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#ESC2016 #EOT weekly report #6: Do or Naidoo!? And our first interview of the season

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on November 22, 2015 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (0)

During this week it seemed that i would be one of the good once. It was the Junior Eurovision week, there was a big surprise announcement made by the german broadcaster NDR and we had an interview with Minus One. How the week ended and what the actual news are, you will be able to read our weekly report.

1. Do or Naidoo - how the internal selection turned into a scandal

2. Minus One - the exclusiv interview and special greetings

1. GERMANY - Do or Naidoo!?


On Thursday in the early morning there was a press release of NDR announcing the participation of Xavier Naidoo, a very known and also very diverse popular artist in Germany.


And it were the public reactions in the newspapers, from facebook posts, the national news show "Tagesschau" and also some political reactions that brought the NDR into to trouble.


There were statements about antisemitic and homophobe lyrics and statements at events. A kind of social and classic media shit storm started in the german press.


The last time the announcement of the german entree made such an media impact was Guildo Horn in 1998. Everyone was speaking about this decision, but at least a lot of people in a negative way.


It seemed to be a big thing and a clever selection of the national NDR broadcaster. But just after 2 days the responsible manager "Thomas Schreiber" announced the decision of the NDR not to send Xavier Naiddo to Stockholm. As the artist posted on facebook it was a decision made by NDR.


The statements of other known german artists, singer, comedians and actors on facebook speaking about the obvious friendships of Xavier with gay people, producing gay artists and telling that he is no racist didn't help at the end. The public statement and kind of judgement was made very fast and without any doubt or chance to Xavier to defend his self.


Also Jan Feddersen, the best known german eurovision expert got a lot of critic about his statements pro Xavier.


The event which stands for tolerance, connecting people, not judging but yes building bridges between different mindsets etc. turned into a radical judgement for an artist. May the so tolerant show turn in a self-judging jury, if someone is not 100 % fitting to the valued this event wants to stand for. And how valuable are this values, if they turn into the exclusion of public judgement of artists. Also in the last years there were critical news about Mans and Aram MP3 in 2014.


At least Germany has the second year in a row a Eurovision scandal. And there can be the doubt about other other german known artist being willing to participate at Eurovision. The Xavier case will let them think twice before accepting any proposal of the german broadcaster.

2. CYPRUS - Exclusiv interview and greetings

Minus one was presented this week to the OGAE Cyprus and we are also very happy to present the band to you too.

We made an exclusiv interview, which you can read here:

And here is the special greeting Minus One sends to all our readers:

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Don't miss to read the upcoming weekly reports to get your quick update about the ESC2016!


Pedro de Almeida

Minus One: We will do our best and for us that is the advantage!

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on November 22, 2015 at 5:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Minus One was one of the first announced acts for the Eurovision 2016. This band already tried last year to participate at the worldwide biggest music show through the national final of Cyprus. At the end they were very close and ended second.

Perhaps this was the reason for the national broadcaster for the internal selection this year and the decision to give the 5 guys the chance to do it this time.

Theis strength is the live performance and the selection of songs, thats what Minus One says about theirselves on their facebook site. 

This week the OGAE Cyprus made a presentation of the band to the fans. Eurovision on top had the chance to make an exklusiv interview with the band in the same week.

See here a special greeting from Minus One to all of you:

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1. Minus One - would you like to present your self to our readers? Who are the 5 guys of this band?

Francois Michelletto is our frontman, we have Harri Pari and Consatantino Amerikanos on guitars, Antonis Loizides on Bass and Chris J on the drums

2. What is the idea for the band name „Minus One“?  

It's quite random really. Our bassist Antonis had to give a name to a venue in order to advertise a show of ours back in the early days of the band. He came up with that name and called to let us know. He said "If you guys see adds about a concert with a band called Minus One it's us, so dont get confused". It was pretty funny actually.

3. How would you describe your band in some words?

I would call us a full on Rock band that is not afraid of playing anything. We love covering pop songs and pumping them up when we have the chance. On the other hand you could also expect us to play the heaviest stuff if you come to one of our shows. I guess you can say that we are full of surprises.

4. On your facebook site you say that your strongest asset is our performance and choice of songs. Could you explain to us what this means for you?

We love playing live, we consider ourselves performers more than musicians. On stage we give 110% and people see that and feel it with us when we play. This is something that is often said about us in reviews of the band in different websites and magazines.

5. You already participated at the national final of Cyprus in 2015 and missed he ticket to Vienna kind in the last minute. What was the reason for you to participate at the national final?

We were asked if we had any interest in participating and we just thought "why not". We had a lot going on at that time but we also like keeping busy so we went  for it. It was never a dream of ours really but it seemed like great opportunity. The fact that we didn't get to Vienna probably turned out for the best. We are much more dedicated this year and have a great team. We are looking forward to touring Europe and playing as many shows as possible.

6. Which link do or did you have to Eurovision?

No links basically. We all follow or have followed the competition though at one point of our lives.

7. What was since today your musical highlight as band?

Minus One has done shows in the USA,London and Greece under a different name, a project called Marianne's Wish from which we have two studio albums. We played at the Legendary 'Whisky a go go' in Hollywood and at the SXSW festival in Austin Texas. 

8. What do you think can Eurovision bring to you as band?

The Eurovision will definitely be a great experience. We are mostly looking forward to doing as many shows as possible and getting exposure as a band all across Europe and wherever this takes us.

9. Do you already have any idea of the song you will sing and your performance?

We do have a basic idea and we have started writing the song but sadly that's all we can say right now.

10. What is your favorite of the cyprus entries of all times?

There are five of us so you would probably get a different answer from any one of us. Cyprus had some good entries though throughout the years.

11. Which targets do you have till, during and most important after Eurovision?  

As i mentioned before, getting to know people through our shows is what we want to do until we get there. At the competition we just want to have fun and represent our country in the best way possible. After that we are hoping to have our music out there and just continue what we are doing now and what we know best, playing live and making people happy.

12. You are the 4th participants, who were announced. Do you think it is an advantage to be announced so early?

It is probably not an advantage but on the other hand it all comes down to having a good song and a great overall presence in the competition. We will do our best and for us ...that is the advantage!!

Eurovision on top thanks the guys of Minus One for this interview, is looking forward to meet them and wishing the best of luck!

In the next month Eurovision on top will follow the band on their way to Stockholm and you wil keep updated through our weekly report! Stay tuned!

Pedro de Almeida

#ESC2016 #EOT weekly report #4: Armenia's Plus, Turkey's Zero and Minus One for Cyprus

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on November 7, 2015 at 2:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Welcome once again to our new weekly report about the Eurovision Song Contest 2016.

This week we can announce artists which will participate in Stockholm. At the other hand there was the final and negative confirmation about a country which definitly won't return in 2016 to the contest. 

• The Voice - this time also the source for Armenia

• Turkey do not return in 2016! 

• 5 guys to bring a lot of plus points to Cyprus 

1. Armenia

Once again it is the international very known and famous casting show "The Voice" bringing a talent to the Eurovision Song Contest. This year Armenia didn't have to search in all corners of the world and to unit singers from all continents. This time it seemed to be a easier choice of a voice.

Iveta Mukuchyan, the 29 years old singer was born in Armenia and lived in Germany for 20 years and now lives again in Armenia.

2012 she participated at the german version of "The Voice", where she already showed her Eurovision connection performing "Euphoria" at the blind audition. After being choosed she made it through the battles to the live shows.

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Click here to see the whole video:

In the past the choice of "The Voice" participants have seemed to be a reason for good results at the contest. If this will be the same for Armenia in 2016 will be seen in may 2016.



There was a kind of hope, as every year a kind of rumors and at the end there was the final confirmation of the TRT broadcaster that Turkey definitely won't participate in 2016.

That means that there will be no return and it will be the fourth year in a row without Turkey in the contest.

There are still different possible reasons, some of the are mentioned others can be probably reasons. For sure the EBU knows that TRT isn't very happy about the Big 5 rule and the bad results Turkey had in the last participating years, at their point of view.

But there is no doubt that in times of european challenges and political discussion between countries the participation could have been a good sign. Bringing cultures and people together.

The Eurovision Song Contest would have been a bit more colorful, if Turkey would take part.

Till the return we stay with the memories we have about the times, when Turkey touched venues and people at home like this:

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Last year this band already participated at the national final of the cyprus broadcaster, was voted on the first place by the jury but missed the ticket for Vienna.

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This year the national broadcaster made the internal selection and decided that they will give the chance to this band.

"Minus One" is the name of the 5 guys, but for Stockholm it is clear that this band only wants plus points for their country.

Don't miss to read the upcoming weekly reports to get your quick update about the ESC2016! 

Pedro de Almeida

Was that the one thing Cyprus should have done?

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 1, 2015 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Since 1981 Cyprus is participating at the Eurovision Song Contest. In more than 30 years the mediterranean island only didn't want to participate two times (1988 and 2014) and didn't qualify once 2001. The last top 10 ranking was in 2004. In due to that the last decade was very hard for this little island, being only two years (2010 and 2012) able to get a ticket for the final. After one of the worst results (only 11 points) ever in the Eurovision history the nation decided to stay away from the contest, giving officially the reasons of can't be able to handle the costs.


This evening the cypriot broadcaster celebrated the final of the Eurovision Song Project, which started 6 weeks ago. In several shows the audience choose 6 finalists out of 60 songs! This night at 20:30 CET the show started and the 6 acts fought for the ticket to Vienna. Getting after their live performance a feedback from a jury with cypriot music experts, Despina the last representative of Cyprus in 2013 and invited eurovision experts from France and Italy. Specially the last song which was sang in a mix of french and greek was a pleasure for the french expert. The italian expert at the other hand surprised the audience by speaking greek at the beginning of the show. Together the 6 jury members gave a short feedback to each candidate. The performances were a mix of ballades, soft pop and rock song, sang in greek, english with sometimes strong greek accent and one song with the mentioned greek / french combination.


After an interval act, where all candidates sang song together with the cypriot music experts the cypriot voting chose the song "One thing I should have done" of Giannis Karagiannis, a nice english ballade, which will remember former Eurovision songs.

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If this selection was the thing Cyprus should have done to open again a chapter of success at the Eurovision will be seen in Vienna during the second semi final on 21st may 2015. Eurovision on top will follow Giannis on his way to Vienna and during this week and will inform you about everything you need to know.

Pedro de Almeida

Eurovision 2015 - national finals: the high season started!!

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 1, 2015 at 3:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Traditionally in december there is the first national final, starting in Albania and some countries start to announce internal selections.

And usually the real high season of national selections, announcements of artist and songs starts with end of january and the beginning of february. In the next weeks there will be every weekend a lot of songs and at least one decision.

You will keep the overview of all songs through our website. We will keep you informed about all relevant decisions and songs. Don't miss to check out our category "Eurovision 2015" where you can see all the choosen songs. (just click on the link)

Today Cyprus will be the next country choosing the artist and song, after one year of taking a time out of the contest. Eurovision on top will follow the national final and inform you directly after the decision.

Pedro de Almeida