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ESC 2021: Dates and new rules

Posted by Eurovision On Top on June 18, 2020 at 7:10 PM

The Eurovision Song Contest has announced a change in its rules to ensure it can continue every year, whatever the global circumstances. The new rule, announced by new Executive Supervisor. Martin Österdahl will come into effect next year as one-year trial and will allowed recorded backing vocals.

As official charts reported today: "The idea behind the move is to allow participating broadcasters to explore new creative ideas and reduce the technical burdens on the hosting country. Sustainability was also a contributing factor: the use of backing vocals means smaller teams from each country traveling to the contest.It also means producers and songwriters can present their music as closely as possible to the original composition on the night.The use of recorded backing vocals will only be optional - a combination of live and recorded backing vocals is also allowed. "

The new supervisior daid: "We have updated the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest so that, should it be necessary, we are able to make modifications to the format of the shows and the organization of the event that would allow the Contest to still take place despite restrictions imposed on us by a now unknown scenario. The old rules did not allow this. " But why hasn't this happened this year?

Dates for next year have already been announced. Semi-finals will take place on May 18 and May 20 and the Grand Final on May 22.

source: Rob Copsey / Official Charts

Where are they now? Humphrey Campbell

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 16, 2020 at 10:15 AM

Campbell moved to the Netherlands in 1973 before Suriname's independence in 1975 and participated in Eurovision in 1992, where he managed to finish in the TOP10. Until 2001 he was the companion of Ruth Jacott who was in the choir in 1992 and for which he returned as part of her choir in 1993. Following his Eurovision appearances, Campbell concentrated on his career as a producer, he is a senior teacher at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and he makes appearances and concerts with various orchestras and groups as guest.

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Open Up... to Rotterdam

Posted by Eurovision On Top on October 26, 2019 at 12:20 AM

Open up is the slogan for ESC 2020 and the design is still under development and will be presented soon.


Rotterdam,  will host the Eurovision Song Contest on the 12th, 14th and 16th of May 2020. 


Sietse Bakker, executive producer of Eurovision Song Contest 2020, and Jon Ola Sand, executive supervisor of Eurovision Song Contest, explained the meaning and importance behind choosing this very original slogan.


According to Bakker "The slogan 'Open Up' is intentionally incomplete: 'Open Up' to the other. 'Open Up' to the song. 'Open Up' to Rotterdam. 'Open Up' to ... whatever you want to choose! Take the freedom to complete the slogan in your own way. With this freedom, he added, we were looking for a theme and a slogan that reflects what the Netherlands stands for and with which the Dutch can identify themselves; a country with an open mind to the world.


The invitation is done! Open Up ... Now!


Photo: NPO

Huge Success for Arcade in the charts

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 20, 2019 at 8:45 AM

Arcade won last saturday but right after the second semifinal it jumped to the higher places in the immediate charts like iTunes or Spotify. Those charts predicted somehow that Duncan was going to win. After the weekend, Arcade is registering a big success in those charts all over the world. We will wait till next friday to see how the song will rank in the official charts but so far, this is how it is doing in the real time charts (14:49 CET; 20th May).

Number 1 at 16 different countries!

iTunes (11x #1):

  • #1 Belgium
  • #1 Cyprus
  • #1 Finland
  • #1 France
  • #1 Germany
  • #1 Israel
  • #1 Luxembourg
  • #1 Netherlands
  • #1 Portugal
  • #1 Spain
  • #1 Sweden
  • #2 Austria
  • #2 Denmark
  • #2 Greece
  • #2 Norway
  • #2 Switzerland
  • #3 Hungary
  • #3 Ireland
  • #3 Ukraine
  • #5 Poland
  • #7 United Kingdom
  • #8 Moldova
  • #10 Belarus
  • #11 Russia
  • #17 Italy
  • #19 Hong Kong
  • #22 Czech Republic
  • #23 Malta
  • #30 Lithuania
  • #33 Turkey
  • #34 Australia
  • #36 Latvia
  • #50 Mozambique
  • #50 New Zealand
  • #53 Slovenia
  • #59 Indonesia
  • #88 Canada
  • #91 South Africa
  • #101 Netherlands
  • #223 Mexico


  • #1 Netherlands
  • #2 Iceland
  • #3 Estonia
  • #4 Lithuania
  • #16 Greece
  • #25 Sweden
  • #31 Israel
  • #40 Belgium
  • #46 Norway
  • #76 Cyprus
  • #77 Latvia
  • #89 Malta
  • #117 Finland
  • #118 Worldwide
  • #149 Denmark
  • #157 Switzerland
  • #166 Spain
  • #173 Romania


  • #1 Netherlands
  • #2 Malta
  • #10 Lithuania
  • #12 Estonia
  • #51 Belgium
  • #61 Norway
  • #61 Sweden
  • #75 Finland

Apple Music (6x #1):

  • #1 Armenia
  • #1 Belarus
  • #1 Cyprus
  • #1 Estonia
  • #1 Netherlands
  • #1 Turkmenistan
  • #2 Israel
  • #2 Lithuania
  • #2 Malta
  • #2 Slovenia
  • #2 Sweden
  • #3 Belgium
  • #3 Greece
  • #4 Norway
  • #5 Azerbaijan
  • #10 Finland
  • #11 Moldova
  • #14 Latvia
  • #15 Denmark
  • #15 Switzerland
  • #16 Poland
  • #17 Romania
  • #17 Russia
  • #22 Luxembourg
  • #25 Austria
  • #25 Ukraine
  • #30 Spain
  • #48 Germany
  • #54 Ireland
  • #58 Portugal
  • #68 Hungary
  • #98 Czech Republic
  • #110 Kazakhstan
  • #111 Kyrgyzstan
  • #127 France
  • #132 Bulgaria
  • #146 Uzbekistan
  • #159 Italy
  • #159 Turkey
  • #162 United Kingdom
  • #183 Netherlands
  • #443 Australia

The victory of Netherlands and highlights of the Eurovision night

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 19, 2019 at 1:45 PM

Another Eurovision has come to an end! The long awaited victory of the Netherlands, a country that has made big bets over the last few years, was a well deserved victory for a simple song and a beautiful interpretation of Duncan Laurence. The Netherlands thus become one of the countries with the most victories.

But what were the highlights of the Eurovision night?

The performance of Madonna that was much anticipated by the fans seems not to have been liked by all. The demeanor characterized the performance of the Queen of Pop.


The subliminal protests of the dancers of Madonna were also much talked about in the social networks, while showing a flag of Palestine next to one of Israel.

But the biggest protest was from the singers from Iceland who showed the flag of Palestine. Nothing that surprises the spectators but that was worth much displeasure in the arena.

Putting Foureira, Conchita, Mans and Verka to sing songs of each other was the highlight of the night, but for those who do not follow Eurovision and the life of their icons, it was a normal moment.

About the results, the victory in the televoting of Norway that led to the victory of the Netherlands that neither was the favorite of the public nor the jury.

San Marino and Northern Macedonia have achieved their highest rating ever. In the first ten surprises were nil. The top bottom was the one we expected, again with three of the Big 5 and the host to suffer the usual humiliation. France and Italy escaped one more time.

The new form of voting was strange and must have been confusing to less attentive viewers. EBU, remember that not all people are eurofans.

The production of the show was bad! Still image plans or filming ladders showed some lack of experience as it has not been seen for a long time in a show as scheduled as Eurovision. The Netherlands will do better! Let's wait for 2020!

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