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New ESC decade!? - strong middle europe, no scandinavia

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on May 13, 2016 at 5:05 AM

In Eurovision there are always different decades. And there has always been the discussion about neighbors giving points to each other.


Before 2000 the "new" countries of the former Yugoslavia and soviet union that they would have no chance to win and also more and more countries competed. So the EBU changed rules and concepts.

After 2000 a lot of new countries won the contest! And the “good old” countries became to be upset and to lose interest. Once again the EBU changes rules and concepts and came up with the semi final idea.

So after 2010 the “gold old” Eurovision countries with a long Eurovision tradition started again to win and to raise their interest in the contest. Norway, Sweden and Denmark won in that years 4 of 6 contests. Also Germany won again.

BUT maybe yesterday evening a new decade started – for the first time there is no Scandinavian country qualified for the grand final. Just Sweden as a host will be in the final.

Once again the EBU changed rules of voting, of setting the running order etc. And the result was yesterday scaring a lot of Sweden neighbors.

MAYBE a middle Europe decade has started? – after many years there is a strong middle Europe Eurovision presence. There is Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Hungary and Czech Republic.

We will see what after the contest will happen, which complains will reach the EBU and how the EBU will react to that.

The improvement of the concepts it’s important to make it interesting, up to date and keep the spirit alive. Maybe it feels like the most scaring decade missing the Scandinavian countries.

Or maybe it is the most fair one!? – Actually looking on the qualified songs it looks like that almost the best songs have been chosen. And some surprises are also part of this concept and the Eurovision thing.

On Saturday evening Europe and the world once again will know the winner and for sure discuss a lot the actual concept, the changes, the result and the winner.

Eurovision on top will be there and update you.


Pedro de Almeida


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