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Last technical rehearsals - Big 5 + host

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on May 7, 2017 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Today it's the last day of the technical rehearsals and here you go with our opinion:

Ukraine - it's a powerful rock song, a cool staging with a special effect of a 3D head on stage. Complete contrast to the song of last year. TOP 10

Italy - the big favorit was the second coming on stage today for the rehearsal. It's fresh, colourful, with a lot of energy. No doubt - Italy is the big favorite to win the contest. It will be very important to see how the people at home will like the monkey dance TOP 5

Spain - feedbacks in the press center "they will become last" - they try to do something like a summer hit, but it looks like a spring flop potential LAST PLACE

Germany - firework! Levina surprises, it has some special effects like wind machine, but everthing in the right mix. It looks like Germany won't repeat the last place. TOP 15

United Kingdom - are the golden times of UK coming back? The staging is perfect, good vocal performance and good camera views. TOP 10

France -

Kiev a perfect host without being perfect

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on May 6, 2017 at 4:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Kiev - the host of the eurovision song contest 2017 welcomes all the fans and press with a lovely sunny weather. The city is getting more and more ready for the grand final on 13th may. Everywhere people are working on fixing the last thing around the arena. Maybe different to other nordic hosts of the last years Kiev seems to be a even more proud host. There are this thousand details all over the city e.g. beer bottles with the eurovision logo in the supermarket.

Kiev is prepared, maybe also not this perfect way nordic cities were the last years, but on a very natural way. Arriving at the airport there is a welcome point, which looks a bit busy and not well organised, but it changes immediately, when the volunteers smile to you and show a big effort to help.


One of the best things for the press for sure are the prices for food, drinks and taxi. Just to give a idea, in the euroclub the local beer costs 1,37 Euro. And by the way, thats three times more expensive comparing with the supermarket.

See some first impressions of KIEV the host city and stay tuned to get a first review of the rehearsals.

Pedro de Almeida

New releases from Russia and Ukraine

Posted by Eurovision On Top on September 26, 2016 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

Autumn is a great time for releases since the Euphoria of all the Summer Hits that surrounded our ears are just memories.

Since taking part in Eurovision is more or less a synonimous of success, at least in Russia and in Ukraine, we can  find new songs from several artists from the former Soviet countries.

And if you are asking why we put russian and ukrainian artists in the same post, just check the charts of both countries and you will be surprised!

Olexandr Ponomoryev


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Elena Teknikova (former Serebro)

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Dima Bilan

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Svetlana Loboda

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Buranovkiye Babushki

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Zlata Ognevich

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Lena Katina (former TATU)

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Mariya Yaremchuk

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Philipp Kirkorov

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Ani Lorak

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Aleksey Vorobyov

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iTunes: Sweden is the most successfull song

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 16, 2016 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

iTunes is full of ESC songs this year prooving that the quality is good as all the songs radio plays... we think maybe better!

And of course the audience is having a good reaction at least a quick good reaction in Itunes.Yesterday, one day after the big final and the victory of Ukraine, 22 songs entered the WORLD iTunes TOP 200! 21 songs entered the EUROPEAN iTunes TOP 200!

The best ranked song is If I were sorry from Sweden and of course 1944! The song from Frans is now charting in the TOP 10 of 19 countries and it's number 1 in Estonia, Latvia and Slovenia.

1944 is in the TOP 10 of 17 countries but topping only in Ukraine. Jamala's entry is also number 2 in Belarus, Russia and Cyprus.

The Australian entry is ranked in the TOP 10 of 12 countries and it's number 1 in Malta, while the russian entry is number 1 in Russia and we can find it in the TOP 10 of 9 countries.

The polish entry is now number 3 in Belarus but it's also popular in Poland and in Ukraine.

Check the full results below along with some ESC songs and the last hit from Mans Zelmerlow presented in the final last saturday.



The country that aparently included more songs is Austria will all of the songs ranked in the box above.

Press: The day after

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 15, 2016 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

According to the Ucranian Newspaper 2000, the executive producer of "Eurovision" Norwegian Jon Ola Sand expressed confidence that Ukraine, despite the difficult situation in the country will be able to ensure the safety of participants in the contest next year. Director General of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Ingrid Deltenre explained that the contest organizers want to send a clear signal that despite the "polarity of reactions in Europe." "This is a signal of tolerance, openness and diversity of views," - she said.

The NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov, expressed that “Ukraine must do everything to make guests not see the difference between Kiev and Stockholm”.


Is true that Ukraine wants to show a signal of tolerance but in the other side of the border, Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda says that “Gays were afraid to go to Russia - but they still do not understand what is waiting for them in Ukraine .” The same newspaper, with clear signs of negative reactions write on the title of the article “European jury robbed Lazarev victory”. In an interview to the newspaper, Philip Kirkorov states that “In 2008, when Russia brought victory Dima Bilan, the rules were different. Then it was only a spectator voting. And no jury was not. If such rules would be 2016, then, of course, Sergei would hold this cherished award is now in the hands. But every year, different rules.”

In Czech Republic, Aktualne wrote, that Russia was the favourite but for Kremlin it is a matter of national honor. An honor that was questioned last night and that the same magazine reports “Russia calls for a boycott of the competition, Politics beat art”. In many European newspapers we can read things about a politics victory due to the fact that the Ukrainian singer sang a song about the deportation of Crimean Tatars Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. In fact, criticism is growing against Ukraine.

Many believe that the song has a political message, which is against the rules of the ESC because it has been speculated that the song is about the tension between Ukraine and Russia after Russia two years ago took control of the Crimean peninsula.. Now EBU responds to the criticism, says the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet:

”To criticize the choice made by the jury and the audience, I think is not entirely justified, says Sietse Bakker, spokesman for the EBU.”

The song has previously been criticized for containing a political message, which is against the rules of the Eurovision.

Jamala have herself denied that the song would have a political message. According to her, it's about her family history and she dedicates it to his great-grandmother who had to flee the country. Sietse Baker points that: “In the written text is not a political statement or political references. What happens is that people read between the lines and interpret the message in a song. It is possible to read political messages in many songs.” He concludes by saying that everyone is entitled to their opinion and points out that the EBU had not approved the song in the first place if it had been such that it broke the rules - the decisions were taken in March.


The Portuguese newspaper Publico explains: “In 1944, about 200,000 Tatars living in the Crimea region, then belonging to the Soviet Union, were forcibly deported to Siberia, to Stalin's orders. Thousands died. One of the people forced out of their home was the great-grandmother of the Ukrainian Jamala, who sang about these events in 1944, the theme winner of the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday. "I would prefer that all these terrible things had not happened to my great-grandmother. Rather that this music did not exist, "said the singer, thrilled at the press conference that followed the festival in Sweden after a journalist had asked what Jamala I would say the great-grandmother.”

Petro Porochenko, President of Ukraine, congratulated the singer on Twitter: "A benefit and a great victory! All Ukraine sends you a big thank you, Jamala "


Only after the fall of the Soviet Union is that the Tatars were able to return to Crimea. Hundreds of thousands did so. In 2014, the West saw Russia annex the Crimea, further fueling the tension that already lived in the area. In 2015, the Ukrainian parliament recognized the 1944 deportation to have been a genocide - a resolution that wait for international approval.



In Spain, El Mundo, talks about the victory of Jamala but above all, the bad place of Barei and wondering if it was fair now that Spain tried the English language.



One thing is for sure, the song of Jamala is on the mouth of half world and of course Eurovision too!