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Top 5 Things about Eugent Bushpepa (Albania)

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 19, 2018 at 2:50 PM Comments comments ()

Albania has participated in the Eurovision 14 times since its debut in 2004, in half time, reaching the final. What will happen this year with "Mall"?

These are the 5 things you need to know about Eugent Bushpepa!

1.Bushpepa was born on 2 July 1984 in Rrëshen.

2.Bushpepa and his band were the supporting acts on the concert tours of Deep Purple, Duff Mckagan (Guns N’ Roses) and Overkill.

3. He studied medicine, first in Italy and later in Albania, a medical degreein dentistry.

4. Before winning  Festivali i Këngës  he took part in Top Fest for 7 times. Top Fest is a popular music competition organised by Top Channel.

5. In early to mid 2017, Bushpepa had signed on as an adviser in The Voice of Albania.

Eurovision without LED is a great idea for me

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 18, 2018 at 6:10 PM Comments comments ()

Albania was the first country selecting the singer and song. It was through the national and traditional festival. This year Eugent won the contest with the song "Mall". In Lisbon he will fight for a grand final ticket, singing in his own language.

Eurovision on top had the chance to speak to Eugent about Salvador's victory, his thoughts about Portugal and his expectations about the Eurovision Song Contest. Read now what he had to tell.

1. Eugent, when you think of Portugal, what is the first thing you think about?

History and hospitality.

2. Have you ever been to Lisbon and what did you like the most? Or what are you the most excited about Lisbon, if it is your first time?

I've been twice in Lisbon! I like the city and its hills, the sea and the beautiful history rapresented beautifully in different areas of Lisbon. The food, ah the food, since i am pescatarian i love it so much.

3. What was your reaction about the victory of Salvador last year?

Finally, among different producers and media there are still people that really enjoy and like beautiful music that derives entirely from the soul not just only commercial music made for commercial causes. Well deserved 1000%

4. What is the message of your song “Mall”?

It's the only way that came natural to me to express the longing when being away from my family and the people i love and yearning to meet them and stay near them.

5. What is your link to Eurovision so far?

To be sincere i haven't been following eurovision each year but this year i like the colors that the contest is bringing. It's diverse and very friendly at the same time.

6. What do you expect from Eurovision for your musical career?

I only want my music to be heard outside the national boundaries of Albania. Maybe there are people outside Albania that will find themselves in my art.

7. What does the theme “All aboard” means to you?

I imagine the whole thing as a big ship with different people on it, sailing towards the same direction, love, in the sea called life.

8. Eurovision this year will be without big LED walls, what do you think about that fact?

A great idea for me. The people will be entirely focused on the vocal performance and the emotional feelings the artists will bring on stage.

9. The inspiration for the theme of this year was the ocean. Which meaning does it has for you?

Limitless, free and robustness. A strong bond showing power.

10. What is your biggest musical dream or objective you would like to realize?

I live my dream everyday while doing music. I feel very fortunate.

We thank Eugent for the time and answers and wish him and Albania all the best for may in Lisbon.

Pedro de Almeida

Lisbon 2018 - 8 artists and 1 song - CHECK OUT

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on January 27, 2018 at 3:40 AM Comments comments ()

Almost end of January 2018 and actually the engine for the eurovision 2018 is slowly starting. Some more artists and songs will be known by the end of the month.

But actually we already know 8 out of the 43 participants and we still just have 1 song.

Check out who the participants are and listen to the first song of the season 2018 „Mall“, what is not the english word.


Like all years Albania was once again the country with the first national final on the christmas days. Eugen Bushpepa won the national song contest and will try to get a ticket to the final with the song „Mall“. Till now it is unknown if Albania will sing in english and translate the song or once again sing in their own language.


He is beautiful and talented. That could be a description for the Austrian representative of this year. César Sampson is model, singer and song writer. Actually it’s not his first time at eurovision. He already participated two years in a row as background singer for Bulgaria. In 2016 he was seen on stage at the end of the performance. Last year Kristian was alone on stage but not in the chorus performance.


Also not new on the eurovision stage is Jessica Mauboy. You even could say that the first ever Australian representative is coming back to the contest. Jessica was the first officially artist singing for Australia as the interval act in Copenhagen, the year before they participated for the first year ever in Austria. Jessica flashed the audience in 2013 and a well deserved come back to eurovision.


Aisel Mammadova is the name of the artist coming from Baku of this year. She participated at a lot of song festivals in the past, so it will be no Rookie on stage. Azerbaijan in the last years missed to continue the big success story they had since the start at eurovision and the victory 2011. If Aisel will be the one to bring it back will be seen in Lisbon.


She works at Ikea, already has a lot of experience performing and writing songs. Now she is working on her solo career and maybe eurovision is a good choice to do so. In May she will fight for one more success story for Belgium at the recent participations. It will be hard to make a better place than last year, but for sure it is not impossible. The Belgium broadcasters for sure think that is the best choice for Lisbon.


In 2016 the most googled person in Finland was: Saara Alto. She is one more former The Voice participant, she made it to the second place in 2012. And she is participated at the X Factor UK in 2016, a show every 4th Finn watched. And now she is the internal selection of Finland and sure that more than every 4th Finn will watch the semi final to see, if they return to the grand final.


iriao is the internal selection of the Georgian Broadcaster. A jazz band, a fact which made Salvador Sobran happy, his sister said a Portuguese press conference. The group will sing in Georgian language. And Georgia always is good for different performances, we are looking forward to see what will happen in Lisbon.

The Netherlands

2014 The Netherlands were so close to win and had the most successful song after the contest. It felt like a half victory and the half of the participants is returning to the contest. Waylon is the internal choice and we will see, if he can meet the high expectation everyone will have on him.

Albania: Eugent Bushpepa and the first song for 2018

Posted by Eurovision On Top on January 13, 2018 at 1:50 PM Comments comments ()

Eugent Bushpepa will be the representative of Albania at Eurovision 2018 after winning the Festival I Këngës with the song "Mall".

The election system selected was 100% by jury and "Mall" composed by Eugent Bushpepa himself has been the song that has risen as a winner. In second place was Redon Makashi with his "Ekziston".

Eugent, 33, began singing on Albanian television and has performed with great rock names such as Deep Purple or Bumblefooot, guitarist of Guns N 'Roses. The singer has developed part of his career in Italy, where he lived for several years.

The singer will receive the witness of Lindita who represented the country in the last edition held in Kiev with the song World, not getting the pass to the grand final.

Tomás Cano

#ESC2017 #EOT weekly report #1

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on January 1, 2017 at 4:00 AM Comments comments ()

Happy new Eurovision Year!

It's a new year and also the official starting point for the contest 2017! So it's time for eurovision on top to start our weekly report, giving you the updates you need to know about the biggest music event in the world.

In 5 month or let us say 132 days from today on the contest will be hosted in Kiev and the new winner will be known. But till this moment there is still a lot work to do for the host and the countries who will compete.

So far just 10 countries announced the artists, who will fight for the victory.
And just one song is know, so far. Today we will present you the first song.

Albania - choses in own language and sings in eglish again

Like always Albania was one of the first countries chosing the artst and song.

Lindita Halimi sings the song "BOTE"

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Montenegro with talented X factor artist on high heels

The latest announcement was Montenegro announcing the second year in a row a former participant of the balkan version of X factor as the artist being sent to Eurovision.

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Montenegro never won the contest and in 2014 it was the first time making it to the final.

If the will be able to repeat this historical moment or not will be seen in may in Kiev.
With Slavko Kalezic they will have a talented artist, who can surprise europe.

Here an example of a performance of him at the x factor adria 2015 which shows what Montenegro could show in Kiev.

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Next week eurovision on top will present you the other 8 artist which are already selected.

Stay tuned to our weekly report and get the news you need to know about Eurovision 2017.

Pedro de Almeida

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