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Amir: French people are sending a song they know and like

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on April 9, 2016 at 3:15 AM

Eurovision on top that the chance and honor to get an exclusive interview with Amir, the former dentist, who this year will try to concert lot of hearts with his smile and get a lot of douze points for his fresh and nice song. Eurovision on top is used to run a lot of interviews and have seriously to say that it was the first interview, where the artist took so much time, did a call back after a lost connection and where it was more a nice conversation instead of an interview for business. As he told our website for him one of the main objectives of Eurovision is to open yourself and to connect with our countries and cultures. And he loves to take this time to give individual answers, because he thinks that each journalist deserves it. He can’t copy and past answers. That was also our experience, we got a fresh, honest and unique interview with Amir!

He sends special greetings to all of you:

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The luckiest guy of this interview was the taxi driver, who got the whole interview in real time and who spontaneous commented positively an answer of Amir to one question.


Get now the whole EOT interview with Amir, one of the favorites of this year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm.


1. Amir, before we start our interview we would like to get to know you in a bit different way. We will give you always to options to decide and we ask you to choose one, spontaneous and without thinking too much about it.

  •  Coffee or tea

 Coffee, definitely

  • City or country


  • Potatoes or rice


  • Warm or cold shower in the morning

WARM shower

  • Sweet or salt breakfast

Ahm…I ate sweet all my life, but when I decided to become thinner I decided to turn into salt breakfast. I have been bigger, not a lot bigger. I wasn’t taking so much care of myself. Not doing sports etc. But now I need to focus on my fitness, not because of the look. More because of the ability to go on stage, to sing and to have enough air. I need to be fit.

  • Beach or mountains

That’s a hard question. I love to do ski, but when I need to go to a long vacation I do on the beach. Because after 3 weeks of ski I can get crazy.

  • Red wine or white wine

Let’s be a man of peace and let me say that I like Rosé wine.

  • Calm or choleric

Good question. Its difficult to say because in my case I am high proactive. So I am not choleric but I am not calm. I am not calm, but this is not because I am nervous, it’s because I have a lot of energy.

  • Marrakesh or Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Let us get an idea about your Eurovision taste:

  • Celine or Loreen

I am a big big big fan of Celine throughout her career. And this I would say Celine and not Loreen, as I only know one hit of Loreen. And I have the same manager like Celine.

  • Johnny Logan or Mans Zemerlow

If I tell you that I discovered Johnny Logan yesterday, during sitting with a friend who spoke to me about this legendary Jonny Logan. So I watched his performance and I really liked his songs and the orchestra around.

  • Twin Twin or Lisa Angell

Lisa Angell – I am more classical


2. How would you introduce yourself to an unknown person you would meet at a bar? (30 sec.)

I will be classical and I will say that my name is Amir, I used to be a dentist. Today I am a singer. I have a lot of dreams in my mind and most of them time I make them happen. Would you like to join me on that journey?

3. What are the three words which describe you the best?

High proactive

Unable to disappoint anybody

Life lover

4. Tunisia, Morocco, Spain, France and Israel. What would you say is the biggest part of you and why?

I think the biggest part of me is Isreal and France. My mum is Israeli from Morocco and my dad is French from Tunisia. But as I grew up in Israel and spoke Hebrew with mama and French with papa. Even that I lived more years in Israel than in France in my life doesn’t change that I feel strongly connected to both countries. I wouldn’t be able to choose between France and Israel. It would be like choosing between mama and papa.

5. Actual you are top 1 in our Eurovision on top charts of this year’s Eurovision. What do you think who is actual number one?

It must me Sergey from Russia

6. No it’s France! You are the actual number one in our charts. How do you feel about it?

This is to much pressure for me (Amir laughts)

This is very kind of your readers!

7. Which targets do you have till, during and most important after Eurovision?

I started making music only 2 years ago. I was a dentist. My goal is to continue this wonderful musician life. I just hope it will last as long as I live. And since this is what makes me happy and makes me strong I think before, during and after the Eurovision what really matters to me is the career and the songs that I write. And Eurovision is a milestone in my career. Because I am having the opportunity to sing the song I wrote in front of millions of people. And this is enormous and I am very very happy to do it and presenting France while I am doing this. But basically the main the big project, the thing what is mostly important for me is to continue it, to develop the career and have the Eurovision as a great exposer that will help to boost everything. I think if I do a good performance I think people will think “he is a good artist and I want to continue to follow him”. And this is what is important for me.

8. What are your actual plans for the staging? Will it look like what we have seen so far at your live performances in French television?

OK, the live performance on the French television was something not representing what is going to happen in Stockholm. Because the French TV shows don’t have the technology to project what we wanna do in Stockholm. I now that many people didn’t like that performance. But I love beautiful women that know how to move and that was my main concern something nice on stage and those girls brought it, so I am happy about it. But I know its not enough for the Eurovision.

For Stockholm it is going to be very modern. That was my first goal. I wanted something I love. Something in a modern way although. I am not allowed to speak about what will happen. I think I will be proud to be performing with that staging and to represent France with this very beautiful scenery. I hope your readers will agree with me, when they see it.


9. France 12 points? Something we didn’t hear for a long time. Do you think you will have a realistic chance to win the contest?

It’s hard for me to say. I just can tell you that we are working very hard to be proud of what we will do. And I am not into challenging the score board. I hope I will hear people saying “France douze points”. But this is not my main concern. My main concern is to bring something to make the French people proud and Europe happy to have seen France in 2016. The point of winning for me is secondary.



10. What changed between 2008 and 2013 regarding your participations at the two casting shows, one in Israel and one in France? So what do you think was the reason to be so successful in 2013 at the French version of the voice?

Honestly I think that the fact that I took singing lessons between 2008 and 2013 and that I grew up more. I went on many stages in between, I wrote an album in Hebrew and brought me more maturity and understanding of what I wanna do. When I came to the voice I had more confidence and even though I did not feel like a professional singe yet but I still had more confidence what I do.


11. Sorry for going to this topic. France passed through really tuff times in November of last year. How was that experience for you, maybe specially out of our Israeli point of view?

Definitely and unfortunately France passed through bad times. I don’t think that my Israeli point of view here is important I think that my human point of view is important. I think that the fact that I am a citizen of the world and I want peace between countries and I don’t want people to feel disconnected from each other because of different culture or religion. And the fact that there are people who are trying to force us into one believe which is mis-interpreted into a wrong way of religion perception. This is a catastrophe. And its very very sad to have unfortunately to have to die for reasons like that. Especially when you we met in order to celebrate life and happiness. People met in a concert show to listen to music and dance. It happens 10 min from my house in Paris. At that moment I was for a concert in Guadeloupe, an French island in the Caribe. I was there and with the time difference I felt it in a stronger way, because I saw in the day and I didn’t go to sleep. That whole night in Paris was day time for me in Guadeloupe. And it was very very very sad. So I was in France but not in Paris.


What happened is the opposite of how I see life as life lover. I don’t think any message should be transmitted to death. France was devastated, we haven’t been used to it. Nobody can be used to that, not even Israel. And I really really hope that we won’t have to pass to through moments like those any more. (This is the moment that the taxi driver tell Amir that it is very beautiful what he is saying) I think everybody understands and everybody hopes that we won’t have to deal with so awful moments in the world any more. And I hope it was the last time in Brussels in March 2016.

12. Let’s come to some questions you for sure hear in every interview. Did you had any link to Eurovision before?

Sure, I always watched it with my family. And it is like the world cup or the euro cup in football. But the difference is that it is only one week and not a whole month. It’s a great family moment for me. I have good memories from Eurovision.


13. What is the reason for your participation at Eurovision?

I was introduced to the new head of delegation of France in a very friendly way. He told me that he was taking care of the Eurovision so I was very interested in knowing how the backstage of this project is working and he was interested in my career. So we became friends and so he told me that my next single should be the song for France for 2016. For me it was awesome and I really wanted us to propose it for Eurovision 2016. I told him also that I was afraid because it is a big responsibility. And I already knew how I wanted to release my song and we worked together on the song and the album. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do. You know I didn’t want to give an answer to fast without thinking about it deeply. So I came back to him the day after with an answer which was YES! But I had one small condition. I wanted to people to know that I have a project, a single and an album. And that especially the song was written for my album, before it was written for the Eurovision. So I asked him to let me release the song in January and at end of February or beginning of March than he could announce it for the Eurovision. I wanted to see how people react to my music on a neutral way. So this is what happened. And it was greatly accepted by the public and the media. And French radios where playing it like 500 times a week. And this is what gave French people the impression that this year they have been sending a song that they already know and already like. And this year it is different and this why they are so much behind the song.


14. What is the story behind your song?

The story behind my song is the music that I found as a positive element in my life that gave me smile and happiness. I was so happy to discover music and I thank to it “here is the one who is making me strong. I’ve been looking for you like a melody of my song.” But is it written in a neutral way so that people can relate to the song in their own way and think about who / what they wanna think about, if it is a person, a hobby or something else. But every one of us has this thing what makes him happy and makes him feel that he founds the right way for him and that he is happy to wake up in the morning.


Amir told us that this “It happens once in a lifetime.” It was also a very positive a unique experience to interview Amir. If France at the end can be even more as proud, if they can party for “something they have been waiting for so long” will be seen in Stockholm. For sure Amir will get a lot of positive response as person, human being and artist… and that at the end has nothing to do with a scoreboard.

Thank you Amir, merci bien and wishing you all the best and we feel like having a lot of songs of you in our future charts.

Pedro de Almeida


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