will see, if the book of Russia at Eurovision 2017 is written or if it just was one more chapter.

Pedro de Almeida

New releases from Russia and Ukraine

Posted by Eurovision On Top on September 26, 2016 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Autumn is a great time for releases since the Euphoria of all the Summer Hits that surrounded our ears are just memories.

Since taking part in Eurovision is more or less a synonimous of success, at least in Russia and in Ukraine, we can  find new songs from several artists from the former Soviet countries.

And if you are asking why we put russian and ukrainian artists in the same post, just check the charts of both countries and you will be surprised!

Olexandr Ponomoryev


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Elena Teknikova (former Serebro)

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Dima Bilan

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Svetlana Loboda

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Buranovkiye Babushki

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Zlata Ognevich

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Lena Katina (former TATU)

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Mariya Yaremchuk

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Philipp Kirkorov

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Ani Lorak

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Aleksey Vorobyov

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The new album of Serebro in 4 years

Posted by Eurovision On Top on June 19, 2016 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

We've been waiting for a long time for the new album of Serebro. Сила трёх is finally out and climbed to the number 1 in the chart  of iTunes Russia.

The new album consists of 16 tracks, including the previously released singles "Otpusty Menya", "Chocolate," "Pereputala" or "Kiss". "The power of three" - the first studio album from the russian group in 4 years.

Recall that recently Daria Shashin leave the band but the producer Maxim Fadeev decided to leave Daria's voice in the already recorded tracks. Kate Kischuk joined the band now .

Next July 21, SEREBRO will give a great summer concert in Moscow, where they will perform old hits and, of course, the singles from the new album "THE POWER OF THREE!"



Find more about what the former members from Serebro have been doing here:

Track list:

01. Мало тебя

02. Kiss

03. Mimimi

04. Перепутала

05. Chocolate (European version)

06. My Money

07. Sexy Ass

08. Blood Diamond (feat. YELLOW CLAW)

09. Не надо больнее

10. See You Again

11. Отпусти меня

12. Get Lost With Me

13. Я тебя не отдам

14. Storm

15. Угар (feat. DJ M.E.G.)

16. My Money (remix)

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