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The first semifinal is tonight

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 13, 2019 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (0)

This evening will finally be held the first semi-final of Eurovision 2019!

Yesterday we were in the jury rehearsal, in an arena mainly filled by Israelites, and the competition is more and more close. The arena is considerably smaller than in previous years but on television it will work due to the depth effect created by the stage!

It will certainly be a great show!

Countries competing tonight are:

  1. Cyprus - Tamta with Replay
  2. Montenegro - D mol with Heaven
  3. Finland - Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman with Look Away
  4. Poland - Tulia with Fire of Love (Pali się;)
  5. Slovenia - Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl with Sebi
  6. Czech Republic - Lake Malawi with Friend Of A Friend
  7. Hungry - Joci Pápa with Az Én Apám
  8. Belarus - ZENA with Like It
  9. Serbia - Nevene Božović with Kruna
  10. Belgium - Eliot with Wake Up
  11. Georgia - Oto Nemsadze with Keep On Going
  12. Australia - Kate Miller-Heidke with Zero Gravity
  13. Iceland - Hatari with Hatrið mun sigra
  14. Estonia - Victor Crone with Storm
  15. Portugal - Conan Osiris with Telemóveis
  16. Greece - Katerine Duska with Better Love
  17. San Marino - Serhat with Say Na Na Na

France, Spain and Israel are also able to vote!

The orange Carpet is today! Met Gala vs. ESC outfits

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 12, 2019 at 6:50 AM Comments comments (1)

The official opening of Eurovision will happen today with the Orange Carpet (last year in Lisbon it was Blue) at Habima Square in Tel Aviv, where this year's artists will parade and many Met Gala style outfits will circulate. 

The Met Gala happened last week in New York and of course, it was spoken by the outfits the American stars used. The Met Gala 2019 theme was "Camp: Notes on Fashion." Like it or not, galas like this will be immortalized in photos that show eccentricity, power and creativity.

And here in Europe, at the most Camp Show of the Year, Eurovision, fans are the most critical! In fact, there is even a website that awards the prize "Barbara Dex Award" where the worst dressed Eurovision is awarded. This week, fans become fashion and creativity critics where sometimes they do not let people's creativity fly. What is different is often called horrible what is most appealing is sometimes ridiculed.

Yes, in this Eurovision where a woman with a beard is idolized and where it is appealed to difference and respect sometimes fans are the most cruel. Complicated this way of thinking and understanding the others! Everything is relative but let's remember the concept of Eurovision - Peace and Tolerance. Stop a bit to think, how would you go to Eurovision if you had to draw attention and to appeal to the vote in this increasingly visual event? Nobody is forced to like the way others dress but please, respect!


Happy Eurovision to all! Enjoy Eurovision!

ESC pictures: (Thomas Hanses / Andres Putting)

Met Gala picture: REUTERS / EPA

Rehearsals: second round for semifinalists 2 (LIVE) II

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 11, 2019 at 4:25 AM Comments comments (1)

Rehearsals continues in Tel Aviv with the second part of the semifinal 2.

Croatia (MAYBE)

Golden angels falling coming out of the thunder... Good vocals and it might work very well on TV.  Since the best ballads are in this semifinal it might be tough but Roko is doing a great job.

Malta (YES)

Lots of color and a nice but simple choreography. Malta may prove to be the biggest surprise of the year with a commercial pop radio theme and an effective singer.

Lithuania (NO)

Simple staging with the singer standing and singing well. The song has a nice melody but not that effective to be in the TOP 10 of this semifinal.

Russia (YES)

Mirrors or LEDS touching perfection. Sergey at his best. Perfect harmony between the images and the vocal effects. TOP 5 in the final for sure.

Albania (MAYBE)

Another perfect song with a great interpretation. Albania manages to ally itself with ethnic elements and once again prove that the songs in their languages ​​are richer and more interesting. This song can only be lost due to the Tel Aviv stage and the fact that there are more ballads in this semifinal.

Norway (MAYBE)

This is the typical song from which we would only wait to see what we saw. The song is one of many that have already been heard in Eurovision and the performance is not much different. Thanks to the neighbors who are all in this semifinal, can pass, but attention, if the jury is critical may fall in their rankings.

Netherlands (YES)

After all the numbers trying to get attention, comes the Salvador Sobral effect - simple makes it better. A tune that many have accused of having a base similar to a One Republic song playing with lights and a Duncan sitting at a piano. Possibly he will be the winner of this edition.

North Macedonia (YES)

Brilliant presentation from Tamara. No words to describe it! Amazing!

Azerbaijan (YES)


Very good performance especially vocally. It is undoubtedly one of the great favorites.

photo: Andres Putting

Rehearsals: first round for Big5 plus host (LIVE)

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 10, 2019 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The Big 5 plus Israel started their rehearsals today for the first time. This is how we saw it!


We could not stand this kind of singing as a Josh Groban wannabe. The voice seems forced and the singer has a way of singing in which the notes seem forced and even exaggerated. For those who play at home, the performance is well achieved, with an authentic choir and a perfect staging. We believe it will end up in the lower part of the ranking.


Quelle surprise! It is so classy! Here's a real bump in the bulliers! We did not expect such a special moment from a weak song and a singer who, while not exceptional, did a well-done homework.


Very composed this performance of Spain. A nice singer as we expected and that will bring good mood in the arena. Many artifacts in a kind of little house that reminds one of Moldova's performance last year. For an extroverted and spontaneous song, perhaps the choreography is very orderly and programmed. It can bring a good result to Spain after the last misfortunes.


A long awaited moment! One of the favorites and that will certainly continue to be. Good graphics and good performance of a song that is great! It may sound like a very pop and very money-focused performance, but that's life!


Sweden and UK. With the same composer, it turns white or black. The clothes this time are white and the singer defends his country well. Undoubtedly the Swedish song has a stronger presence which is a shame because the UK deserves to end well!


And Germany continues to put familiar themes in their songs, accompanied by family photos. The sisters are fine but they are applying for the last place. Will it be?

photo: Andres Putting

Rehearsals: second round for semifinalists 2 (LIVE)

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 9, 2019 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (1)

The rest of the semifinalists from the first semifinal will rehearse today so as the first group of the second semifinal!

Greece (YES)

The Greek singer and her nymphs took to the stage with some changes but with many props such as the "open book" of Kalomira. For Eurovision as visual spectacle is approved and will move to the final easily.

San Marino (NO)

The choirs seem strange to accompany the singer's last participation in the ESC, as he has already said. After all, it seems that the sound of the show is not very good. The staging is excellent.

Second semifinal

Armenia (MAYBE)

Srbuk's attempt to be a one woman show seems to be in trouble. Everything will depend on the votes of the neighbors and their moods. Much more was expected of this performance.

Ireland (NO)

The lack of synchronicity between the sound and the voices of the arena continues and when the singers have more weaknesses are very evident. Good Pop but with a presentation already much seen.

Moldova (NO)

Much has been said about the drawings in the sand that accompany the song. But are not there so many things already seen in Eurovision? What matters if the singer sings well? The composition is good!

Switzerland (YES)

On a poor stage as we have not seen for years, this performance fits perfectly in the small arena of the Tel Aviv. It will work very well in this very strong semifinal.

Latvia (NO)

What if the jury gets into the mood of this song that crunches anyone? It would be the surprise of the night. Nothing special but it can work on the jury. About the public, already will have other things to choose.

Romania (NO)

Romania tries to create mysticism once again, just as it did last year. From the land of Dracula comes an atmosphere of mystery that probably will not attract the public with a spell.

Denmark (YES)

Another well-staged song that with a children's melody and with emphasis on the French language will leave our friends in France angry when Roi qualifies worse. It will attract all the neighbors. Although well achieved it is one of the simplest and most uninteresting songs of this edition.

Sweden (YES)

Sweden repeat the "Big 6 stance" once again and it is already in the final. No matter how tiring the Swedish melodies can be it is very well achieved and is a candidate for the triumph.

Austria (YES)

The jury will be delirious with this! Simplicity above all and based on the singer Austria tries to repeat the feat of Cesar Sampson. Will certainly get it.

photo: Andres Putting (