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Rehearsals: second round for semifinalists 1 (LIVE)

Posted by Eurovision On Top on May 9, 2019 at 3:10 AM

After the first round of rehearsals we are in Israel now to tell our opinion about each rehearsal, and of course who do we think is going to reach the final! To qualify means YES and the opposite means NO!

Cyprus (YES)

The greek formula of Eleni Foureira will work on TV and on stage. The outfit choice is not the best and the energy of Tamta is not that good as Foureira did last year. Despite the Fireworks, why do we compare? Because the reasons to do it are more than a few! It is a good starting to open the contest. 

Montenegro (NO)

Montenegro has a lot of voices that were very improved since the first presentation. Nothing is really new on it and the song is a bit old. How many times did we see this at Eurovision?

Finland (MAYBE)

Finland presented a more better show and more safe. The vocal quality is better now so as the effects. Last years DJ from Poland failed to qualify and to compare is normal, but Sebastian is better than the polsih singer last year.

Poland (NO)

The presentation is as expected and the vocals are very very good with perfect harmonies. But the visual effect with the attempt of making a traditional dress a bit more modern is weird. But hey, this is not a song contest? C' was in the 50's, now it is a visual show!

Slovenia (YES)

Fresh and nothing special needed for this song. The singer is always looking at the musician showing some complicity, or romance? Far for the circus it is simple and might be a good song for the juries to vote. 

Czech Republic (MAYBE)

Some people may find thi sperformance a cool one and we think this is the goal of the Czech Republic delegation. Teens will like it but for us the song is boring. Nothing new happened before their previous rehearsal.

Hungary (YES)

Joci Papái is following his previous participation. The song is not so strong as the first but the visual effects might be more appropriate for this song achieving a better result! The vocals are great!

Belarus (NO)

We don't like this performance too much. The dress is worst than Tamta's from Cyprus, the stage reminds an urban yard and the graphics looks a techno club from the 90's. The freshness of the singer could have been take more seriously!

Serbia (YES)

Is Suzy from Portugal back? No... but we are sure this is the song she would like to perform. The serbian singer do it very very well. Good song for the juries and probably the best ballad from this semifinal. 

Belgium (MAYBE)

Eliot is nervous but Blanche was nervous as well and ended very well. The difference is that Blanche's  voice was very unique. Honestly, this song is one of the best in the whole contest. We are still not sure if the drums were the best option but definitely the audience will recall them.

Georgia (MAYBE)

In the second semifinal with more former soviet countries it will definitely work. The back singers are perfect, the main singer is amazing and the melody is very good. The staging is also well, but it will depend on the audience. It can be a surprise.

Australia (YES)

Our guilty pleasure. The song is terrible, the performance is a circus and doing an analysis, nothing is good on it! But... it work so well and it's so full of cliches and it's impossible not to like it... you know, it's about feelings! 

Iceland (YES)

Fire, agressive and erotic reminding a BDSM performance. Rock use to do well in Eurovision! Well done!

Estonia (NO)

This deja vue song will be a complete surprise if it reach the final. The vocals of the singer should be better but being alone on stage is a good option.

Portugal (YES)

This song is unquestionably our favorite. It is the one that makes the best fusion, the one with the most modern rhythms that, although they may be strange, are the ones that are widely heard in Portugal. If this song does not pass, we will all be shuffled with the preferences of the public but especially with those of the jury. What do you want in Eurovision for the future? Copies of the ABBA or that the Festival sets new trends? This song can give the answer. The rehearsal went well and Conan at his best.

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