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IMRI "I had to come back this year"

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on March 27, 2017 at 4:25 AM


He was a golden boy and made of stars. And this year he is feels alive. IMRI was already on stage the last two years being background singer.

And maybe it was obvious that there was a rising star on the Eurovision sky of Israel the last years. Anyhow, it was the show he participated and won.

And now the smart, good looking guy with Ukrainian origin is going to Kiev and represent Isreal.


Eurovision on top had the chance to speak to IMRI and ask him about the experience of the last years and the upcoming performance.

1. IMRI - "one of the sexiest men at the contest this year”- how do you handle with that rumors?


I am very flattered, and I try not to make a big deal out of it because it’s important for me to focus on my performance in Kiev. I work hard to make it the best I can.


2. You have been a background singer in 2015 & 2016. How was this experience for you?

Those were amazing experiences. Being part in such event is something not a lot of people get to experience. They were the biggest music events I have ever been to , and singing on these stages is addictive, so I had to come back this year also 

3. You have Ukrainian origins. What does it mean to you to perform as the main artist specially in Kiev?

It makes it even more exciting for me to see where my family is from. I haven’t been to Kiev yet so coming for the first time to perform and represent my country is a great honor.

4. You won the raising star - how was it to participate and finally to win?

The competition was tight and the other singers were very good. I gave my best in every performance during the show and still I was overwhelmed when I was crowned the winner.

5. But let us get to know a bit better the private person IMRI. How would your best friends describe you?

As a kind person. and very determined

6. „show Tel Aviv“ was part of the lyrics of 2015, which you sang. When a friend comes to visit you, which places do you show him in Tel Aviv for sure?

The beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv, Rothschild Boulevard and obviously the great night life Tel Aviv has to offer.

7. A part your song, which songs do you like of this year’s edition of the Eurovision song contest

I loved the Swiss and the Dutch entries but there are so many good songs this year.

8. Europe is in a very special decade. What is your message to our readers and to europe? Why should europe actually „feel alive"?

this year Eurovision message is “Celebrate Diversity”, and hopefully that is what will happen in May , so I can’t wait to celebrate with all those people from around Europe and Australia too . Europe should “feel alive“ because we have this chance, once a year, to put all our politics behind and just enjoy each other songs and performances. Hopefully you will enjoy mine too!

Thank you IMRI for the interview and all the best of luck for your participation.

Stay tunded and updated, about eurovision and more interviews in the next weeks.

Pedro de Almeida


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