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Political issues after Eurovision 2013

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 22, 2013 at 12:25 AM

It is common every year that certain countries can exchange votes between then. Cultural reasons might be behind that fact, like musical sounds, languages, popularity of artists in different countries, etc.

Apart from that, this year seems to be a bit more polemical. First, the fact that “on Saturday, hours before the Final, an undercover video surfaced in Lithuanian media, apparently showing how two individuals approached people to cast large amounts of votes in favor of one particular entry” (source: About this, EBU already responded to media reports on voting. Ola Sand, said "I have been around at the Eurovision Song Contest since 1998, and every year there are rumors about irregularities in the voting. Particularly this year, we felt it was time to firmly deal with these rumors" (source: and said that “If we find any clear evidence that the Rules are being breached, including attempts of power-voting, we act immediately to do what we are obliged to do on behalf of the Members: to protect the Eurovision Song Contest brand."


The second interesting fact is Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev has ordered an inquiry into why his country gave Russia "nul points" at Saturday's Eurovision Song Contest. Voters and the official Azerbaijan jury in fact gave strong backing to the Russian entry, according to officials, but Azerbaijan's state broadcaster suggested there may have been voting violations. (source: BBC News).


Not far from these voting problems, Thomas Schreiber, coordinator of the German public station ARD, said that it is not clear that the 18 points that Germany got were to Angela Merkel, but they were not only because of Cascadas song. Cascada was not the only to be judged on stage but all the country.. Was the lack of popularity of the country the reason for the bad result, since Germany is considered the face of the austerity measures in Europe? (source: Reuters)

Like Ola Sand said, "we believe that the Song Contest's apolitical spirit is a cornerstone of its enduring success, and we will do all we can to protect it".


Nuno Valério


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