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Anouk: I think it would be great if more established artists would be part of the Eurovision Song Contest

Posted by Eurovision On Top on April 21, 2013 at 9:35 PM

Straight to the point, that’s how the most famous Dutch female rock singer and the big hope of The Netherlands for the Eurovision 2013 spoke to Eurovisionontop. Talking about her timeless breakthrough hit we can also understand her vision about some music TV shows, how is she prepared for a fail as an artist and of course some of her thoughts about Eurovision.

1) Your first shot to fame was back in 1997 with Nobody's Wife, at a time when MTV and other music channels were truly dedicated to music and dedicated to show new artists. Nowadays how important are those type of TV channels for the artists in general and for you in particular?

I don't think they are of any importance anymore. You Tube changed all that. I think that's the same for every artist.

2) When it comes to music, the 90’s are probably the decade where we can find a lot of mainstream artists that were at the same time praised by critics. Two decades after and as an artist how do you explain the big segregation between critics and mainstream artists of today?

Is that true? I don't know. We all have our own favorite time periods when it comes to music. I don't feel that it changed so much and I don't care about the critics anyway.

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3) Nowadays it seems that people prefer to watch tv shows like “Idols” and “The Voice” instead of discovering the original artists. For example, your song Lost became a success in Norway after being performed in such a TV show. How do you see these kind of shows? Healthy or prejudice for the professional artists?

I think some of these shows are great tv programs that I like to watch but the number of artist that actually build a career from winning or participating in such a show is very low.

4) I’ve read in an Eurovision Site that you weren’t approached by TROS. It was you who approached TROS. Do you think that Eurovision could be as important as the big music tv channels were in the past, as a privilege way to show new music?

I think it would be great if more established artists would be part of the Eurovision. I don't think it will take the place of music channels that's a different ballgame.

5) Your discography is very eclectic. But whatever you sing you’re known for being a live artist. In Eurovision, the instrumental part is in playback. Besides that, in your opinion, what other aspects can be improved in Eurovision?

I have to little experience with the Eurovision to tell them how to improve but I would like it when you sing with a live band or instrumentation instead of a tape.

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6) You’re absolutely massive in The Netherlands and in Belgium, so they know your work really well, more than in any other country. So from the various songs recorded by you that weren´t released in other territories, which is the one that you are sorry people don’t know about?

I'm thankful that a lot of people in The Netherlands and Belgium know my songs. I don't have a favorite or a song that I think deserves it to be heard more then another. I think they all should be heard.

7) Music industry is suffering a crisis. People aren’t buying cd’s and other forms of legal downloads. How can one convince people to buy original music?

I think people are willing to spend money on good music. either a cd, download, streaming or even vinyl.

8 ) Besides an artist you’re a mom but you’ve never made long breaks in your career because of your personal life. Is this something deliberated or you just felt that you couldn’t stop doing music?

It's my job as well as my passion.

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9) You’ve got a new album coming up, Sad Singalong Songs. Besides Eurovision what are your plans to promote the new record?

I don't do too much promotion, apart from some interviews. My experience is that the music will do that part of the job.

10) You’ve been in this business for a long time, you’re extremely successful with a huge fan-base. For an artist with your status what are your biggest fears before releasing a new album?

Of course you want people to like it and you want to be at the top of the charts. but I never take it for granted. I'm always prepared for the day that an album is not gonna sell a lot or have good reviews. Most important for me is to make music that I like.


11) As a record, what do you think that Sad Singalong Songs will bring to your career?

I hope people will like it as much as I do.


12) Next May, when you sing Birds for millions of people, what will be your biggest wish for those live moments?

To be able to enjoy it.

Carlos Carvalho for EOT

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