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Where are they now? Jacqueline Boyer

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 15, 2020 at 5:05 AM

Jacqueline Boyer is currently the oldest living Eurovision winner. With only 18 she was the first teenager to win the contest. Now, she is 79 years old. With many successes on the screen, his last participation was on TV in 1981 with the TV film. Recently she has been acting about his audio book Histoire de 3 vies extraordinaires In which she tells the extraordinary life of stars of the fifties: their parents and singers Lucienne Boyer and Jacques Pills, and Edith Piaf her stepdaughter.

A look at the chart: Amir - 2 years of Addiction

Posted by Eurovision On Top on October 29, 2019 at 3:05 PM Comments comments ()

Amir's Addictions album has left thousands of people addicted to their songs. Precisely two years after the release of its first edition, Amir's third album is a three-time platinum record in France and gold record in Belgium. After this edition, the collector edition has been released with some extras and most recently (last May) the Addictions-Ultimate Version. This latest edition has 4 more themes than the original edition. This week, two years ago, the album is 104 weeks old on the France Album Chart and is currently the oldest album on the chart! Despite only having reached # 4, the album has remained more than half of the last few years uninterruptedly in the Top 50.

A look at the charts: Anggun in the USA Dance Club Songs

Posted by Eurovision On Top on September 18, 2019 at 2:10 PM Comments comments ()

In 2015, Anggun released the song Perfect Life which was included in the album Toujours un ailleurs. The album reached the Gold status in France. This week, specially because of the Twisted Dee and Diego Fernandez remix, the song peaked the number 18 at the Billboard Dance Club Songs... and still climbing! How far will it goes?

This is not the first time that former ESC artists made success in this list. Recently, Laroussi and Netta took their songs to this popular US chart. 

Listen the remix here:

Success in the 10th edition of ELC Portugal

Posted by Eurovision On Top on September 4, 2018 at 5:00 AM Comments comments ()

No more than 10 issues! Time went by for another Eurovision Live Concert Portugal. Once again, the city of Setúbal has received a new set of Eurovision artists who joined the more than 90 who have done it since the show started. 

In an ever-better organization, the concert is more than just a one-night stand. The day before the stars were received in a red carpet and before the concert they were able to take a boat trip on the River Sado.

The portuguese artists were welcomed, especially Anabela and Carlos Costa. The first one that due to its charm won the hearts of the audience as if it were 1993 taking all the true magic of the Festival. The second, he did a Eurovision medley accompanied by several dancers where the high moment was "Fuego"! It showed that the Eurovision show is alive and knocked on the door of a possible participation. Will it be?

Carla Ribeiro, often invited to the concert, made a small tribute to the songs of Albania and remembered Portuguese songs, always with her professionalism. The same as Gerson Santos that brought more recent themes of the Eurovision stand.

All the artists gave their best in this event and their involvement was greatly appreciated by both the organization and the public. The big surprise of the night was Mickey Harte who only with his guitar managed to remake his 2003 song making it current and special. Brilliant the soul of a true musician.

Justs showed his identity and charisma with three themes that did not escape the line of the current "Heartbeat". Poli Genova got a total audience involvement with any of his songs, but the highlight was undoubtedly the song that gave her the best rating at ESC and that everyone knew.

Krista was the revelation of the night! A real hurricane on stage! She cleverly opened with her Finnish version of "Eu quero ser Tua," continued with a ballad dedicated to his father and toasted the whole audience as if he were present. Then came "Marry Me" and she took the public to the maximum! You have to go back to Eurovision Krista!

Lucia Pérez was able to show how the Portuguese Soul is close to the Galician one. She sang in Galician, a language that the Portuguese understand well because it has the same origin, and even before "Que me quiten lo bailao", she made a version of a song sung by Amália Rodrigues.

The best way to end the event was with Madame Monsieur, participants from France this year. The audience received them so well that it was difficult to leave the stage. Mercy was entitled to bis and the requests to take pictures were so many that the organization was forced to remove them from the event. The Portuguese-French community present there gave them many souvenirs from Portugal and as the duo confided to us, maybe they will return to a concert.

Congratulations for this glorious event in which we also take part since the first edition!

Top 5 things about Madame Monsieur (France)

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 9, 2018 at 2:20 PM Comments comments ()
I'm sure that when you think on the french language in Eurovision, the sentence "Le Royaume Uni Douze points" came to mind! Actually France is waiting for a lot of 12 points since a long time ago. Is it's true that their latest participations had better results than the last decade but with Mercy our readers expect no less than a victory! And so do we!

Who is singing "Mercy"?

1. The duo is formed by the couple Émilie Satt (29) and  Jean-Karl Lucas (35).
2. The story of this couple, on stage as in life, began with "an artistic thunderbolt", in "a bar". The day after their meeting, "we wrote songs" - they say.
3. In 2015, they compose Smile for rapper Youssoupha. The song was one of the big hits of the year.
4. The duo released their debut album Tandem on 2016.
5. "Mercy" is a song of "hope," which "tells what symbolizes hope in horror. It's a testimony, "according to the singer. Mercy is a little girl born on a humanitarian boat.

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