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Eurovision without LED is a great idea for me

Posted by Pedro.Eurovisionontop on February 18, 2018 at 6:10 PM

Albania was the first country selecting the singer and song. It was through the national and traditional festival. This year Eugent won the contest with the song "Mall". In Lisbon he will fight for a grand final ticket, singing in his own language.

Eurovision on top had the chance to speak to Eugent about Salvador's victory, his thoughts about Portugal and his expectations about the Eurovision Song Contest. Read now what he had to tell.

1. Eugent, when you think of Portugal, what is the first thing you think about?

History and hospitality.

2. Have you ever been to Lisbon and what did you like the most? Or what are you the most excited about Lisbon, if it is your first time?

I've been twice in Lisbon! I like the city and its hills, the sea and the beautiful history rapresented beautifully in different areas of Lisbon. The food, ah the food, since i am pescatarian i love it so much.

3. What was your reaction about the victory of Salvador last year?

Finally, among different producers and media there are still people that really enjoy and like beautiful music that derives entirely from the soul not just only commercial music made for commercial causes. Well deserved 1000%

4. What is the message of your song “Mall”?

It's the only way that came natural to me to express the longing when being away from my family and the people i love and yearning to meet them and stay near them.

5. What is your link to Eurovision so far?

To be sincere i haven't been following eurovision each year but this year i like the colors that the contest is bringing. It's diverse and very friendly at the same time.

6. What do you expect from Eurovision for your musical career?

I only want my music to be heard outside the national boundaries of Albania. Maybe there are people outside Albania that will find themselves in my art.

7. What does the theme “All aboard” means to you?

I imagine the whole thing as a big ship with different people on it, sailing towards the same direction, love, in the sea called life.

8. Eurovision this year will be without big LED walls, what do you think about that fact?

A great idea for me. The people will be entirely focused on the vocal performance and the emotional feelings the artists will bring on stage.

9. The inspiration for the theme of this year was the ocean. Which meaning does it has for you?

Limitless, free and robustness. A strong bond showing power.

10. What is your biggest musical dream or objective you would like to realize?

I live my dream everyday while doing music. I feel very fortunate.

We thank Eugent for the time and answers and wish him and Albania all the best for may in Lisbon.

Pedro de Almeida

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