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maNga and Kenan Dogulu celebrates Dogan Canku anniversary

Posted by Eurovision On Top on March 22, 2016 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Famous guitarist and Former member of Modern Folk Üçlüsü, Doğan Canku, is celebrating 50 years of career.

To sing his songs, he calls some turkish artists, some of them very well known from the Eurovision scene. no more than Kenan Dogulu and maNga.

Doğan Canku has been touring the UK. The first single of this album is for Gecelerim performed by Kenan Dogulu.

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The track list is:

01. Kenan Doğulu – Gecelerim

02. Yalın – Sonsuza Dek

03. Murat Dalkılıç – Yaşamak Güzel

04. Fettah Can – Geçen Günler

05. Derya Köroğlu – Takalar

06. Toygar Işıklı – İnsanoğlu

07. Gökhan Tepe – Neler Mi İstiyorum ?

08. Emre Altuğ – Soylu İnsan

09. maNga – Ayrılık

10. Kenan Doğulu – Çağlayan ile Sohbet

Lead singer of maNga goes solo

Posted by Eurovision On Top on February 1, 2016 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Ferman Akgül, known as being the lead singer of the MTV award winner turkish group maNga will release a new single soon.

In act it will be his first solo single. İstemem Söz Sevmeni is the title of it and will be released in cooperation with 06 Records, EMI - by Universal Music Turkey.

Stay tuned for more news about Ferman.

The Kings & Queens from Turkish Eurovision

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 17, 2015 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Soon, The "Kral Türkiye Müzik Ödülleri'nde", the Turkey Music Awards organized by Kral FM ("King" Fm), one of the radio stations based in Istanbul and one of the biggest in Turkey will take place.

The first stage of the show consisted in a list of possible nominees singled out by a high-profile jury.

The list at the very first stage (kind of pre-nominees) is huge as well as the nominations for former Eurovision representatives from Turkey.


Take a look on the preliminary list of nominees:

En İyi Cover (Best Cover)

Ajda Pekkan - Gönül Sayfam

Ajda Pekkan & Muazzez Abacı - Dediler Zamanla Hep

Candan Erçetin - Büyük Aşkım

maNga - Yine Yeni Yeniden

Sertab Erener - Bu Gece Son

Sibel Tüzün - Kaç Yıl Geçti Aradan

Sibel Tüzün - Le Le Le

En İyi Remix (Best Remix)

Sibel Tüzün - Kaç Yıl Geçti Aradan (Burak Buluç; Cem Ak; Cihat Uğurel; Kemal Özgür remixes)

En İyi Albüm (Best album)

Athena - Altüst

Can Bonomo - Bulunmam Gerek

Hadise - Tavsiye

maNga - Işıkları Söndürseler Bile

Mor ve Ötesi - Güneşi Beklerken

Yüksek Sadakat - IV

En İyi Şarkı (Best song)

Ajda Pekkan Feat. Ozan Çolakoğlu - Ara Sıcak

Hadise - Nerdesin Aşkım

Hadise - Prenses

maNga - Fazla Aşkı Olan Var mı?

maNga - Hint Kumaşı

En İyi Kadın Sanatçı (Best female artist)

Ajda Pekkan


Reyhan Karaca

Sibel Tüzün

En İyi Erkek Sanatçı (Best Male Artist)

Can Bonomo

Kenan Doğulu

En İyi Grup (Best Group)



Mor ve Ötesi

Yüksek Sadakat

En İyi Klip (Best Video)

Can Bonomo - Olmaz Sensiz

Can Bonomo - Tastamam

Hadise - Nerdesin Aşkım

Hadise - Prenses

Kaan feat Kenan Doğulu & Radio Killer - Living It Up

Kenan Doğulu - Rica

Kenan Doğulu - Tencere Kapak

Lara Fabian feat Mustafa Ceceli – Al Götür Beni

maNga - Fazla Aşkı Olan Var mı?

maNga - Parti

maNga - Hint Kumaşı

maNga - Yine Yeni Yeniden

Mor ve ötesi - Eski Şarkısı

Mor ve Ötesi - Son Sabah

Sertab Erener - Ben Öyle Birini Sevdim Ki

Sertab Erener - Söz

Sibel Tüzün - Kaç Yıl Geçti Aradan

En İyi Proje (Best Project)

Ajda Pekkan & Muazzez Abacı - Ajda Pekkan & Muazzez Abacı

En İyi Film Müziği (Best Music Film)

maNga - Yine Yeni Yeniden

En İyi Düet (Best Duet)

Dediler zamanla hep - Ajda Pekkan & Muazzez Abacı

Lara Fabian feat Mustafa Ceceli – Al Götür Beni

maNga ft Kenan Doğulu Bize Müsaade Ettim

En İyi Single (Best Single)

Sertab Erener - Ben Öyle Birini Sevdim Ki

Sibel Tüzün - Kaç Yıl Geçti Aradan

Sibel Tüzün - Le Le Le


The full list can be checked here:


If you are a regular reader and follower of Eurovision on Top, then you know that big, big part of the songs and albums listed above were already promoted on our website.

Judging by the constant calling for voting and support by several artists such as maNga and Hadise, it is obvious that the "Kral Awards" are highly expected.

The final list of the nominees is expected to be out from May 1, 2015.


Athena: Upside down

Posted by Eurovision On Top on February 26, 2015 at 7:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Athena, the first ska act ever to grace the Eurovision stage (in 2004) are back with a new album called "Altüst" (translated as "Upside Down").


Athena's fans are used to long breaks between new albums and this time was no exception. "Altüst" came out in November 2014, almost 5 years after their previous full-lenght, "Pis" (May, 2010).

Remaing faithful to their trademark sound, throughout the 12 new offerings it is possible to listen to ska, punk, garage and pop rock in a album that was released by Pasaj Müzik.


This new album came out in a time when Athena's frontman, Gökhan Özoğuz, was receiving great exposure as a coach on "O Ses Türkiye" ("The Voice of Turkey") alongside Hadise and Mazhar Alanson & Özkan Uğur from MFO.


Like we wrote in the beginning Athena was the first ska act at the Eurovision and so far they remain the most successful one, despite the remarkable achievements of Zdob și Zdub from Moldova in 2005 and Koza Mostra from Greece in 2013.


"Kafama Göre" is the first song from Altüst to receive a video. You can watch it below.

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Elnur Huseynov, the "Voice of Turkey"

Posted by Eurovision On Top on February 26, 2015 at 7:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Elnur Hüseynov was born in Turkmenistan, represented Azerbeijan in the ESC 2008 and won "The Voice of Turkey" in 2015.


Elnur Hüseynov, the first Azeri representative in the ESC, entered the 4th season of "O Ses Türkiye" (Turkish version of "The Voice") winning the whole competition on February 18th, 2015.

No one can say that his victory was a shock since all his performances along the weeks were highly praised both by the juries and the audience.


Another curiosity is related to the coaches since 3 out of 4 were former Turkish representatives: Mazhar Alanson &Özkan Uğur (part of MFO, Turkey 1985 & 1988), Gökhan Özoğuz (vocalist of Athena, Turkey 2004) and Hadise (Turkey 2009).

However Elnur's coach was the only one with no Eurovision bond, Ebru Gündeş.


We recall you that in space of 7 months Elnur is the second Eurovision Artist that manages to win "The Voice", in July 2014 Rui Drumond (Portugal, 2005) won the Portuguese version of the same show.


Below you can watch of one the Elnur Hüseynov's performances at " O Ses Türkiye".

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