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Special Radio Awards for Zdravko Colic

Posted by Eurovision On Top on October 10, 2020 at 5:05 PM

Zdravko Colic is for sure the biggest artist from former Yugoslavia, spanning all generations. To prove it and as a way of recognizing it, he just received two awards by Naxi Radio. Zdravko Colic received the most significant radio award, Naxi Zvijezda for all time artist. The award is given in several categories, and the Naxi Star award for all time speaks of the timeless significance of individuals, whose overall work has become part of the heritage of generations.

Naxi Radio listeners also awarded him the "Naxi Star Award for Concert of the Year" (

According to, despite all delayed or cancelled concerts due to coronavirus, Zdravko has been working in new songs and like his last 5 or 6  albums, he will start with his own ideas and then will include new collaborators. For when new material? Let's hope soon when the pandemic is over! 

Balkan beat sounds to Lisbon

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 21, 2018 at 1:50 AM Comments comments ()

It was expected after the victory of Salvador Sobral last year, that this year a lot of countries would return more to their national roots. It is a kind of unwritten law of Eurovision, that countries kind of copy the kind of song of the former winner.

Actually specially the Balkan was till 2-3 years always the countries still sending traditional sounds to Eurovision. In the last years it switched and for example in 2017 a lot of Balkan countries started to send English pop songs, e.g. FYR Macedonia.

Maybe due to the bad results or maybe the victory of Portugal last year re-inspired the Balkan countries to return to the kind of songs they sent for decades.

Also Serbia selected already in a national the song and artist for Lisbon.

It’s Balkanika & Sanja Ilic with the song “Nova deca” who will represent Serbia in Lisbon.

The song remembers the kind of songs they send in the early 2000 to Eurovision. The performance of the female singers remembers a bit Alexander Rybaks performance of 2010.

Some beats are a kind of face lifting for the song, but the bottom line still is that the second Balkan country is sending a traditional Balkan song to Eurovision. This always is difficult in the grand final, because the potential points will have to be split by the audience to two similar kind of songs.

Eurovision on top will follow the Serbian entree and like always update you. Keep tuned.

Sanja: Never give up on what you love

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on May 5, 2016 at 3:05 AM Comments comments ()

Serbia is going to sing for the second time in eglish. The singer Sanja made it to Stockholm performing her song in a kind of Amy Winehouse style.

Eurovision on top had the chance of a quick interview with Sanja. Read now what her answers have bee.

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1. What is the story behind your song?

The song brings a strong message along. It is a big worldwide issue, the abusse over women. And I hope I will get the message through with as much emotion as I can. It is really important to stay strong and victorious, which I believe all woman are.


2. How did you decide to participate at the Serbian national final?

I got the proposal after the music director of the RTS saw me in a music show called “Tri boje zvuka” (Three colors of the sound). I guess someone liked what I was doing and the way that I do it, and thought I would be a good choice. It is mild to say I was surprised, I was mind blown, amazing feeling.


3. There are people saying that you are the Serbian Amy Winehouse. What is your answer and reaction to that?

There was no intention to look like Amy.

4. What was so far (besides winning the national final) your musical highlight of your career?

I think that I'm on right track and hope to stay on it.


5. What is your all-time favorite of the Serbian entrees?

All of Serbian entrees are special for me.

6. Which targets do you have till, during and most important after Eurovision?

I plan on continuing making music with my band ZAA, ofcourse. But at the end of the day, who know what the new day brings.

7. Europe actually is having a lot of challenges. What is your view and the message you want to send to everyone in this times?

I wish for all of you to be loved, to share positive vibrations, never give up on what you love!

8. What do you think, will our readers see a lot of songs in our weekly charts in the future, they can vote for?

Songs are amazing and unique in their own way so I think ther would be something for everyone.

Eurovision on top will like alwaysa follow also Sanja during Eurovision and afterwards.

Stay tuned and updated.

Pedro de Almeida

The german songs of Zdravko Colic

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 14, 2016 at 1:05 PM Comments comments ()

In 1973, Zdravko Colic represented Yugoslavia in Eurovision with the song Gori Vatra.

Now it is public that one year later and just before the release of his first album, Ti i ja, the famous artist born in Sarajevo, signed a deal with the German arm of WEA record label and did two singles for that market.

German producers were of the opinion that his name was too difficult to pronounce for their consumers so they marketed him as Dravco. Soon, however, Čolić decided not to pursue his options in that country further mostly because he was unwilling to move to Germany.

Would he had the same succesfull career if was move to Germany?

Listen one of the songs in German which is a cover of Everything I own by Bread (1972), popularized by Boy George (1987):

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Recall Gori Vatra:

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Studio albums

  • Ti i ja (You And Me) (1975)
  • Ako priđeš bliže (If You Come Closer) (1977)
  • Zbog tebe (Because Of You) (1980)
  • Malo pojačaj radio (Turn Up The Radio A Bit) (1981)
  • Šta mi radiš (What Are You Doing To Me?) (1983)
  • Ti si mi u krvi (You Are In My Blood) (1984)
  • Rodi me, majko, sretnog (1987)
  • Da ti kažem šta mi je (To Tell You What I'm Going Through) (1990)
  • Kad bi moja bila (If You Were Mine) (1997)
  • Okano (2000)
  • Čarolija (Enchantment) (2003)
  • Zavičaj (Homeland) (2006)
  • Kad pogledaš me preko ramena (When you look at me over the shoulder) (2010)
  • Vatra i barut (Fire and gunpowder) (2013)

5 things about Sanja Vucic

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 11, 2016 at 3:25 PM Comments comments ()


Why has the serbian singer ZAA in her name? Find more about Sanja Vučić here:

1. She finished both primary and secondary music school in Kruševac, at the department of opera singing.

2. As a member of ZAA, Sanja Vučić had one album called "What About" (2014).

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3. She currently lives in Belgrade, where she attends the Faculty of Philology, Department of Arabic Language and Literature.

4. Since April 2012, when she joined a crossover band called ZAA, as a permanent member, she has performed at more than 100 concerts in the region (at festivals like Exit, Love Fest, Nishville, Arsenal Fest, Overjam Reggae Festival in Slovenia, Lake Fest in Nikšić, etc.).

5. She played the song Underground Riot with Y.O.X .

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